Creating Health and Fitness Content is One Thing...

Consistently Creating PROFITABLE Content That Rises Above the Noise, Positions You As an Industry Leader, and Actually Makes Your Business Money With My Proprietary System That I Implement With You, Live and In Person, is Quite Another...

The Content Mastery Workshop

Accomplish more in 2 days working ON your content strategy, with me, than you did all last year IN it alone.

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"I'm hard to impress, but what Yuri's done is exceptional…When he teaches his innovative methods, you better listen."

- Craig Ballantyne, Editor,

Dear fellow Healthpreneur,

If you want to create consistently awesome (and profitable) content that actually attracts more customers and positions you as an industry leader even if you've been producing content for years, feel overwhelmed, or don't know how to get started, then keep reading...

You probably know me by now...

But if you don't, my name is Yuri Elkaim.

You may not know this but I've been a "behind the scenes" strategist for some big influencers in the health and fitness space over the past few years and...

"Take Yuri's advice and it's almost impossible not to grow your business..."

"Yuri always amazes me with his ever expanding knowledge of marketing. Not only is he a smart dude when it comes to health but his business-building strategies are cutting-edge. The best part is that he's an open book and doesn't hold anything back and is happy to give you the secret sauce that has helped him grow his business. Take Yuri's advice and it's almost impossible not to grow your business and enjoy more free time in the process."

- JJ Virgin
NY Times Best Selling Author of The Virgin Diet

"I can't recommend his expertise and guidance enough!"

"Yuri Elkaim is a master when it comes to content marketing, positioning, and sales! His tips, tools, and information has taken my business to a whole other level. I can't recommend his expertise and guidance enough!"

- Cynthia Pasquella
Founder of The Institute of Transformational Nutrition

Even though I'm now dedicating this next chapter of my life to helping at least 1,000 Healthpreneurs 10x their online business so we can collectively impact more than 1 BILLION around the world by 2040...

For the past 11 years, aside from raising 3 young boys, I've built a multiple 7-figure online health and fitness business that has helped more than 500,000 reach their health and fitness goals and...

I've written 3 published books, including a #2 NYT bestseller, The All-Day Energy Diet. I've been on the Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and almost every other media outlet and podcast you can think of.

Now, I don't tell you this to brag but rather...

To let you know that...

I Actually DO What I Teach

Everything I create to help you grow your online presence has been tried, tested, and perfected in my own business (and those of my clients and colleagues) before even making it's way to you...

So you can feel confident that this stuff actually works and is not theory.

I also want you to know what's possible when you build an online platform that is based on providing immense value to your marketplace through strategic and profitable FREE content...

Blog posts, videos, social media engagement, and/or podcasts that not only help your audience solve their biggest problems but also add income and profits to your business.

Sadly, I've noticed that most online health and fitness experts put out content without much strategy behind it...

They pour their hearts and souls into creating great content but then have little to show for their efforts in terms of leads, customers, and revenue.

That's not what I want for you.

And in my 2-day Content Mastery Workshop, I'll walk you through my proprietary "Teach to Sell™ Method " to help you create amazing content that actually drives your business forward...

Even if:

  • You're just starting out and have no idea what to write/talk about...
  • You've been online for a while and have already developed a good amount of content but want better results from your efforts...
  • You don't like writing or being on video...
  • You feel overwhelmed and don't think you have time to create consistent content...

Yes, I can help you take your online business to the next level by helping you share your expertise in a way that helps you stand out in this crowded marketplace but only...

If you qualify (more on that in a second)...

Why Content (Done Right) MUST Be a Focus in Your Online Business

If you're anything like me, you don't like slimy sales tactics...

As a health or fitness professional, you actually care about helping those you serve. That's why TEACHING and EDUCATING is so natural for most us.

But teaching alone won't grow your business.

It needs to be done in the RIGHT WAY so that your prospects begin to know, like, and trust you to the point where they actually want to do business with you.

And that's the foundation of The Teach to Sell™ Method I teach in my Content Mastery Workshop.

I believe that YOU have an unparalleled gift to transform the world, one person at a time, with the ideas, expertise, and wisdom you've accumulated over the years.

Equipped with this power, you don't have to be a slave to the gym, the 4-wall clinic, or struggle to grow to your online presence.

You can have more freedom, make more money, and live life on your terms, all while impacting far more people than ever before with your unique content...assuming it's set up the right way.

And I'm not the only one who believes that content - done right - is the most surefire way to grow your online business.

Here Are 6 Eye-Opening Statistics You Should Be Aware of:

  1. 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)
  2. YouTube has become the 2nd Largest Search Engine - bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined. (Social Media Today)
  3. Leads from Google search have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. (Search Engine Journal)
  4. 54% more leads are generated by inbound content than traditional paid marketing (Hubspot).
  5. 2x as many marketers say content marketing delivers below average cost per lead than outbound methods (Hubspot).
  6. Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less. (Demand Metric)

What this means to you is this:

When people are actively searching for an answer to their problem and your content provides that answer, you don't have to "sell" as hard to convert them. In fact, they're more likely to buy what you're offering because you've added value to them first.

So, if strategic content is NOT a major focus for how you're building your online presence, then you will quickly (or slowly) fade away.

Neither one of us wants that to happen...and that's why I'm committed to helping you succeed, if you're a good fit for us to work together.

The Teach to Sell™ Method Difference

Many health and fitness experts are trying to make a name for themselves online by putting out content, but very few (if any) have cracked the code as I have.

And the reason is simple: Everyone is focusing on the tip of the iceberg.

But the true power is what's happening beneath the surface.

In our case, it's the deeper undying STRATEGY that factors in basic human behavior and unconscious influence that builds a loyal following and excites your audience to do business with you naturally.

It's what allows you to not just produce great content that people actually care about but to use that content to scale your business.

For instance, here's a screenshot from our company dashboard that shows the insane monthly conversion rates we get on many of our blog posts

(NOTE: the industry average is a mere 1%).

Pretty exciting considering that according to study by the Aberdeen Group, 98% of all visitors to a website will leave and never come back!

Imagine what your business could look like if for every 100 visitors reading/viewing your content...not 1...but 10 (or more) of them joined your email list. That's what I call lead generation on steroids!

And that's the just the beginning.

As you can (perhaps) see by the Teach to Sell™ framework, the "beneath the surface" stuff (steps 3-6) accounts for 80% of your results.

Let's face it:

There are other "content marketing" organizations and experts out there, and many are doing some good things. .

But no one (other than the select few who have been privied to this framework) uses the Teach to Sell™ Method for content marketing.

I created this system first and foremost for my own health business because I wanted a more stable and predictable "machine" that could add value to the marketplace even without me being involved...yet still communicate my expertise in my voice.

And having consulted with and seen many TOP health and fitness websites struggle financially in spite of having MILLIONS of unique visitors per month, I knew there was a serious gap in the marketplace that needed filling.

In the Content Mastery Workshop you'll not only learn how to create EPIC content but, more importantly, how to turn that content into more traffic, leads, and paying customers...

All while adding massive value and goodwill to your audience and positioning yourself as an industry LEADER.

Here's What to Expect at the Workshop

During our 2 days together, I'll reveal my entire, proprietary Teach to Sell™ Method for content marketing that has been my 'secret sauce' for creating amazing content on a consistent basis (most of it without my involvement) that generates thousands of new leads and hundreds of customers into my online health business on a DAILY basis.

You'll get more than just simple tactics. You'll get the real underlying strategy and philosophy that is allowing our online health and fitness business to grow substantially month after month, and how you can enjoy similar results... matter where your online business is at right now.

I will deep dive into each of the 6 steps in the Teach to Sell™ Method and together we'll unpack each one and co-create your specific content marketing assets...right there on the spot.

I will help you hone in on your message, your positioning, and your "koolaid content" to help you rise above the noise and become an industry THOUGHT-LEADER.

What this means is that you will arrive on day 1 with a DESIRED OUTCOME and by the end of day 2, you will leave with a ready-to-go content marketing machine (and game plan) built with me, so you have crystal clear direction and focus for the coming months.

And you'll understand the Teach to Sell™ Method so that even when you're back on your own working away, you'll know exactly:

  • How to choose the right content topics for your audience and easily generate new content ideas...
  • How to rank your content higher in Google so you get more organic traffic...
  • How to drive paid traffic to amplify your content (if you want)...
  • How to articulate your uniqueness so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace and become a trusted thought-leader...
  • How to build a loyal following of "content consumers" and convert them into happily paying customers...
  • How to create profitable content on autopilot even without your involvement...
  • And so much more!

It's All About YOU!

During the workshop, there will be ample time for hot seats, questions, and personal interaction.

Remember: this is not one of those seminars that fire-hoses endless information at you...

This is all about personalized, custom, and done-with-you implementation so you leave with "DONE", not a "to-do" list.

The whole time, the focus revolves around YOU and YOUR business and how you can implement this system specifically within the context of your business and goals.

It doesn't get much easier and more 'results-based' than that.

No more guessing, no more worries.

Just clarity and confidence to create great content, get more traffic, generate more leads, and ultimately attract more paying customers...

It's the ultimate content model that provides more predictability, stability, and automation to your online health or fitness business.

All of this means that you won't be a slave to your business, but rather have a "machine" that works for you, even when you're not around.

Don't Take It From Me...
Here's What Previous Attendees Have Said

"I now feel like I have more direction, more purpose, and I know how to move my business forward." Dan Go
Body Transformation Expert
"I now know how to reach more people than I thought possible." BJ Hardick

"I feel so much more directed and purposeful now with my content." Jennifer Powter
Weight Loss & Fitness Expert
"Yuri's frameworks and guidelines make it so much easier and clearer to know what to do next." Phil Porter
Mental, Focus, and Energy Expert For Chess Players

MONSTER BONUS For Workshop Attendees

During our 2 days together, we'll focus on the bigger content strategy - the framework that will be your "rock" moving forward.

However, as you can imagine, there are a lot of little details to take care of with your content marketing efforts. Whether it's keyword research, SEO, site structure considerations, or a host of other important elements.

For that reason, if you qualify to attend the Content Mastery Workshop you WILL also get lifetime access to my Content Mastery Blueprint online course - a $2,000 retail value - as my FREE GIFT to you!

This online course is the DEFINITIVE "A-Z" course on content marketing and applying the intricacies of the Teach to Sell™ Method into your business.

Here's a sneak peak at just a few of things you'll get inside:

  • 18 proven blog post & YouTube video templates...
  • How to structure and write great blog content...
  • 9 FREE ways to build high quality backlinks and get more traffic...
  • How to create YouTube videos that get viewed and shared...
  • The Facebook ad strategy to quickly profit from your content...
  • Lead magnets, content congruence, and the LM generator
  • Building your tribe and increase lifetime customer value...
  • How to create a customer "success path" that generates more revenue for you and better serves your customers...
  • How to create seamless editorial processes so you're not doing all the work yourself...

And much more!

In total, you get 6 in-depth training modules that dissect the Teach to Sell™ Method and help you apply it to your website and content...


You also get 2 BONUS modules that cover everything you need to know about content/website optimization, important metrics to track, and how to set up your content machine to run on autopilot!

I'm offering you this entire course - as a FREE gift - because I'm serious about helping you succeed.

Even though the workshop alone will transform your business, having this Content Mastery Blueprint online course to turn to for on-going reference and important details that we don't have time to cover in the workshop just makes sense.

"...We've seen a 3-fold increase in traffic.."

"Yuri, I've been implementing the stuff you taught at the workshop and we've seen a 3-fold increase in traffic in the past 4 to 5 months to now getting over 100K pageviews/day! My posts are starting to show up on the first page of Google worldwide searches... sometimes as the first or second suggestion. I'm #5 on the first page for both "gluten sensisitivity" and "gluten intolerance" which I'm assuming is really great since there is just so much content out there on those two phrases now.

- Jennifer Fugo

"If only I had met Yuri sooner!"

"I spent several years spreading my message online with no clue as to how to make it into a business. Looking back, connecting with Yuri was a crucial factor in turning my healthy video tips and podcasts into a healthy living. He's so well connected, extremely knowledgeable, and just a real, genuine dude. If you're looking to cash in on your passion, working with Yuri will DEFINITELY send the learning curve into high gear. If only I had met Yuri sooner!"

- Sean Croxton

How to Take Part in The Content Mastery Workshop

Participation in this exclusive and intimate workshop isn't for everyone, and it very well might not be for you.

It's NOT cheap, and because I can only accept a maximum of 20 people to work with closely, I need to be very selective about who I let in...

After all, I am sharing the coveted secrets of my success, and doing most of the heavy lifting with you.

Because of the nature of the event (it being an intimate hands-on experience) and because I am going to be working with you directly, I have found that the success of the experience for you, me and everyone else in the room is contingent upon having the right people there.

This way you can be assured that you will get the most from the experience.

As a result, participation in the Content Mastery Workshop is by APPLICATION ONLY.

I'm selective about who we allow to participate, as I need to ensure you are a good fit and that I can help you get tremendous results.

So, Do You Qualify?

Before you even consider applying to attend the Content Mastery Workshop, here are the basic requirements if you'd like to be considered...

You must be a health or fitness professional. Since Healthpreneur is designed to help personal trainers, health coaches, naturopathic/functional/medical doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, dietitians, nutritionists, and health crusaders turn their expertise into a thriving online business, anyone outside the health/fitness field will not be considered.

You should to have a list and/or business that is currently generating revenue. If you are just in the 'idea' phase, this might not be the best for you unless you have the ability to implement right away. Tire kickers and those just looking to consume more information are not a good fit. This is for those who have an existing online presence or those who want to use content to grow their offline or online health/fitness business.

You must be an action taker and willing to create your content assets with me. This is not like most other seminars where you passively sit and watch, and leave with a book full of notes and a feeling of overwhelm. This is a focused, framework-based implementation workshop where you'll get more done in 2 days than you would in several months on your own.

You must be willing to invest in yourself and your business. If you want to be a leader in this competitive industry, you need to invest in yourself to become more valuable. Chances are you've probably already done so with other health or fitness certifications and courses. Now's your chance to do the same with a system that will actually pay for itself several-fold and help you get the expertise that you've paid for over the years out to way more people.

You must be in this for the long haul. I'm not here to help those who want to get rich over night. Although you can monetize your content very quickly (once you know how), you need to understand that you're building a content machine that will provide the ultimate stability and predictability to help your business grow, now and for years to come. Only those with a long term vision of serving others will be accepted.

Finally, I only want to work with A-players who want to make a positive impact in other peoples' lives. If you don't consider yourself one, this is probably not a good fit for you.

Apply Now

What's The Investment?

Let me start by saying to hire me for half a day of consulting would run you $15,000. But, in all honesty, I prefer working in small groups where everyone benefits from the synergy and shared experience.

That's why most of my "in-person" focus is now centered on these 2-day workshops. And since the small group setting allows me to serve more people at once, you don't have to pay my hefty half-day consulting fee.

So, if you qualify to join us for the LIVE 2-day Content Mastery Workshop, your investment is only $4,995 (payment plan available). But that's only if you're accepted.

I want to be totally upfront and let you know what the investment is - right here - rather than subjecting you to a sales call that catches you off guard. Wouldn't you agree?

Now that you know what's involved...

Here's What to Do Next

Step 1: Choose your date/location below and click the "Apply Now" button. You'll then be directed to fill out a short application that will give me a much better sense of where you're at with your business and what you're looking to achieve.

Step 2: Once you've filled out your application, you'll be be able to leave your refundable $100 deposit. I ask for this tiny deposit so that neither of us wastes our time further down the approval process.

(NOTE: If you're not a good fit, this deposit will immediately be refunded to you).

Step 3: Finally, you'll be asked to choose a time to schedule a quick 15-minute call with me or my coaching facilitator, Jackie, to go over your application and confirm that you're a good fit.

On the call, we'll mutually decide if you're a good fit to join us at the LIVE Content Mastery Workshop. And if you are, we'll simply settle the remaining balance within the following week (or coming months if you chose the payment plan option). If not, your deposit will be refunded to you immediately.


Are You Ready to Create Consistent and PROFITABLE Content That Builds a Loyal Following, Attracts More Customers, And Positions You as an Industry Leader?

My 100% Plus $500 Paid to You
"Risk Free" Money Back Guarantee

If, after applying, we feel you're a good fit for the Content Mastery Workshop, here's what I can promise you:

If at ANYTIME during the first day you don't feel like the workshop is a worthwhile use of your time, you can stand up, turn in your materials and request a full refund on the spot (which I will give you), and walk out of the room.

No hard feelings, no questions asked.

In fact, I'll even give you $500 to reimburse you for your time and travel... so that you can have a nice dinner on me.

Sound fair?

If by chance you DO get accepted into the Content Mastery Workshop, it will change your business forever by helping you create PROFITABLE content that rises above the noise, positions you as an industry leader, and more easily attracts loyal customers.

I look forward to working by your side.

Your friend and coach,

Yuri Elkaim
Founder, Healthpreneur


No. Each workshop is strictly confidential to protect each attendee and their ability to openly share and ask for what they need help with most.
You have 2 options. First, you can reschedule your calendar and commitments to attend one of the workshops. Second, you can wait an entire year for the next one.
Just show up. Seriously. Oh yeah, and take an about hour ahead of time to complete the "pre-work" that I'll ask to have ready.

That's tough to answer ahead of time but I can tell you from previous workshops that we've had attendees that are running successful 6- and 7-figure online health and fitness businesses, as well as a few others who are getting their online journey started.

Either way, rest assured that our vetting process ensures that only the right people will be in any given workshop.

A healthy, gluten-free, and tasty lunch will be provided on both workshop days and our traditional group dinner will be held at the end of the first day. Breakfast (if you need it) will be on your own.