HealthpreneurTM LIVE

September 25-27, 2020 - Scottsdale, Arizona

A 3-Day Live Experience That's Like "Rocket Fuel" For Your Coaching Business

HP LIVE brings together some of the health and wellness industry's most fascinating experts for 3 days of big thinking, connection, and proven ways to grow a successful coaching a relaxing setting that leaves you feeling recharged and inspired.

We believe in creating a memorable, high touch experience which is why we limit attendance to just 250 people.

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The conference room is packed...

Thousands of attendees crammed into their seats - notebooks in hand - and shivering to the bone because the temperature in the room is set so low.

Hour after hour, you sit glued to your chair, listening to one speaker after another.

Your hand hurts from writing so many notes. Your head hurts from the barrage of content being fired at you from stage.

You go to bed at night, exhausted, and your brain feels like it's going to explode with an ever-growing list of to-dos from everything you've just learned that day.

You wake up the next morning, drag yourself out of bed, hoping that today will be different. But it's not. It's just more of the same.

In fact, it's gotten worse.

Throughout the day, you're subjected to a series of carefully orchestrated sales pitches from stage.

You're told to run to the back of the room to get the "deal of the day", while quantities remain.

Like a pack of zombies, dozens of people rise up out of their seats and rush to the back of the room with little idea about what they're getting into.

As the event eventually comes to a close, you feel momentarily inspired, oddly relieved, and sadly overwhelmed.

An entire notebook full of ideas, thoughts, and "should do's" - most likely to sit around collecting dust on a shelf...

Perhaps even a needless program purchased on a whim just so you didn't miss out.

And because of the size and fast-paced nature of the event, connecting with others consisted of little more than a swift exchange of business cards...most likely never to be seen again.

If You've Ever Found Yourself At One Of Those Events, Then You'll Be Happy To Know That Healthpreneur® Live Is The Complete Opposite

In fact, it is different from any other event you've ever been to.

If you're like our past attendees, you'll feel a void in your heart when it's over.

That's because we believe the real magic happens through CONNECTION, not content.

And that being in a "high vibe", success-oriented environment forces you to think bigger, become more courageous, and strengthen your mindset to get to the next level in your business.

And although for 3 days, you will get proven "money making" strategies that can be applied to your business with almost immediate results...

HP LIVE Helps You Achieve More By Doing Less

That's why:

  • There is ample "down time" to relax and develop deep and meaningful connections with other attendees...
  • We inject active experiences, like morning hikes and yoga to keep you fresh and energized...
  • We "break bread together" during relaxing lunches and dinners under the stars.
  • We throw a big dance party where we can all let loose and have a blast!

And more!

We don't bring in the famous speakers we've all seen online.

Instead, you'll be moved and inspired by real health professionals - just like you - who've overcome their own challenges and accomplished incredible results in their business.

And there's no pitching from stage although you will have the opportunity to explore working with us further if you so choose.

The magic of HP Live can't be described in words. It can only be experienced.

And once experienced, you and your business will never be the same again.

Healthpreneur® LIVE Through the Years

Down Memory Lane

The Beginning...

Our first event, in September 2017, gathered an extraordinary community of changemakers and visionary health and fitness entrepreneurs driven by epic ideas to impact the world, while creating a business and life they love.

Our 100+ attendees were so blown away by the experience that the average rating was 9.87 (out of 10) and the net promoter score (ie. how willing are you to recommend this event to a friend?) was 96 (out of 100).

Nearly everyone said it was the BEST EVENT they'd ever been to. And thus, HP Live, as an annual event, was born.

The Gathering of "Think Biggers"

Our second event was all about "thinking bigger". To dream the impossible and go out and make it happen.

We brought in world class leaders and speakers who inspired and moved our attendees to break through barriers and stop playing small.

Business partnerships were created, lifelong friendships solidified, and an infectious momentum of health professionals playing bigger and impacting more lives was built.

We knew that that momentum would carry on into our 2019. And we committed to make it our best event yet.

The Client Centered Experience (And The Birth of a Special Award)

2019's event was unforgettable because of the sheer number of Healthpreneur® CLIENTS that were in attendance. Nearly 90% of attendees were either in our HBA or Luminaries Mastermind program. It felt like a big family gathering and the vibe was electric.

And for a long time before the event, something special was happening among many of our Healthpreneur clients that I wanted to celebrate...

There were tons of them hitting 5-figure months in their coaching business and making a real difference in their niches...

That's such a huge milestone for an entrepreneur to hit, so I wanted each of them to have a special moment that they can take pictures of, and look back on and remember.

I wanted to recognize them in front of everyone during the HP LIVE event.

So we created a new ceremony called the "The Game Changer Awards" to recognize all of the healthpreneurs who were transforming their clients' lives and their businesses in the process.

They each had a beautiful and emotional shining moment where they walked across the stage, and I had the absolute honor of presenting ‘Game Changer' awards to over 60 deserving healthpreneurs!

The inspiration and belief this instilled in others was indescribable.

The aftermath of the event saw dozens of attendees, almost immediately, enroll more clients and enjoy inexplicable business wins that could only be attributed to their newfound self-belief, courage, and expectation for big things to happen for them.

We knew that this was the electric, energizing, and inspiring environment we wanted to continue creating as we moved into our 2020 event and beyond.

Why Should You Attend?

Will you get the latest, most proven strategies to get more clients and grow your business?


Will you have fun?


But the most important reason why you need to be at Healthpreneur® LIVE is because...

No One Achieves Great Success On Their Own

The ambitious entrepreneur understands the importance of being immersed in environments that raise your energy, your beliefs, and your courage.

Because, as the saying goes....

When the cold winds blow, the lone wolf dies and the pack survives.

At each of our previous events, attendees have returned home...

  • Feeling invincible...
  • Radiating confidence...
  • Loaded with courage to move through fear...
  • Setting bigger goals and doing whatever it takes to achieve them...

And that's in addition to the deep connections and relationships many attendees built that led to HUGE business deals and life-long friendships.

You simply don't get any of that by hiding behind your computer and playing safe and small.

If you are a health professional who wants to create something amazing in this world, then to not be at Healthpreneur® LIVE would be a mistake of massive proportions!

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My name is Yuri Elkaim and I share this with you because I was that guy who thought I could figure out how to build a successful online business all by myself.

Boy, was I ever wrong.

Thankfully, after 3 years of struggle, frustration, and overwhelm, I made ONE decision (in 2010) that would forever change the course of my life.

That decision: "Close the laptop and get your butt to a live event" where I could finally meet other people in the industry, learn from the pros, and seek mentorship.

That one decision propelled me forward to build one of the most respected and trusted online health and fitness businesses (generating multiple 7-figures/year for the past 7 years straight) that has now helped over 500,000 people to better health.

It's allowed me to publish 3 best-selling books, including the #2 New York Times bestseller "The All-Day Energy Diet", while sharing my wisdom on shows like The Doctors and The Dr. Oz Show.

And it's allowed me to live the life of my dreams. A life where I get to work 5-6 hours per day - only doing what I love to do. Where I get to walk my 4 young boys to and from school every day. And where I get to travel and enjoy unique experiences with friends and family, all while providing immense value to those I serve.

I'm truly blessed. And it all started by putting myself in the right environment with the right people.

Yet, as great as many of these initial events were...

I still felt there was a gap - a void that needed filling.

And so...

We Created Healthpreneur® LIVE For 3 Reasons...

First, having built a successful online health and business over the past 13 years (and counting), I quickly realized that the world of entrepreneurship, especially online, is a lonely and confusing one.

Whether you're a doctor, chiropractor, personal trainer, health coach, or any other health professional, your ambitions are sadly not shared by many of your colleagues.

While they continue to see patients and clients all hours of the day, you know there's a better way. You have a vision for creating more impact with your message. You're tired of the "old way" of doing things.

At Healthpreneur® LIVE you'll be welcomed by a family of like-minded health entrepreneurs who actually "get it"...and get you.

You'll feel at home and that you've finally found your tribe.

Second, there's no shortage of events and conferences you can attend. However, many of them get so big and impersonal that you don't have a chance to truly connect with most of the attendees or speakers.

You end up feeling like a number. Not a special guest.

We Believe In Going Deeper, Not Wider

That's why we invite only 250 people to this event, while creating experiences that allow you to connect with almost everyone (including me and my world-class team of coaches) in a meaningful way.

Finally, this is one of the only “business development” events that isn't filled to the rim with speakers and a firehose of information, leaving you feeling overwhelmed with an infinite “to do” list.

And it is certainly NOT a pitch fest. In fact, there is ZERO selling from stage.

Our 2020 event features only a handful of carefully curated speakers (real health experts just like you), lots of breaks and downtime to connect with other attendees, and laser focused activities to help you get stuff done.

All of this means you'll leave the event feeling more clear, more confident, and equipped with essential capabilities to take your business to the next level.

If you're an entrepreneurial-minded naturopathic/functional/medical doctor, chiropractor, personal trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, health coach, or health crusader hungry to spread your message to more people, make more money, and enjoy more free time by leverage the power of the internet instead of being confined to the clinic, gym, or coaching clients 1-on-1 for hours on end…

Then this is the event for you. It's that simple.

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The Buzz

"I'm a really big believer in that if you want people to invest in you, then you've got to step up and invest in yourself."

- Dr. Meghan Walker

"I'll be coming back every year!"

- Clare O'Nan

"This event has been beyond my expectations."

- Janet Omstead

"This is fun. We're having so much fun here!"

- Kelsey Wiebe

"This has been, bang for the buck, the best event I've ever been to!"

- Matt Gallant

"I've connected with so many awesome people and learned so many amazing things. Coming to events like this is exactly what will propel you forward."

- Blake Bowman

"Words cannot express the gratitude I feel....I feel that, at a cellular level, I've changed over these last few days."

- Dr. Susan Erika Argeres

"The connections we've made will transform our business beyond what we thought was possible in the next year."

- Miles Fryer

"We brought our whole team here and we made deals that will lead to some big opportunities."

- Wade Lightheart

"I recognized that I need to be delegating more of the small stuff so I can focus more of my time on serving the bigger personalities in this industry."

- Nicole Dunn
Celebrity publicist

"I highly recommend this event if you're in the health space and want to grow your online business."

- Mark Wade
American Posture Institute

"We've met a lot of interesting people with a lot of insights and it's just got such a personal feel to it. It's been fantastic."

- Dr. Diane Hayden
Health magazine publisher

"It couldn't be a better group of people and I couldn't be happier to be part of this community."

- Ron Allen
Medical Doctor

"You can't not be here. You've got to be here. This place is amazing!"

- Dean Boukaras
VitaJing Herbs

"Yuri was such an amazing host. You couldn't even expect half the stuff he provided for us. He shows how much he really cares about you."

- Josh Gibson
Athletic Preparation Coach

"I was a little skeptical but the heartbeat of this place and the people here...I'm now a believer. We're part of the family now!"

- Dai and Christie Manuel
Author and fitness celebrity

"I've been to a lot of events and this one has far surpassed them all. The quality of people, the attention to detail, the friendships and connections...this is an event I will not forget."

- Devin Burke
Health coach

"If you want the breakthroughs in your business, then you have to be at events like this where you can connect with and learn from other amazing people."

- Yuri Elkaim
Founder, Healthpreneur™

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Meet The Speakers

(Full Speaker Lineup Coming Early 2020)

Yuri Elkaim, Host

Yuri Elkaim, the founder and CEO of Healthpreneur, is THE leading business coach for health entrepreneurs who want to get more clients and scale their coaching businesses, while building a more simplified business to multiply their impact, income, and freedom.

He's also a New York Times bestselling nutrition author, renowned health expert, and CEO of a multiple 7-figure online health and fitness business that has helped over 500,000 men and women to better health. His Youtube videos have been by more than 39 MILLION people and he's shared his message of health on major media including The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, and more!

In his spare time, he loves horsing around with his 4 young boys, playing tennis, and hanging around airports for some good old plane spotting.

Schedule of Events

(Full Schedule Will Be Announced Early 2020)

Pre-Registration: Thursday September 24, 2020 (6-9pm)

DAY 1 - Friday September 25, 2020

Time Speaker / Event
Yuri Elkaim
Mini Mastermind
Team Panel

DAY 2 - Saturday September 26, 2020

Time Speaker / Event
Mini Mastermind

DAY 3 - Sunday September 27, 2020

Time Speaker / Event

A 3-Day Event So Special You'll Feel Sad When It's Over

Here's What You Get:

  • Access to all talks ($2997 value)
  • Swag bag with lots of "useful" goodies ($400 value)
  • Invitation to Saturday night "secret" event (with drink ticket) ($100 value)
  • 3 VIP lunches ($297 value)
  • Friday night "Under the Stars" group dinner ($297 value)
  • Pre-event VIP reception on Thursday night ($97 value)
  • FREE lifetime access to event recordings ($497 value)
  • FREE access to group activities (shh...they're a surprise)
  • Access to a community of incredible health entrepreneurs (priceless)
  • Live, hands-on help from the entire Healthpreneur® coaching team to move you and your business to the next level (priceless)

A total value of at least $4,865!

We Reward Action Takers!

Apply Now to Attend And Enjoy Discounted Admission And...

Get the "Million Dollar Talks" From Our Previous Events ($1,497 value) - FREE!

Due to the highly curated nature of this event, we don't just let alone purchase a ticket. We ask that you fill out a short application so we can ensure you're a good fit for HP LIVE 2020. Once reviewed, we will send you a payment link to secure your spot.



Frequently Asked Questions

Register as soon as you can because we only have space for 250 attendees AND the price will continue to increase as we get closer to the event. Click here to submit your application to attend. Once we review, we'll email you within 24 hours with a special payment link to secure your spot (if accepted).

Healthpreneur® LIVE takes place at a beautiful boutique resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. To keep this event as exclusive as possible, the exact location is only shared with attendees upon registration.

We've secured an event room block where with a special group rate of just $249/night. These rooms will be snatched up on a first come, first basis, so don't delay. You definitely want to be staying with us at the hotel and you'll be able to secure your room immediately after securing your seat at Healthpreneur® LIVE here.

If you take your coaching business seriously, you will.

Yes. Upon checkout you can add additional team members for $997 each. These people must work on your team and you will have to be prepared to verify that they do upon registration.

We take this event seriously. We expect you to do the same. Tickets are non-refundable within 60 days of the event (cut off date - July 24, 2020). And tickets are non-transferable to another person or future event.

A delicious and healthy lunch spread will be offered to you on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We'll also have a big group dinner on the Friday night. All other meals will be on your own.

We'd recommend business casual or something you feel comfortable in. We're more interested in the "real you" showing up then trying to dress to impress.

Absolutely! No one is too cool for school at HP Live. There is no ego. You'll get to hang with amazing health entrepreneurs and have ample opportunity to connect with Yuri and the entire Healthpreneur® team of coaches during breaks, meals, by the pool, and during any of our fun activities.

This event is only for health entrepreneurs who run coaching businesses. Our attendees are health practitioners, fitness trainers, and health coaches all of whom work with clients.

If your business is mostly product-focused or ecommerce (ie. supplements, info products, etc...), then this event is not a good fit for you.