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The #1 MISTAKE most health experts, coaches, and practitioners make with their online business (it costs them a lot of time and burns them out)

Why following the "OLD WAY" of building a business online is harder than ever and what to do instead to in 2019 and beyond.

How we AUTOMATED our marketing with the 4-step Perfect Client Pipeline™ that allows us to predictably attract our ideal clients on demand (no more manual prospecting).

How our clients have escaped the 1-on-1 "rat race" and now charge premium prices, while delivering an even better outcomes for their clients.

How our clients enroll more of their ideal health coaching clients without feeling salesy or pushy.

The ONE thing that separates successful health coaches and entrepreneurs from everyone else and prevents them from getting stuck at a plateaus.

The secret to earning MORE while working a little bit less and enjoying life (and business) to the fullest.

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Yuri Elkaim is a sought-after business coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of Healthpreneur® .

He’s most famous for helping health and fitness entrepreneurs, coaches, and practitioners start and scale successful group coaching programs that create better results for their clients.

He pulls his wisdom from over 12 years experience working in the trenches of building his own successful online brand in the health space, helping 500,000 people to better health, and writing 3 best-selling nutrition books, including a #2 New York Times bestseller.

Now, he’s pulling back the curtains to share exactly how to turn your expertise into a successful and impactful business that you love!