Implementation-Focused Workshops That Create Business Breakthroughs in Just 1-2 Days 

The current Healthpreneur workshops include:

Content Mastery Workshop

Create amazing heath and fitness content that actually makes your business money.

1-Day Marketing Makeover

Clarify your messaging and craft a winning marketing funnel that can 2x your sales.

For Visionary Health & Fitness Businesses

That want a proven process for building a more automated, value-adding, and profit-generating business for years to come. 

Content Mastery Workshop

Get an insider's look at how we walk health and fitness entrepreneurs through our proprietary Teach to Sell method to create amazing content that actually makes your business money.

1-Day Marketing Makeover

Here's a sneak peak from our 1-Day Marketing Makeover workshop where we help you clarify your message to stand out and build a winning marketing funnel that can double your sales...

Why Our Workshops Work So Well

1. Each workshop is by application-only and limited to less than 15 people which means you get lots of personalized attention for what matters most to your business. 

healthpreneur workshop

2. The Healthpreneur workshops are built around proprietary frameworks (like the Teach to Sell Method(TM) and the Freedom Funnel(TM)) combined with 30% teaching and 70% on-the-spot implementation.

This means you leave our 1- or 2-day workshops with a proven path, more clarity, and great deal accomplished, NOT of a never ending to-do list. 

3. Everything you learn and implement is based on real-world testing and results (not theory) that have generated multiple millions of dollars in the health and fitness space.

yuri healthpreneur workshop

These cutting-edge principles and strategies give you a leg up on the competition and allow you to better connect with your audience, grow your business, and build a truly remarkable brand in this competitive landscape. 

Whether you want to create a profitable content-driven business (that can work independently of you) or sharpen your messaging and marketing so you can predictably attract more leads and customers, the Healthpreneur workshops can help you.

What Previous Attendees Are Saying:

Already in the first couple of hours I've learned things that can dramatically improve my revenue...

Jeff Salzenstein                 

This has given me some really good direction on where to get started...

Dr. Doug Fryday 

It’s changed my life and I have a little bit more freedom now...

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe                 

I now know how to reach more people than I thought possible...

Dr. BJ Hardick 

I feel so much more directed and purposeful now with my content...

Jen Powter 
Fitness & Weight Loss Expert  

It’s changed my life and I have a little bit more freedom now...

Vince Delmonte