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We believe in keeping things simple.How we work with our clients reflects that.

Choose the option that suits what you need most right now…

I need a more predictable way to get clients online and build my revenue

I’m already doing >$20k/month online and I want to scale my coaching business without everything relying on me

The Health Business Accelerator

You didn’t become amazing at what you do overnight. Don’t expect your business to be any different.

However, with our proven system, focus skill development, and world class coaching to keep you accountable you will see business growth that is 10x faster and bigger than you ever would on your own. Our goal is to help our clients to get $1M in under 3 years. This is where it all starts.

HBA is our foundational 12-month coaching program for health and fitness professionals that need a more  predictable system for attracting clients and building their online coaching business without trading time for money.

Most of our clients in this program either want to completely move out of their brick and mortar OR at least have a virtual option for their clients to supplement what they do in person.

This program is designed to fix the acquisition questions many health pros face, “How do I get a more consistent stream of clients without spending all day on social media or spending hours creating content no one ever sees?”

And the delivery question of “How do I help people online? What would my online coaching program look like?”

Well, that’s where HBA comes in.

We help fill your business with a consistent flow of ideal clients using our famous Perfect Client Pipeline™. With this system you’ll finally have a predictable (and largely automated) system for bringing a flood of qualified leads and perfect clients (who previously didn’t know you) into your coaching business.

We also show you how to pivot existing clients online (if needed) and exactly how to build a virtual “coaching” program that can help many people at the same time instead of having to rely on trading time for money

In order to qualify to work with us in the HBA program, you must:

  • Be the owner of your practice/business
  • Be an actual expert who can help clients achieve their desired outcome
  • Be ready to go online OR have an existing online program that you need help filling
  • Be driven, determined, and self-confident
  • Be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to succeed
  • Be coachable and willing to do the work

HBA Mastery

HBA Mastery (formerly Luminaries Mastermind) is for practitioners and coaches who have solved the “acquisition” piece and have an existing 6-figure online coaching program or virtual practice but now have a capacity, operations, and leadership problem that has become the major bottleneck that is preventing them growing to 7-figures and beyond.

This usually happens around the $250k–$500k/year mark.

This is a very tricky time in business that can quickly lead to burnout and no amount of marketing can solve this problem.

HBA Mastery is designed to help fix operational, strategic, communication, and personnel issues, while immersing you in a high-level group of fellow practice owners to help you accelerate your practice to 7-figures while working half as many hours.This is where we help you become the LEADER you need to be to scale your business to the next level.

This is for serious business owners who see the value in being part of a success-oriented tribe and understand that building a “legacy-like” business takes time, much like an athlete preparing years in advance for the Olympics.

This is a 3-year program with a 12-month commitment. It is high-level mastermind where you will be surrounded by other successful health entrepreneurs who are all striving to be better and create a bigger impact through their businesses.

Here, you get trainings, frameworks, systems, and support to help you:

  • Hire, onboard, and lead a successful team so you can remove yourself from the day-to-day of your business.
  • Create and execute a laser-focused strategic plan so that everyone on your team knows your direction and is performing at their best to achieve big goals.
  • Install a communication rhythm that empowers your team to be 10x more productive and clear in their roles so that you can do more of what you love to do instead of micro-managing people.
  • Document and build your company operational playbook so you have a real business (a “sellable asset” in fact), not just an assortment of activities.
  • Clone what you do so that patients and your practice are not 100% reliant on you.
  • Create an experience within your practice that wows and transforms patients so they get even better outcomes and happily refer their family and friends to you, on autopilot.
  • Retain more of your patients so you’re not having to scramble to find new patients every month (if you don’t want to).
  • Install simple cash-flow and money management strategies that maximize profits in your business.

And more!

In addition to being connected online 24/7, we meet as a group 2 times per year where we share the latest “what’s working now” strategies, give you access to learn from guest experts (all of whom are industry titans), and create a safe and abundance-oriented environment to bond and connect with your fellow members.

As great as the trainings and coaching are in HBA Mastery, the real value is the power of the group. If you’re like many of our clients, it will feel like a 2nd family very quickly. You’ll finally have a tribe of people who get you and who will go above and beyond to support you.

In order to qualify to join the HBA Mastery, you must:

  • Have big ambitions for where you want to take your business
  • Have been in business for at least 1 year
  • Be generating at least $20k/month in revenue
  • Have at least 1 team member in place (and willing to grow)
  • Be a big thinker and massive action taker who wants to grow beyond 7-figures within the next 1–3 years.