The Healthpreneur® Focus Planner

More Clarity. More Focus. More Wins.

The 90-Day Planner For Health Entrepreneurs That Actually Want to Reach Their Goals

You're busy running your business. And you've got a lot going on in life. Perhaps you feel like you're running on a treadmill working every day but not getting anywhere. You feel busy but not productive. ​You get to the end of the day and feel unclear on what you accomplished that really mattered.

Perhaps you find yourself at a loss between the big goals you set and the daily actions that will get you there. Or, maybe you’re “focusing” on too many things at once — leaving you feeling overwhelmed and busy, instead of streamlined and effective?If so, you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs live their lives and run their businesses that way.

All Vision, No Victory?

I was one of them. I was scattered, unclear, and unfocused. I would set goals and never achieve them. But that all changed when I made one simple discovery.

As a former professional athlete turned entrepreneur, I knew there was an “x factor” that separated the most successful people on the planet from everyone else. So, as I looked back on my days as a pro athlete and then studied and learned from other successful entrepreneurs, a very simple pattern emerged.

I discovered that what separates outstanding performers from the average person is the ability to plan properly, execute with disciplined focus, and track progress.

Successful people cast a compelling vision and then create daily rituals that keep them focused on achieving their goals.  Unknowingly, this was the same process I had used to make my childhood dream of playing pro soccer a reality.

It later became the same process I used to build 2 very successful companies in the health and wellness space, become a #2 New York Times bestselling author, and an industry leader now helping coaches who aren’t growing fast enough get more clients and scale their coaching.

And as I’ve shared this unique planning method with my clients, they too have enjoyed more clarity, more focus, and better results in their businesses and lives. Now, you too can enjoy this proven planning system inside the Healthpreneur® Focus Planner and bring your vision to life.

How it Works

The Healthpreneur Focus Planner is a powerful, yet very simple 90-day planner to help you identify and focus on your most important goals and structure your days to actually reach those goals.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how it helps bring the best out of you each and every day.



Commit to using this every day

You’ve got to keep this planner by your side at all times. This is going to house your dreams, your Goals, and your daily Tasks. You want to be constantly reminded about what you’re working towards and the daily actions you need to take to get there.



Identify your best life number

The first thing you’re going to do inside this planner is get clear on what you want to have and experience in your life and exactly what these things are going to cost you. I call this your Best Life Number. Knowing exactly what your BEST LIFE is going to cost you makes it more tangible, more realistic, and more exciting to work towards.



Establish your 1-year goal(s)

Now that you know what you want most in life, you’re going to establish 4 important Goals — I call them the “Focus 4” — that you want to accomplish in the coming 12 months that will move you closer to your best life.



Determine your 90-day sprint

With a clearer vision of what you’re working towards over the next 12 months, next you’re going to determine what to focus on for the next 90 days. This is your 90-Day Sprint and will be composed of up to 4 sub-Goals or Projects that you’ll work on during the quarter, each of which will move you closer to your 1-Year Goals.



Identify the milestones and tasks

Once you know the 4 Projects you’ll be working on in the quarter, you’re going to break each one down into its’ moving parts (aka. Milestones). Then, under each Milestone, you’ll identify the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Tasks that YOU have control over to reach that milestone.



List your quarterly activity inventory

This Activity Inventory serves as a reminder of the actions you will be taking on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly basis to reach your goals. These are RECURRING Tasks, meaning that they are repeated.



Set your weekly plan

You now know exactly what you’ll be focusing on for the quarter and exactly which Projects and Tasks you’ll be engaging in. To plan out each week, simply flip to the page with the heading “Week #1” (and the like) and list out all the most important Tasks and Projects you’ve got to get done during that week.



Set up each day to win … the night before

The key to a productive and successful day is planning the night before. That way, when you get up in the morning, your mind already knows what it needs to focus throughout the day. You’ll have a daily planning sheet for every day of this quarter to help you do just that.



Review your week

At the end of each week, it’s helpful to review your wins and leanings from the previous 7 days. This 1-page Review will help you identify what’s working, what isn’t, and where you need support to make the coming week even more productive.



Review your quarter

Once your quarter is complete, use to the Quarterly Review (located at the end of this Planner) to look over the previous 90 days and celebrate your wins, recap your important Metrics, and identify whether or not you hit your Quarterly Goals. And if not, why not. Then, determine what you need to do to make the next 90 days even better.

Take a Look Inside

Who is The Healthpreneur® Focus Planner For?

Initially designed to help health entrepreneurs succeed in business, I quickly realized that there is no end to who this planning methodology can work for. Here are just a few examples…


Created for ambitious entrepreneurs, coaches, and experts…by one. Whether you want to get more clients or build a global brand, the Focus Planner can help.


Stepping into the gym or onto the field, stage, court, or any arena demands a smart level of planning and micro execution to reach your goals. This planner helps you do just that.

Sales Professionals

Use the Focus Planner to enroll more clients, hit big sales goals, and dominate your space.


Bring your creative magic to life so that your brilliant ideas reach the people you want to serve. Whether you’re writing a book, creating a documentary, or building your thought-leadership.


Running a family is very similar to running a business. The better you plan, the easier it gets. I’ve got 4 young boys, so I speak from experience.


Quite frankly, if you’re a human with goals that you want to bring to life, then this planner can help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For ONE planner, shipping to the USA is $9. Shipping to Canada is $12. And shipping overseas is about $20. Naturally, these will be a bit higher when ordering the 2- and 4-planner bundles to account for the increased weight and package size.

That will depend on where you live but 7–10 days is a good target.

The planner is 7.5 inches wide × 9.75 inches tall × 1 inch thick. It weighs just under 1 pound.