More Impact. More Income. More Freedom

That’s what we’re all about.

You want to help more people improve their health and quality of life.

We help you reach your perfect clients with laser-like precision and predictability, while helping you build a stronger online presence so you can leave a lasting impact.

You deserve to make a LOT more money because of the transformation you can create for your clients.

We help you ATTRACT more leads, CONVERT them into high-paying clients, and DELIVER breakthrough results for them, while earning what you’re truly worth .

You are likely tired of working to the bone and want more time for family, to travel, or to focus on what you enjoy most.

We help you work smarter, not harder, so you can enjoy your business and life.

Who We Serve

We are the go-to coaching and training company for visionary health entrepreneurs, coaches, and practitioners who aren’t growing fast enough and who want to leverage the internet (the right way) to get more clients and grow their practice and/or coaching business without burning out in the process.

Our clients are true EXPERTS in their domain and include naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, personal trainers, and health coaches.

Our most successful clients:

  • Are true EXPERTS
  • Have CONFIDENCE in their ability to help others and build something great 
  • Act with COURAGE in the face of fear and uncertainty

What We Believe

The "Be Great. Do Great." Manifesto

​We believe that each and every healthpreneur has incredible greatness within them that can transform the lives of countless people.

We believe that “being yourself” is the greatest gift we can give to others. And that marketing more intelligently is the ticket to creating more impact, income, and freedom from your business.

We don’t follow the rules, we create them. We don’t answer to “the man”.  We are the “(wo)man”. We lead, we don’t follow.

We believe in proving something works before teaching it to others.

We believe in progress, not perfection. That shame, guilt, and comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle have no place in our journey. Doing your best and continually improving is all that matters.

We believe that failing quickly and learning from our mistakes is the fast-track to growing ourselves and our business.

We believe that success in business is the result of first delivering massive value to others. And that profits are the fuel that allow us to impact more people, while affording us the life of our dreams.

We believe that teaching and selling are one in the same. That once we enrich others’ lives and help solve their problems, they are more likely to know, like, and trust us. This naturally excites them to do business with us.

We believe that our business is an extension of ourselves and that it evolves as we do. That being an entrepreneur is the ultimate spiritual journey and that the more we grow, the more we can serve others.

We value freedom and understand that working ourselves into the ground is not only futile but incongruent with the values we impart onto others. Yes, there is a time for hard work but we know that hustle is overrated and even detrimental to our health and happiness.

We believe in working smarter, not harder. That more can be accomplished in less time by focusing on the big rocks instead of chasing tiny pebbles.

Expressing and sharing our genius is a calling that can never be dimmed by financial success, location, or age. We’re on this planet to share our gift with others and we are happiest when we do.

We’re here to make a real world difference and leave this planet and it’s people better than when we found them.We are committed to creating a world where everyone has access to the right knowledge and resources to improve their health. A world where obesity and metabolic disease is rare - as obsolete as slavery. Where the health care system is no longer a sick care system and where each individual trusts their own knowledge and experience more than dogmatic prescriptions.

And a world where health professionals are no longer martyrs in service of others but proudly earning what they deserve for the magic they bring to others.

What We Value

Create Wow

Client First

Committed to Excellence

Grow or Go

Goal Driven & Accountable

Be Real. Be You

Simple and Clear

Profits Help Us Prosper

Speed Matters

How It All Started

yuri elkaim

My name is Yuri Elkaim and I'm the founder and CEO of Healthpreneur®. 

I’m also a husband, father of 4 boys, a New York Times bestselling nutrition author, former professional soccer player, and a trusted health expert. 

Over the past 13 years, I’ve built a multiple 7-figure online health and fitness business and helped more than 500,000 men and women reach their goals thanks to the platform I’ve been able to build on the internet.

Even though I’ve become one of the most sought-after business strategists for health and fitness professionals looking to start or grow their online business, things certainly weren’t always this way.

Like so many others in our space (perhaps even you), I started off as an underpaid personal trainer and nutritionist, working 12-14 hour days and struggling to make ends meet.

I felt stifled, trading time for money, and knowing that my gifts were not reaching the masses. I was a slave to a “job” instead of living a great life on my terms.I barely had time to spend with my girlfriend (now wife) and I knew that wasn’t the life I wanted to live, especially when we started a family.

There was a bigger calling inside of me that kept pulling me in the direction of a bigger future. A future where I could call the shots and live life on my terms.Where I had the freedom (of time and money) to travel when and where I want.

Spend time with whom I want and be there for my kids. And most importantly, build something special that could positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO - The Call of the Healthpreneur - 
to get a better sense of our origin story...

​I started Healthpreneur® in 2015 because of the massive need I noticed in the market for quality marketing and business development coaching for health professionals.

Because of my successful track record, our ability to simplify complexity, and our incredible team of world-class coaches, we’ve quickly become the most sought-after “business coaching” solution for health professionals who want to get more clients and scale their businesses.

If we can help you fast-track your success, then together we can empower more people to go from sickness to health, from health to high performance, from confusion to clarity, from limitations to a life fully lived!

That's why our mission is to work closely with and help as many Healthpreneurs to scale their coaching businesses and online platforms so that collectively we can impact more than 1 BILLION people by 2040.