Careers at Healthpreneur®

Be Great. Do Great.

We’re on a mission to help 1 billion people to better health. We will do this by helping health entrepreneurs build better coaching businesses (virtual practices) that impact more people.


We are working toward creating a world where every man, woman, and child has the opportunity to become the healthiest and best version of themselves so that they can wake up each day with purpose, contribute through meaningful work that feels like play, and live freely and abundantly.

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Benefits of Working For Healthpreneur®?

  • Flexible hours (you set your schedule)
  • Work from anywhere (we are 100% virtual)
  • Be part of an inclusive, close-knit, high-performance team of world-class experts
  • Grow into the best version of yourself (via trainings, courses, coaching, and more)
  • Grow with a company that has a huge vision
  • Work with change makers (our clients) who are transforming peoples’ health
  • Earn a great salary along with performance & profit-based compensation

A Message From the CEO, Yuri Elkaim

Hear What It’s Like To Work With Us From Some Of Our Team Members…

Ashley K

Success Coach

Stephanie M

Mindset Coach

Phyllis E

Growth Specialist

Nicole P

Copy Coach

Do You Have What It Takes?

Are you the best at what you do and are you obsessed with growing into your full potential (personally and professionally)?

Are you a hard worker who can think between the lines and wants to make a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives?

Do you want to be part of a virtual, tight-knit, high-performing, result-driven TEAM of like-minded people that push you to be your best all while positively impacting thousands of other health businesses?

Working with Healthpreneur® is different from most companies.

We don’t believe in trading time for money or following a 9-5 schedule. Instead, we are completely result focused. So, as long as you meet your objectives and support our company and/or clients to better results, we don’t care what your daily schedule looks like. We want you to enjoy a great quality of life in addition to feeling great about what you’re doing at work.

But we expect you to be focused and fully committed to your work.

At Healthpreneur®, you are NOT accepting a “job”. Jobs are lame and boring. You’re accepting something so much more. You’re accepting to join us in our mission to empower thousands of health professionals and build one of the most desirable companies to work for.

We are a MERITOCRACY that rewards the value you add to our company’s growth and our clients’ success. Likewise, our goal is to add value to you as a person.

We do not tolerate mediocrity from each other, the work we do, or the solutions we create for our clients.

Working with us, you will help us set a new standard of excellence and delivery in our industry – every single thing you do on our team brings us closer to that goal. Work, we believe, needs to be fun, challenging and something that makes you so excited that you jump out of bed each morning. We believe in work-life INTEGRATION.

We only work with A-players who are:

  • Smart, can think for themselves, and connect the dots
  • Great problem solvers
  • Relentless
  • Obsessed with growth
  • Driven to be and do their best
  • Innovative
  • Highly Experienced
  • Curious

Despite us paying well, this is NOT the place to join if pay is your only focus. However, if you LOVE the work you do, are committed to being the best you can, and want a stable, long-term position that will pay you very well (again, depending on your role and the value you’re bringing to the table), then you will not find another company like Healthpreneur®.

If business were sport, you’d be joining a championship winning team. However, we only want the best players. If that’s you, then have a look at our current career opportunities below.