Welcome to the Healthpreneur podcast! I’m very excited for today’s show because we’re going to introduce you to a very special guest. Brandy Lipscomb is a client of ours and powerhouse that’s doing some amazing things in the health and wellness space.

Brandy is trained as a Naturopathic Physician and was a combat medic who served in Iraq. She’s also a mother and driven entrepreneur. After a temporary stint selling life insurance, she had a breakthrough and made the choice to do what she had always wanted to do – start a business that was successful yet allowed for freedom.

After working with Healthprenuer, Brandy has experienced rapid results through her Perfect Client Pipeline – and she came to us with only the desire and motivation to impact more lives through her work. Listen in to hear about her journey, struggles, and motivation, and find out what she’s excited for next.

In This Episode Brandy and I discuss:

  • How You are a Badass at Making Money inspired Brandy.
  • The advertisement that caught her attention.
  • Why longevity matters.
  • Moving past fear to make moves.
  • Making commitments and having confidence.
  • Having a Jedi mind and living with purpose.
  • Her program and results.

01:30 – 06:00 – Introducing Brandy and her journey

06:00 – 10:30 – The book and advertisement that inspired Brandy to act

10:30 – 14:30 – How Brandy made it happen

14:30 – 18:00 – Brandy’s program, how it has worked, and her mindset

18:00 – 20:00 – The results Brandy has seen

20:00 – 25:30 – The importance of investing in yourself and your mindset


Yuri Elkaim:                         Hey guys, what’s going on? Yuri here, welcome back to the podcast. Super excited to be joined by an amazing client of ours, super, super rockstar, Brandy Lipscomb. I’m really excited to have her on the show.

Introducing Brandy and her journey

Brandy has done some crazy things with us inside of HBA. We’ll get into that just a few moments, but first just so you have a bit of context about, you know who she is. She is trained as a naturopathic physician. That was her journey up until up until this point. She was a combat medic serving in Iraq. She is a mother, a natural born entrepreneur I think.

Yuri Elkaim:                         She’s doing some great stuff in our space and I’m super, super excited to have you with us here, Brandy, so thanks so much for taking the time.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Thank you so much for having me on, Yuri, it’s an honor and I’m just so happy that I found you and your program. It’s changed my life.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Thank you very much. Let’s talk about what life looked like for Brandy, maybe a couple months, a year or two years ago, walk us through what a normal, everyday average day look like for you.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, let’s go back to 2017 before I sold my medical practice because I started and ran a family practice out in the mountains of rural Washington State, beautiful place, I loved my clients. But you know, I wanted to take care of everyone and so I was Medicaid, Medicare, dealing with insurance, and you have to write three authorizations before you have permission to touch your client and do anything for them. Then you would treat them for four visits and the insurance would deny it. It was so frustrating that the health insurance companies completely dictated my ability to help my clients. That was the model that I said, “I don’t want to do this anymore. This isn’t working for me. It’s not working for my clients. What else is there out there?” So I sold that-

Yuri Elkaim:                         How many clients were you typically seeing on a daily basis? Was there like nonstop go, go, go, was it burnout almost? Or what did that look like for you?

Brandy Lipscomb:            As a naturopathic doctor we take more time with people, our goal is to treat the root cause and so 30 minute office visit was pretty common an hour for our first office call, so I would really spend the time with people. I would probably see anywhere from 14 to 20 patients a day and run, run, run, and then go home and chart all night long, just sitting at my desk charting and doing paperwork for the next four hours. So yeah, it was easily 60 plus hour weeks and the burnout was very real. There’s huge relief behind figuring out how to let that go.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Awesome. Then you go from that to, what was the next step for you in that process?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, I mean, and that’s my personal journey, we relocated back to the East Coast to be closer to family. I was thinking, “Oh, I’ll just set up a holistic healthcare kind of advisory because I’m not licensed within the state of West Virginia.” Then my father passed away very unexpectedly, unfortunately and so I spent the next two years sort of on a sabbatical and learning about finances and don’t laugh, but I was actually selling life insurance and annuities for a while because it helped me have a flexible schedule to be home and learn about money 101.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Learn things that as a busy doctor, I never had time for personal growth and development. So over the past year and a half, yes, I protected families, but I also read 35 different books on personal growth development, and finance and I developed myself. I let my husband take the wheel and pay the bills for a little bit so that I could find some time to grow as a person.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yeah, once I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was ready for something else. That was when I found you.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Was there a moment you can remember or was it like a culmination of moments that led you to be like, you know what this life insurance stuff is not really what I want to do? Was there a one moment as you’re sitting by the fireplace and it just hit you in the head or what did that transition look like?

The book and advertisement that inspired Brandy to act

Brandy Lipscomb:            Pretty much, I mean through all of the reading and the studying of personal growth and development, I knew in my heart of hearts that what I was doing with was a temporary, it was the bridge between that and whatever I was going to do next in medicine because my passion is in helping and healing and transforming lives. But there was definitely that moment and I was sitting actually in my reading chair, I get up every morning and I meditate and I read and I journal. The first 45 minutes of my day is just focused on that type of thing before the kid wakes up. It was one book, it was Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass at Making Money, that I was reading and her words were literally jumping out of the page at me. It was halfway through that book that I said, “It’s time.” Like, “It’s time, it’s here, it’s now I’m ready.” And I just, I finally was ready to embrace the next phase of my life.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome. Well I will say out of all of our clients, you probably have one of the most dialed-in money mindsets. You’ve talked about some of your affirmations that you have, which is great. I think as you know, a lot of, in our space there’s a lot of hang-ups around money, charging for healing, helping people to hold it. Our job is to help, obviously, people like you, really command what’s your worth and it’s been great to see you do so great.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Thank you.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I think it’s funny too because like so many women have read that book, by Jen Sincero, and it’s good, whatever you need to do to, to build that mindset, to build your self-belief and can command which are worth a thing is awesome. So that’s really cool.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Thank you. Yeah, I’m a huge fan. I’m always recommending books to people, that’s where I find most of my healing inspiration and drive from.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, totally. So you’re ready to kind of make things happen now. Then how did you come across us? How did you come across HBA and what we’re doing?

Brandy Lipscomb:            It was that awesome ad of you and your family and the bathing suits on the beach.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, our best ad of all time for sure.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yes, it was that great ad. You know, I’d seen it in the past and I had been attracted to it. When I felt just completely burdened by my practice, I would look at your ad on Facebook and I would be like, “I would really like to click on that. I’d really like to know how to do something different.” But I just sort of locked in my own world at that time.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Within two days of me deciding that I needed to hire a coach, I saw your ad and hit the done button, watched the webinar and by the time the webinar was done, it really didn’t matter to me what it cost to be a part of your program. I knew that your method was exactly the kind of streamlined approach that I wanted. I didn’t want to have to start the blog and the podcast and write the book and do 15,000 things. I was like, “That man knows what he’s talking about.” I just felt it and knew that you were going to present me with something that I could hook my teeth into.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yeah, I was done from the day one of the webinar.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s so cool. I mean, this is great. This is a great reminder for anyone running ads, why it’s important to… longevity matters, right? If you’re running ads for a day, it’s not going to make a difference. But if you consistently put your ad out, people are going to see your stuff and I can’t… It’s funny cause my health and fitness business, everyone used to tell me, “Dude, I’ve seen your YouTube videos all over the place.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         Now, what I get whenever I go to an event is, “Dude, I keep seeing your ads all over the place.” I’m like, “That’s great. That’s what I want.” That’s what we want for you guys too. We also want you to be top of mind because, in your case, maybe you weren’t ready two years ago, but when you were ready we were right there for you and I think that’s so cool.

Yuri Elkaim:                         What was it about the message that really spoke to you the most?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, it was the idea that I didn’t have to… You know, I was thinking that I had to do the blog, and the podcast, and write the book and I even had the book kind of like outlined. I was thinking, “Oh, my gosh, this is going to take me three years.” Seeing your simple four step process of how you create a business and position yourself as an expert, in your field, and reach out through Facebook advertising to find your ideal client through Your Perfect Client Pipeline. It just spoke to me. I was like, “That is exactly how I want to get in front of people.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s great. That’s awesome.

How Brandy made it happen

Yuri Elkaim:                         Let’s talk about, because you mentioned this before, the fear of getting started. Talk to us about that whole making that commitment and what will you were going through there?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well it was terrifying, honestly. I never hired a coach before. Spending a not insignificant amount of money on a program like this and figuring out how to make it all work, how to continue to bring money in with this one program and invest in this and get this rolling. There was definitely the fear there and that could have paralyzed me, but I’m not that type of person. I’ve always said that fear is the greatest enemy of all times. It was a matter of kind of putting on my big girl panties and saying, “I can.” Like, “How can I do this?” First of all, instead of just saying, “Oh, there’s no way.”

Brandy Lipscomb:            I knew I wanted it and so I just started saying, “How can I make this happen?” And, “I will make this happen.” And, “I don’t care how much time and effort I have to put in if I have to sell life insurance all day long and then work on this until midnight, that’s what I’m going to do.” I just made the commitment and there was no room for failure at that point.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome, and that’s what we’re looking for. That’s we know and we can work with. The two things for us we look at are, number one, you have to be an expert. You have to be really good at what you do and you’re amazing and what you do. Then second is having that confidence to know that even though I don’t necessarily know how this all works yet, I will figure it out and having that do whatever it takes attitude is so important because, as you know, even within our HBA clients, there are a lot of people who go through this journey of self-doubt and the worry and the so forth and that’s part of the journey.

Yuri Elkaim:                         For you, what were some of the initial challenges and how did you work through some of that?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, I’m not that technologically savvy by nature. I mean, I was one of those physicians who was dragged myself kicking and screaming into electronic charts. I would have written on paper for the rest of my life. I had never created a webinar before. Yeah, the webinar piece of that puzzle, figuring out how to deliver this message in a way that is going to attract the people that I know I can help, that was definitely one of the biggest challenges.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Then figuring out how to record the darn thing. I remember laughing my first couple of attempts to record the webinar. I finally paused the computer for a second and I went into my family room and I told my husband, “There’s definitely a learning curve to this.” You know? “This is going to take a little bit longer than I thought it would.” But I had some water and went back in and was determined to craft this, because I knew that message, on that webinar, that that’s what’s going to be representing me and working for me out there 24/7. Yeah, that was by far the most challenging piece of it. The rest of it sort of flows, you get through the webinar and it’s just like he just climbed the mountain and you’re up at the 10,000 foot peak and it’s downhill from here.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Totally. Awesome. So from start to deploy, how long was that? What about two and a half months for you?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Two and a half months.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, awesome. So context for the viewers, listeners here, you’ve no background in like running an online business? Not technically savvy.

Brandy Lipscomb:            No.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Obviously, we tell everyone, “Listen, there’s going to be challenges whether you work with us or not, but it helps if we’re there to guide you through it.” So you go from nothing to deploy Your Perfect Client Pipeline in two and a half months, which is awesome. Then what happens? What was the moment for you we’re you were like, “Holy shit, this works?”

Brandy Lipscomb:            The first week. I mean, I deployed some ads and they weren’t even that great yet, my webinar wasn’t even that great yet. It was my like, “Okay, I’ve got this done, I’ve got my program outlined, here we go world.” I had my first two clients within the first week and made enough money to pay back my entire investment in your program.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s amazing.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yeah. It wasn’t just a one off like, “Oh, I sold a program to someone, I’m going to help one person. Yay.” It was, I enrolled two clients by the end of my first week and I was on cloud nine. I was like, “I have proof of concept times two.” Then when I’ve gotten some feedback from those clients and they are so happy, and they’re doing so well, and they’re completely healed and they can’t imagine their lives without my program. It’s such a good feeling.

Brandy’s program, how it has worked, and her mindset

Yuri Elkaim:                         Oh, that’s amazing. That’s so good. If we’ve got other HBA clients watching right now and they’re currently going through the building of their pipeline and going through all that self-doubt, and the worry, and the challenges and the sticking points, what advice, what encouragement do you give to them?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, become the Jedi Master of your own mind. Every thought counts and guard your thoughts, hone your thoughts, you would weed your garden weed out of your mind. Don’t let like those anxious thoughts of like, “Oh, I don’t know if this is going to work.”

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yuri, I don’t have time for that. I don’t allow negative thinking and fear-based thinking to route or seed in my mind. If I catch myself having a thought like that, I immediately stop it, correct it, change it into a positive and charge forward. There’s just no other way to do it.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I love it, that’s so good.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I think it’s important for everyone to remember Tony Robbins famously says, “Success is 20% mechanics, 80% psychology.” I think when we work with hundreds of clients who are going through the same process and it’s amazing to see what allows certain people to really crush it quickly. Then others take a lot longer and there’s nothing other than between the ears, right?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Right.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s why we had the whole segments on the podcast called Between The Ears because it is such a limiting factor or it’s your best friend. I love how you mentioned like it’s your choice. You can just be conscious and aware to stop it and choose a better thought that serves you and that’s so important.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yes, it is. The mindset is everything and it is normal to have fear, right? That’s normal. I think we all have a little fear of failure within ourselves, but we also have our greatness. How dare you not share your greatness with the world?

Yuri Elkaim:                         Totally it’s selfish. Come on.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yeah. If I let fear rule me, then my clients wouldn’t be out there winning tennis matches and golfing vacations and getting their range of motion back. I’m so glad I didn’t let fear stand in my way.

The results Brandy has seen

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, that’s awesome. Are you comfortable sharing one of your best months so far? What you’ve done, just ballpark figure wise?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, that would be the month that we’re currently in. I deployed my program at the very end of February and got two clients right away and then the next two weeks it was like slow down. Luckily it was a time for me to really work on building out my modules and everything. We’re at the 25th of the month and I’m over 25K for the month.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Shit, that’s awesome. Amazing.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Thank you.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I mean like the virtual high five, that’s incredible.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Better than selling life insurance, right?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I mean, you’re helping clients in such a deep manner, which is tremendous. I’ll say this from, from our side of things as coaches, it’s amazing to see success stories like yourself because it’s so inspiring, not just for us but also for all the other clients that we’re working with, right? Because everyone wants to know that this can work, right?

Yuri Elkaim:                         I know without a shadow of a doubt that it works. I tell everyone, I’m like, “Just borrow my belief. It works. Just borrow my belief.” But it’s always nice to see beacons like yourself who can now shine the light. Like, “You know what that’s like, I can do it. If Brandy can do it, I can do it as well.”

Brandy Lipscomb:            Right.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I just want to thank you for being that beacon, it’s so awesome.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Thank you. Yes. Borrow my belief guys, this works.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, totally. What, if someone’s watching this and considering working with us, or they’re on the fence or they’re like, “I don’t know what this guy is, he’s a bit of a, who knows what.” What would you tell someone if they’re considering working with us in the HPA program?

The importance of investing in yourself and your mindset

Brandy Lipscomb:            Wow, I’m really big about people trusting their intuition, but I am definitely going say that if there was someone out there who’s looking for a coach, and looking for a method, and looking for a program that is designed to give you from A to Z the support that you need, you’ve brought in the most amazing people around you to help you bring this program to life for us. From the copy coaches, the Facebook coaches, I mean I would say it’s a no brainer. Your commitment to excellence shines through every single facet of this program. Yeah, it’s been a joy. It’s been a privilege and I would recommend it to anyone interested in starting a business, especially in the health and fitness space.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Awesome. Thank you. Thanks so much for that. Brandy, this has been really, really great. Final words of wisdom before we finish off, just from your perspective, your journey so far, which again is still so… I was telling, I don’t know who I was telling yesterday. I’m like, Brandy is going to be crushing $100,000 months in like a couple months or something.

Brandy Lipscomb:            I think it’s possible.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, it’s going to happen. I have no doubt. Based on your journey so far in this whole world of entrepreneurship, what words of wisdom would you give to someone else who has expertise, who is maybe unsure of how to do things. If they were reading your book, if you had written a book, what’s the one nugget you’d want people to really take home from, from you?

Brandy Lipscomb:            I guess it would be something about intentional cultivation of that which you want. Reading 35 books on personal growth, development, finances, manifesting, that year of investing in myself changed my life, Yuri. It changed my mindset. I can’t have a bad day. I program myself, I’ve honed myself to the point that I go to bed thinking about how great tomorrow is going to be regardless. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, right before my alarm clock, and I wake up and I’m excited. Do something that makes you jump out of bed excited to get your day going, but don’t go so fast that you missed the parts where you cultivate your own personal health and well-being.

Brandy Lipscomb:            My lifestyle today, my daily life is amazing and I’ve crafted it to be exactly what I want through intention, through journaling, through excessive reading and meditation. It’s all right here, Yuri, that’s all there is to it.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s great. You just actually reminded me, before we finish off, what is deal? What does your day-to-day life look like now? It used to be 60-hour-plus weeks, on the verge of burnout, what does life look like for you now?

Brandy Lipscomb:            Well, I wake up and take some supplements, drink my mineralized water. I meditate and then I journal and read. Then I exercise for about 30 minutes. Then I get to have morning time with my four year old. He wakes up and we have some games, cartoons. I leisurely drop him off at school by 9:00 in the morning and I’m in my office. I have office hours where I’m working on whatever my list is for the day. I definitely am a list maker.

Brandy Lipscomb:            I’m probably working from about 9:00 to 3:00 four days a week and then about 9:100 to noon on Fridays. So that by 3:00, I’ll go pick up my kid, I’d bring him home. We play in mud puddles, we play in the yard. Fridays are always our special day to go, we have a play date Friday afternoons. Weekends I just let my funnel work for me and I enjoy time with my family. So I’m probably working about 25 to 30 hours a week now and I’m loving every minute of it.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome. So good. So good, Brandy. Well thank you so much again for sharing this, for opening up and hopefully inspiring a lot of our listeners and viewers once again. Thank you so much Brandy.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Thank you so much, Yuri.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, well totally. I mean this is a pleasure. I mean, for me it’s not even work because very much like it is not work for you when you had to do what you love.

Brandy Lipscomb:            Exactly.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. So guys, if you’re watching this, listening to this, if this has inspired you and you’re like, “You know what, I’m ready to make this happen.” Two things, watch our online training our webinar, it’s at healthpreneurgroup.com/training. If you like what you see very much like Brandy did, then just book a call with us and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. If we are, then I’m sure we can make some magic happen together.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Thank you guys for tuning in. Brandy, once again, thank you so much for time, I appreciate you and we’ll see you guys soon.


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