Can You Sell Your Book On Health For $3K or MORE?

If you’re thinking about getting into book publishing, then you better have done your book marketing first.

You see, without marketing your book, you wouldn’t have an audience. And without a large audience, your book on health is never going to sell. Then, the whole process is going to turn into a giant headache.

Publishing companies are essentially glorified printers. They’re going to expect you to push your own book. That means that if you don’t have a massive following, don’t expect a large advance…and don’t expect to sell many copies.

Unless you’re willing to do the book marketing that it takes to guarantee that you sell your book on health, then don’t publish it. Book publishing only makes sense if you know you’re going to get a return on all that time and energy you put into the book.

That’s also why I say build your income, then your influence. Turn your $30 book into a $3,000 coaching program. That way you’ll impact more lives AND make more money.

If you want to write a book on health, do it down the road. First, work with clients who are willing to step up and pay you. The more money you make, the more you can invest on building your following and marketing your book.

Later on, when people know and trust you, then you can launch a book.

Without book marketing, book publishing really doesn’t do you much good. Start by building a program that people love, and then you’ll be ready to write a book on health that’ll sell.

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One of the biggest things that I think holds health professionals back from achieving their desired outcomes is a lack of confidence, which stems from not having a health coaching program or not feeling “certified enough”.

If this is something that’s been worrying you personally… stop. The most successful people I know are generally high school or college dropouts. Either you can deliver great results or you can’t. A certification isn’t going to determine your ability to do that.

Too many people think they’re too smart or think that they have to be extremely smart. Don’t let that be you. Go get your first client and then rise to the occasion.

Here’s the thing. A practitioner who works in person often doesn’t have defined health coaching programs and is perfectly able to serve clients. But once they become an online health coach, all of a sudden they feel like they can’t help people because there’s no online health coaching program? What’s going on?

If you’ve worked in person and have already been helping clients achieve great results, then you have nothing to worry about. You can build your program along the way with your clients.

If you’re deliberating and delaying, then you’re being selfish. Think about it that way. The more you wait, the less people get helped.

You can most certainly become an online health coach without any coaching programs. Just start making a difference in people’s lives and your online health coaching program will be developed along the way.

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