How Do You Deal W/ “Spousal Objection”?

In your health coaching businesss, how do you deal with clients in coaching conversations that end in spouse or sales objections?

Have you ever had a customer sales conversation with a potential client that you felt was going well until you found out that the actual buying decisions lie with their partner or spouse? In today’s video, I discuss customer purchasing decisions and how to do coaching business sales and coaching sales when there are client objections.

In most relationships and marriages, partners make financial and other decisions regarding their household and career expenses together. This means that client buying decisions can often also be dependent on both spouses.

Spouses can agree or disagree with each other on decisions, which means that they’ll both need to be informed. So, what does this mean for your health coaching business?

Well, if you want to make customer sales, the truth is that you need to have the person who makes buying decisions present when pitching your service. That way, you have a higher chance of converting the client.

I encourage you to keep watching to see how you can handle sales objections when having health coaching conversations, especially when they come from someone as critical as a spouse.

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So, what’s the REAL reason behind your clients hiring you and your health coaching services?

In today’s video, I discuss the real reason why your coaching clients choose your health coaching business. In order to make more health coaching sales, you need to understand the reason and speak directly to it in your sales conversations or coaching conversations.

If you’ve had conversations with your potential clients, you may have heard things like “let me get things in order first and then hire you”, which is strange because it defeats the purpose of hiring an expert entirely.

The truth is that, as an adult, if you haven’t already acquired the skill that you need to achieve a certain goal in your life, you are highly unlikely to be able to develop and hone it on your own. This means one simple thing: YOUR CLIENTS NEED YOU!

When having coaching conversations with your clients or sales conversations with prospects, you must be confident enough to let your prospects and clients know that they need your expertise and coaching services.

Keep watching to see my suggestions on how to have sales conversations and coaching conversations that’ll get you more health coaching sales in your health coaching business.

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