Control you can, accept what you can’t, expect what you want. That’s a little parable or a saying that I try to do my very best to live my life by, and I want to walk you through what that means. I want to give you an example here.

Control What You Can

So let’s think of traffic. We all love sitting in traffic, right? So let’s say you’re driving your car and you’re sitting in traffic. Now, if we look at the first piece, control what you can, what can you control in that situation? You’re sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and there is no way you can get off the highway. What can you control in that situation? Nothing outside of yourself, obviously. You can’t turn the car off the highway, you can’t take an exit, but you can focus up here. You can change your thoughts, you can change the way you approach the situation.

Accept What You Can’t

So that’s an example of control what you can. The second piece of that is accept what you can’t, which means accept that you’re in traffic. No matter how much you get frustrated, no matter how much you yell at the car in front of you, you can’t go any faster, right? So you have to accept the situation.

Expect What You Want

And third is, expect what you want, which means in spite of the situation, expect the results working out for you, which means allowing things to unfold. Allow the universe to work its magic and see yourself getting out of that traffic, getting to your destination on time without worrying about it. Now, this sounds easy in theory, right? In practice, this is one of the most challenging things you can go through in life.

Applying This To Your Business

Let’s look at an example from business. I’ll give you an example of what our clients do. Okay, so we help our clients set up a perfect client pipeline, which helps to bring in clients pretty much on demand. And so there’s a few things we can control in that situation. We can control our messaging, we can control what we put into our webinar, we can control the message we put out into the world to attract clients to our business. Okay, so we can control that. Accepting what you can’t means once you’ve put your message out, once you have tweaked your funnel, you have optimized it, you have your Facebook ads running, there’s not much more you can do. Like you have to accept the fact that you can’t force people to click on your ads. You can’t force people to book calls with you. You have to just accept that. And that leads into the third piece, which is expect what you want.

So you accept it and you expect the best. You expect the results that you want, you expect however many people to book a call with you, you expect however many clients to enroll with you without stressing about it. You see that? So I promise you, if you live by these three principles, a couple things will happen. One, you’ll have a lot less stress. Number two, you’ll be a much happier person. You’ll be a pleasure to be around. You won’t be one of those neurotic trying to force the issue on everything type of people.

And third, surprisingly, you’ll get the results you want. Because listen, there’s only so much we can do, and then we have to put ourselves in a state of alignment to allow the universe to work its magic. And we can’t force grass to grow. We can’t force paint to dry any faster. We have to allow things to take to their course.

Write This Down

So I want to leave you once again with this saying. Control what you can, accept what you can’t, expect what you want. Write that down. You can DM me on it if you want, whatever, but let it sink in and really think of in every aspect of your life. How can you apply these three principles? I promise you it’ll make a huge difference. Let me know what it does for you in the comments below. I’ll see you soon.


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