Today I want to talk about pricing, getting clients that are committed, because here’s a reality I want you to understand is that people only pay attention to the degree that they pay for your product or service.

Getting Clients That Are Committed

What that means is that if you sell something for $10, you’re getting a $10 commitment. If you sell something for $1,000, you’re getting $1,000 commitment, and if you sell something for $10,000, you’re getting a $10,000 commitment. In my experience, all of the coaches that I’ve ever worked with all want one thing in common with respect to their clients. They want clients that are committed. And then they wonder why their clients aren’t committed. And then I look at their coaching model and they’re charging 50 bucks a session, one-off sessions here and there.

And listen, it’s not about making health, fitness, body transformations inaccessible. It’s about understanding that you have to take care of yourself first and foremost. You should not be a martyr in the service of other people. And if you want clients who get results, you need clients who are committed and if clients aren’t willing to invest, then they’re simply not going to do the work.

I had a conversation over messenger with a lady in our tribe a couple days ago and she was like, “Yeah, I need… I’d love your help. Here’s where I am in business, here’s where I want to go.” And I said, “Great, well, why don’t we set up a call and let’s figure out the next steps.” And she said, “Well, I don’t want to waste your time because I have no money.” And I was like, “Well, why are we even having this conversation?”

Making The Investment

What are you expecting, like a $97 coaching program? Three years after I started online, in 2010 I made a decision to hire my first coach. It was $18,000. That was more money than I made the previous year in my business. Did I have $18,000 sitting around? No. What I did have was a credit card and I put it on my credit card and I said to myself, “I’m going to make a way. I’m going to figure out how to make this back,” and that’s the level of commitment you have to have if you want to take your business to the next level. And you also have to have the certainty to get on the phone with someone and tell them the price of your coaching program and be so certain in its ability to help them, that you are willing to have them go take out a credit card to work with you.

Because if you’re not willing to do that, then you simply don’t have enough confidence or certainty that you can help them. I have no problem for someone to invest on a credit card in their health if they’ve been suffering for decades or years with a condition that they need solved. I have no problem asking for a coach that we work with to do the same because we know we can help them in a very, very dramatic way very quickly if they do the work.

Raising The Barrier To Entry

And that’s the level of certainty I want you to think about with your coaching is, how do we get people that are more committed? Well, number one, we raise the barrier to entry, either by price or by activity or whatever to make sure only the best people are working with you. And that starts in all of your messaging, all of your marketing, because if you don’t want cheap quality clients, stop selling cheap quality stuff. Stop selling cheap stuff in general. $10 eBooks, it’s a waste of time. $97 courses, no one’s going to do them. Think about working with a select few to fill up your cup so that down the road you can help the masses who can’t afford working with you. All right?

If that makes sense to you and you want help with respect to structuring your coaching program or your pricing, then go to Book a call with us and let’s talk about where you’re at, where you want to go, what’s standing in your way? Let’s put together a game plan for you and your business and let’s figure out if there’s a good fit for us to work together.

Again, if you’re financially broke, if you can’t rub two pennies together, it’s not worth booking the call. Not that it’s a sales pitch, but whether or not we work together, you have to be able to invest in your business. Whether that’s in the form of Facebook ads or systems or technology or coaching, you have to be in a position to do that. Again, if that’s of interest to you and you’re in a position now where things have to change and you want the right coaching and the right system to make that happen for you, then go to right now and let’s book in a chat and I’ll talk to you then.


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