Money Mindset: How To Shift From Lack To Abundance

Do you have the right money mindset that’ll allow you to attract money?

The truth is that chasing your revenue goals is always going to be scary but envisioning success and getting rid of financial anxiety will help you move away from lack and toward abundance. In today’s video, I talk about how to shift from scarcity to abundance as a healthcare entrepreneur through some money mindset motivation and insights.

I recently spoke with a client who wanted to improve her conversion rate and get better at turning prospects into clients. However, when I asked about her ad spend and revenue goals compared to where her numbers are at now, I realized that she was afraid of succeeding. She was feeling anxious about the additional amount she’d have to spend on ads, and whether her business can take in additional traffic. Will it pay off?

And it’s not uncommon for health entrepreneurs to have a fearful mindset about spending money. It often comes from a place of lack. However, the truth is that when you don’t spend money, you can’t make more.

In order to triumph over monetary or financial anxiety, you must begin to shift from lack to abundance. One of the ways you can do that is to approach your money mindset from a “filled-cup” perspective.

As health entrepreneurs, envisioning success is essential. We must be able to visualize achieving our revenue goals and the level of success we want, so that we can overcome financial anxiety.

Watch until the end of this video to know more about shifting your mindset from lack to that of abundance, and for some money mindset motivation to help you reach the success you want.

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