One Relationship Away From A Business Breakthrough?!

You’re just one relationship away from a business breakthrough!

In today’s video, I share a powerful story that shows how forming the right business relationships and connecting with people might just be the leverage you need to grow your business and improve your life.

Recently, my wife and I watched a show on Netflix called Emily In Paris, about a woman who moves to Paris to advance her career. Interestingly enough, the lead character is played by Lily Collins whom I’ve recently discovered is the legendary Phil Collins’ daughter.

It’s not very uncommon for people in the entertainment industry to have children who also pursue a career in show business, but what’s interesting about Phil Collins is that he was a cab driver before becoming the internationally renowned star we’ve come to know him to be.

While driving a taxi one day, he came across Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Music. On that drive, Phil took a leap and shared his demo tape with the mogul and began a relationship that would become pivotal to his rise to fame as an international star. Imagine what would have happened if Phil Collins hadn’t met Richard Branson all those years ago!

There’s an important lesson to be learned about building business relationships and connecting with people in your life and business. Continue watching to learn more about how it can help you make a business breakthrough today!

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As a health coach or healthcare practitioner, you might find some prospective clients who aren’t exactly in the financial space that they need to be in to avail of your services. They may be keen on your coaching but are unable to afford it. This is understandable. Not everyone can afford good quality high-ticket health coaching, but should you lower your prices to suit their pockets?

Absolutely not! The 2 most important and fundamental issues that need to be solved in order for your current leads and prospects to become high-paying clients are actually marketing and sales for your health coaching business.

Statistically speaking most of the people who inquire about your products and services will not buy them right there and then, so marketing to them needs to happen before you even actually interact or become in touch with your health coaching prospects.

I share more insights and tips on how you can increase your probability of attracting high-paying clients for your health coaching business. Keep watching to know what it is!

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