This is not a diet or fitness program yet there are many elements that will challenge and improve your health and fitness. Therefore, you should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting the Strong60 to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start the Strong60 if your physician or healthcare provider advises against it.

The Strong60™

Do What Most People Won’t So You Can
Live the Life Most People Can’t

Develop The Discipline of a Jedi.
The Mental Toughness and Fitness of a Navy Seal.
The Inner Peace of a Monk.

Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered why only a small percentage of people achieve anything remarkable in life?

...or why most people who start a diet or workout program quit shortly thereafter?

...or why many people find themselves in dire financial situations, unhappy with their business or career, and feel more disconnected than ever?

Well, there are many reasons for these shortcomings but there is ONE that trumps them all.

And on this page, you’ll discover what it is and how you can become one of the 1% who achieve great things and live a remarkable life that inspires others.

My name is Yuri Elkaim and I am the CEO and founder of Healthpreneur®. We help health practitioners and coaches build and scale 6-, 7-, and 8-figure virtual practices (or coaching businesses) that impact millions of lives.

At first glance, you might be wondering what you’re about to read has to do with building a successful health business.

The truth is that it has everything to do with it because how you do anything is how you do everything.

It has everything to do with every aspect of your life, regardless of whether you’re a health expert or even own your own business.

I’ll show you why in just a sec but first...

Let Me Ask You This:

Have you ever set a goal (or several) that you didn’t quite achieve?

Have you ever made commitments that you didn’t see all the way through?

Do you ever feel like you have so much more potential than how you’re showing up in life?

If so, what you’re about to discover on this page will change your life!

Because you and I both know that...

You Have Another Gear... Another Level You Can Get To... A Better, Stronger Version Of Yourself Just Waiting To Be Unleashed

A life that can be filled with more wealth, better health, more fulfillment, stronger relationships, and greater sense of inner peace that comes from knowing that you are being the best possible version of yourself.

The only question is whether or not you’re ready to make that happen, now.

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than living a life of regret...

Going to the grave with your music still inside of you...

Not becoming the best possible version of yourself and squeezing every drop out of this amazing life.

It’s not just about how long we live but, more importantly, what we do with those years.

People like us love WINNING. We want to be the BEST at what we do. We want to continually get BETTER.

Yet, perhaps like me, and most of the people I know, you’ve probably only scratched the surface of your full potential, no matter how much or little success you’ve experienced in life.

I want to help you dig deeper and bring the REAL you to surface because when that happens everything in life becomes incredible.

I’m a former professional soccer player, New York Times bestselling author, happily married with 4 boys, I’m in great shape, and I’ve built 2 very large multi-million dollar businesses.

I don’t share this to brag but to let you know that I still haven’t scratched the surface of what I’m capable of.

Have you?

I highly doubt it.

It’s nothing personal. You’re only human.

And that means it’s easier to become complacent than it is to push new boundaries, to seek comfort over doing hard things, and to allow your “reptilian” brain to hold you back from playing a bigger game and living your best life.

But if you’re up for it, that can all change because…

Right Now, On This Page, You Have The Opportunity To Take The First Step To Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself

To crush your goals.

To let the REAL you shine

To play larger.

To live bigger.


To have so much more from life.

To Have More You Must First Become More

Change is hard.

That’s why so many people don’t have the body, health, business, relationships, or fulfillment they say they want.

But doing hard things, being disciplined, and stretching yourself is exactly what’s needed to live an extraordinary life.

And that’s why I created the Strong60.

The Strong60 is your ticket to becoming the best version of yourself so you can live with a greater sense of joy, freedom, confidence, and create literally anything you want in life.

This is a 60-day total life transformation program that will help you become more disciplined, mentally tougher, physically stronger and healthier, more emotionally resilient, more connected to the important people in your life, and feel a greater sense of joy and fulfillment on a daily basis.

As a result, you will enjoy better health, a body that you feel proud of, a more successful business or career, stronger relationships, and you’ll jump out of bed each day with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement.

But fair warning because this won’t happen overnight. If you’re expecting it to, then you can leave this page right now. This won’t work.

This isn’t a journey for anyone that is not willing to take 100% ownership of their life and accept the fact that meaningful and lasting change is hard and takes time.

But if you know that what you’re doing right now isn’t working...if you are sick and tired of feeling like a shadow of your true self...and if you’re willing to finally do what’s necessary to create remarkable results in all aspects of your life, then this is for you.

You will improve day by day by doing small things - called The Daily 10 - that will compound over time to help you…

Become The Superhuman Version Of Yourself

By building these simple, yet necessary skills and habits, your life, your health, your relationships, and your business/career will completely transform within 60 days - guaranteed!

Will it be easy?


The easy path is reserved for those who are ok living a mediocre life. That’s not us.

This will be HARD, at least at first. You will stretch outside of your comfort every day. You will do things that make you feel uncomfortable. And that little negative voice in your head will try its best to stop you from moving forward.

But you will get stronger and you will get better.

You will build a more resilient “constitution” that will withstand anything life throws your way.

You will become comfortable being uncomfortable.

In this process, the best version of you will begin to emerge. A version of you that you’ve perhaps never seen before, or maybe just in glimpses. You will become the person that inspires not only yourself but everyone around you.

Your friends, family, and colleagues will admire you for the commitment you’ve made to becoming your best self. They will be dumb-founded by your transformation.

They won’t believe their eyes. Yet, you will be the living proof before their very eyes because you and I know that…

Greatness Is Not Something That Happens Overnight. It Is The Culmination Of Small Acts Repeated Daily.

And the Strong60 will be your guide to help you make that happen.

Most people are not living their best life. But that doesn’t mean they can’t. It simply starts with a decision. A commitment to becoming better. Doing the uncomfortable. To become stronger in the areas of your life that matter most.

  • More courage
  • More confidence
  • More discipline
  • More fulfillment
  • More physical and emotional strength

  • Greater resilience
  • More joy and excitement
  • Deeper relationships
  • Better health
  • A greater sense of inner peace

Would any of those be helpful for you?

If so, the Strong60 is the path.

Why I Created The Strong60 Program

I’ll be honest, I created the Strong60 program first and foremost for myself. But I’ve also created this for family members, clients, and everyday people that I know are playing small. They have everything they need, yet they can’t seem to get out of their own way.

As much success as I’ve enjoyed in my life thus far, I know I’ve only been a shadow of my true self. Many goals set, only some of them achieved. New diets and workout programs started only to fizzle out after a few weeks. Big business goals envisioned, only to see a fraction of them realized.

Over the last few years, I’ve realized that if I want 10x results in my life, I need to shed the old me like a snake shedding its old skin.

The little version that kept me playing small and safe. The version of me that said, “It’s good enough” or “It’s ok to skip my workout today. Life’s about balance after all.”

These are lies our smaller self (“The Whiner”, as you’ll soon learn about) sells us on. As soon as we push up against our comfort zone, that little whiney voice kicks in and brings us right back down to where we feel safe again.

But here’s what I’ve come to realize: living a life of safety and comfort ultimately creates the most misery and discomfort.


Because we beat ourselves up for going back on our word. For not following through and giving it our all. We kill our self-confidence because we break trust with the most important person in our lives - ourselves.

There is massive power in doing what you say you’re going to do. That’s called integrity.

And I find it absolutely shocking that there are hundreds of millions of full grown adults who still don’t understand this.

Basically living a life where they follow through on close to none of their commitments.

They start and then stop. They don’t keep their promises. In some cases, they don’t even pay back their debts. It’s disgusting.

This is a disease. It’s worse than any virus.

I want to commend you for not being one of those people. I congratulate you for taking ownership of your life and doing what you need to get better. You know have so much to become, to give, and to experience in life.

But, like me, perhaps you’ve given up too early a few too many times and the thought of that continuing for the rest of your life haunts you. As it should.

You’re better than that. I’m better than that.

And so I acknowledge you for embarking on this journey with me and thousands of other growth-oriented individuals who are committed to living their best life.

The way to MORE in life is THROUGH, not around.

Living an easy life is ultimately the hardest.

There is no magic pill. No easy button.

You’re not here to do easy. You’re here because you understand that real change is uncomfortable but it is 100% worth it. You are worth it.

Are You Ready To Join Us?

Yes Yuri, count me in. I want to take part in the Strong60 program and transform my life!

This is not a diet or fitness program yet there are many elements that will challenge and improve your health and fitness. Therefore, you should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting the Strong60 to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start the Strong60 if your physician or healthcare provider advises against it.

How the Strong60 Program Works

First of all, it’s 100% FREE.

I want this to be accessible to anyone and everyone who is committed to becoming the best version of themselves.

Your payment is doing the work. That’s it.

The rewards will be exponential.

Once you commit to starting the Strong60 program (by registering - for free - on this page), you’ll get everything you need to do this program.

The Strong60 program is built on the following three 3’s - Strengthen, Stretch, and Sweat. As these are focused on each day, you move beyond your comfort zone and evolve from the 1.0 version of yourself to the 2.0 version.

In this program, you will strengthen your body, you will strengthen your discipline and mental toughness, and you will strengthen relationships (with yourself, your vision, and others). The Daily 10 will help you accomplish these goals and help you become a stronger, better version of yourself.

You will continually be stretched out of your comfort zone. This is where all growth happens. You will stretch (your muscles) to feel more limber. You will stretch your level of action and belief. You will stretch your vision.

You’re going to sweat in your workouts. You’re also going to sweat the small stuff because details matter. You’re not going to stress about nonsense and complain about inconsequential happenings but you will sweat about the things that matter most like your health, your business, and your relationships.

This is the 3S Framework upon which the Strong60 program is built. You’ll see how each of these 3 pillars comes into play as you embark upon this journey.

There are 10 skills/habits/activities you’ll do every single day for 60 days.

These are called The Daily 10, and they are as follows:

1. Sleep Before 10pm, Wake Before 6am
2. Exercise For 90 Minutes (30+ Minutes Outdoors)
3. Read for 30 Minutes
4. Write 1 Page of Gratitude Goals
5. Complete 3 Critical Tasks to Move Your Business/Career Forward

6. Send a Thoughtful Message or Card
7. Meditate/Visualize for 10+ Minutes
8. Drink 1 Liter of Greens
9. Build a New Skill (30 Minutes)
10. Become The “Calm in the Eye of the Storm” (3 minutes)

And you will AVOID alcohol, sweets, treats, and junk food for these 60 days. This is not so much a habit you need to build. It’s just something you need to be mindful of to improve your health.

Why This Works

Most people want better outcomes in various aspects of their lives. They want more money, a better body, a better relationship, and so forth.

Yet, the problem is that they focus on the outcome, a distant horizon over which they have no control.

By contrast, focusing on The Daily 10 every single day, puts you in the driver’s seat. These are 10 acts you have 100% control over. They require discipline and they will challenge your commitment.

Day by day, as you complete them, you will feel more accomplished, confident, and you’ll have unstoppable momentum. You’ll train your mind to move through fear, negative self-talk, and excuses that have held you back in the past.

How you do anything is how you do everything and The Daily 10 are simple - not necessarily easy - habits that will permeate into every aspect of your life that matters most.

Within a few short weeks, you’ll feel unstoppable. Your body and health will transform. Your business or career results will accelerate. You’ll have deeper, more meaningful relationships.

And you’ll go to bed each night with a smile on your face and feeling proud of yourself for doing small things that challenged you, yet made you stronger.

The Strong60 program is transformational. And there is never a good time to get started. Life will always get in the way. There will always be things to do.

But winners find a way to win. If you are a winner or you want to start winning in life, then this is your chance. Don’t wait. Do this now. Get started today. You can thank me later.

I look forward to seeing you inside,

Your friend and coach,


PS. This is a FREE, self-directed program. Once you register, you’ll get everything you need to do the Strong60 program. There is no start and stop date. You start when you want (ideally today or tomorrow).
Throughout the process, I encourage you to share your progress with our community of other Strong60er’s on social media. That way, you’ll never feel alone and you’ll be inspired by the journey of others.
All of those details will be provided on the inside.

So, you want in?

Are You Ready To Join Us?

Yes Yuri, count me in. I want to take part in the Strong60 program and transform my life!

This is not a diet or fitness program yet there are many elements that will challenge and improve your health and fitness. Therefore, you should consult your physician or other healthcare professional before starting the Strong60 to determine if it is right for your needs. Do not start the Strong60 if your physician or healthcare provider advises against it.