How’s it going, Healthpreneurs! You know what time it is! It’s time to get down to business and talk about a topic that’s going to move the needle in your business. Today, I’m going to reveal the number one thing that is KILLING your business.

What is it? Obscurity. See, if no one knows about you, how are you going to even get them through your predictable sales process in the first place? Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to have a huge following to be successful. But you must know how to play the advertising game.

In this day and age, Facebook ads are a surefire way to quickly and effectively get in front of the people you want to serve – and get out of obscurity. That’s why it’s the first step in our perfect client pipeline. Listen in to hear how to finally get from obscurity to celebrity – and drive clients to your business like never before.

In This Episode I discuss:

1:00 – 4:00 – The number one thing that’s killing your business and getting your message out

4:00 – 7:00 – How to make Facebook work for you

7:00 – 10:30 – Getting out of obscurity with a plan

10:30 – 13:00 – Penetrating the noise to go from obscurity to celebrity

13:00 – 17:00 – How this’ll take your business to the next level


Hey guys, what’s up? Yuri here. Welcome to another solo round. Today it’s a little bit of a different setup because normally we have our results coaches sessions between the ears on Wednesdays, but as you’re listening to this, I’m traveling through the Mediterranean on a Greek island cruise, and so we were not able to get our result coaches session in. But nonetheless I wanted to record this ahead of time and get this to you, because we’re going to be talking about the number one thing killing your business.


The number one thing that’s killing your business and getting your message out

Do you want to know what that is? It might be helpful to know, right? Well, one of the big things killing most businesses is not having a predictable sales process, and that’s exactly what we help you fix in our health business accelerator workshop.

But let’s just kind of put that aside for a second, because aside from that, the one thing killing your business is one word that starts with “obscurity.” You see, if nobody knows about you, how can they even do business with you?

Now, I do need to mention though that this does not mean you can’t build a successful, very profitable business even if you don’t have a huge following. That’s one of the biggest objections that people come to us with is, “Okay, Yuri. Well, no one knows who I am. I don’t have a big following. I don’t have a big email list. I’m not this huge influencer.”

That doesn’t matter. I mean, it definitely helps if you have that and you should look at building that over time, but you can still help people and really make a great income, even if you’re starting from scratch or even if you’ve been around for a while and people don’t really know who you are.


How to make Facebook work for you

Let me talk about that for a second. What we help you do in our health business accelerator workshop is, as I’ve mentioned before, we help you build out what we call our perfect client pipeline. And the first part of this perfect client pipeline is using Facebook ads.

If no one knows who you are, how do you get your message in front of them? Are you going to write a lot of blog posts and hopefully will land on your site? No, no, no. Remember, we’ve talked about this before. The field of dreams does not exist online. “Build it and they will come” doesn’t exist in the online world, so you have to go out and put messages in front of people, and the only way to do that in any kind of scalable fashion is through advertising.

It just so happens that Facebook advertising is probably the simplest for most people to understand and deploy, and there’s like a billion people on Facebook so there’s no shortage of your perfect clients. If you’re thinking, “Well, I don’t want to narrow myself too niche. I have a lot of people I could serve.” You can. That’s great, but we’re going to narrow things down and only focus on a segment of people that you can really make a big difference for.

And even if you boiled it down to, “I’m going to help men between the ages of 40 and 60 who are losing their hair,” if that was your target demographic, there are millions of those people on Facebook. So don’t worry about that.

But here’s the thing, is that when somebody sees an ad of yours on Facebook … and by all means, an ad the way we teach it doesn’t look like an ad. It’s a really native story-like message that is put in front of the right people, that resonates with them because you understand them, and in them reading it, they’re like, “Wow. This makes a lot of sense. What’s the next step?”

And we’re just putting money behind that to be in front of more people. That’s all a Facebook ad is, because the reality is Facebook organic reach is dead. It’s 2%, which means if you have 1000 followers on your Facebook fan page, if you post something on your wall, 20 people or less will see that.


Getting out of obscurity with a plan

Now, that doesn’t really excite me. Does it excite you? No. That’s because Facebook knows and they want us to pay to play. So you have to know what you’re doing. So we’re putting money behind a really great message that’s going to get in front of the exact people we want, and they don’t know that you’re not some celebrity.

I mean, maybe they do a little bit of research on Google afterwards and whatever, but for the most part, all that matters is that you can help them. And if you they consistently see your message over and over and over and over again through your Facebook ad, then in their mind, you’re all over the place.

What makes more sense to you? Does it make sense to spend months or years creating endless amounts of blog content … and believe me, I’ve done this. We get a million unique visitors on our website a month, okay? So I’ve gone down that rabbit hole. Does it make sense to do that and spend the next ten years and a lot of money, a ton of SEO work, a lot of all that kind of stuff to maybe get some search in Google? Or could you take 1/100th of that content production, and the content you’re sharing on your blog, just put it up on Facebook and put some money behind it?

The way I look at Facebook is, Facebook is my blog. If I have a video that I want to put up, if I’ve got a post that I want to share, I’m going to put it on Facebook. I’ll put some money behind it. Facebook is my blog. I would rather put some money behind the message, build up a following of people who are viewing my stuff on Facebook, and now I can get a message back in front of them in a much more targeted fashion.

So you have to look at this in a different way. It doesn’t matter if no one knows who you are. You can get to know them very, very quickly. The more money you spend on Facebook, the more people are going to see your stuff and the faster they’re going to see it, so you go from ground zero to hero in no time.

Now, you don’t have to spend a million dollars a day. You could spend five, twenty, fifty. It’s really up to you, but you gotta put it out there because that’s the only way in 2018 to quickly get out of obscurity. Okay? So that’s the first thing that you have to understand, is you have to have a pipeline that financially makes sense, that allows you to do this, because the alternative is what? Please tell me the alternative.

You’re going to blog? Great, I’ll talk to you in five years. You’re going to start a podcast? Hey, by all means, go for it. I’ve had this podcast for more than a year, and it’s not breaking the bank, okay? And that’s the way you have to approach this. If you’re going to use the content platforms, use one, but understand you’re not going to see much from that for a long period of time.

Or, you could start a YouTube channel. Again, good luck. Or you could be posting on Instagram every single day, do the Instagram stories thing, take pictures of every single thing in your life, and be glued to your phone and maybe some people will find you, right? Maybe a few hundred followers, or a few thousand.

But you could do all that, or you could spend a bit of money, have a lot more certainty about getting a message in front of the exact people you want to serve, predictably, whenever you want, as much as you want, and that is what I’d prefer to do. Do you agree? And that’s what we help our clients do.

So that’s the first way we can get out of obscurity is you take a message, you take content, you put money behind it and you put it in front of your exact target audience. So that’s the first thing to do.


Penetrating the noise to go from obscurity to celebrity

Now, the other thing to do is once you have a predictable sales process built out … and this is the most important thing, is you have to play the long game, but you have to build a predictable sales process from day one. That’s why, when we work with our clients, the first we have them do is build out their perfect client pipeline, because nothing else you do in your business matters if you don’t have a predictable, mostly-automated and profitable sales process.

Because even if you had all this content everywhere else, where are you driving them? To an ebook or a lead magnet? Come on. It’s not working, right? So that’s the first thing, is you build out this predictable sales process.

Now, once you have that foundation and as you’re starting to scale this business, this is where true brand building and empire creation, world domination can come into effect. You can go from obscure, from let’s say an organic perspective, let’s say you’ve got like 1000 people on Instagram that follow you. You can go from that to 100,000, a million, whatever it is.

Because at the end of the day, you have to understand that the best product doesn’t win. The best program doesn’t win. The best coach doesn’t win. What wins is the best-known product, the best-known program, the best-known coach or business. That’s really important for you to get.

Think about all the examples in your life. I mean, is Apple the best product? The iPhone isn’t the best product. I mean, I have one. People say the Samsung Galaxy’s better, but everyone knows about the iPhone. I mean, everyone knows about Samsung Galaxy as well, but in every aspect of our life, the best-known product wins.

McDonald’s is a multiple billion dollar company, not because they have the best burgers, but because they’re the best-known. They’re everywhere. Starbucks. Do they make the best coffee? Probably not, but they’re not hurting for business. So as you have your foundation built, this predictable sales process, your perfect client pipeline, now you need to think about, “Okay, am I going to commit to either spending a lot more money to build that up, and/or am I going to start playing the platform-building game? Am I going to start playing the content generation game? Am I going to put a lot of stuff out there?”

And if you’re going to put a lot of stuff out there, this is a commitment you have to make because you can’t just post once a day. You can’t just send one email a week to your list. There’s so much noise. The only way to penetrate the noise is to penetrate the noise, and the only way to penetrate the noise is through sheer volume. Not shouting louder, but volume in terms of quantity of your message.

So if you’re posting once a day on Instagram, post ten times. If you’re sending one email a week, send seven. This is going to challenge you. This is going to make you feel uncomfortable, perhaps, but you have to understand that most people don’t read your emails. Most people don’t see your posts. Post more often. Post more frequently.

You don’t have to have the best production quality videos.  You’re just getting your stuff in front of people. Put more stuff out there. I think the only reason that I was able to amass 250,000 subscribers on YouTube is because I created over 1400 videos. Were they all great? No. I mean, some of them, I had fake eyebrows on, right? If you know my story.


How this’ll take your business to the next level

So you just have to put yourself out there in a very, very big way and understand that doing so is going to require time. It’s going to require effort, and it’s probably going to require other people, not just yourself. Right? That’s why it’s so important to focus on your income first. That’s why you have to have that predictable sales process where you’re generating clients and income. That’s the most important thing in your business.

As you start to generate a lot more revenue in your company, now you can start looking at hiring people on, and as you do that, you’ve got more time to step away from some of the doingness and start looking, “Okay, if I’m going to build a platform, if I really want to build this bad boy out and go from obscurity to celebrity …” because that’s ultimately the goal, is moving up this pyramid that I call the pyramid of influence, which is you start as no one knows you, then you become a generalist, then a specialist, then an authority, then a celebrity.

So the goal is to move up that pyramid, but that’s going to take time. That’s going to take effort. It’s going to take money in some cases, so look at, “Who do I have to have around me in terms of my team? Who can help me with this prolific type of approach?” And if that scares you, that’s okay.

You don’t have to do this. I’m just offering you an option, because the first option which is just to spend more money on your ads makes a lot more sense to be very honest with you. If you have a funnel, like in our case, we have a ten-to-one ROI. So we spend $1000, we make $10,000. Why would I waste all of my time doing something else, when I could just put more money into my ads?

So if I wanted to go from zero to a million, I could do so in a couple of weeks. I could do so in a couple of months. That makes the most sense. That simplifies your business in a very big way. But as you grow in size, if you want to … Again, this is not for everyone. If you really want to create a brand, a real dominating presence in your niche, in this space, I think the combination of that higher ad spend with a predictable and profitable sales funnel, in addition to creating a lot of content in a very prolific manner, those two combined and time are going to help you create something that is absolutely dominant.

You don’t have to worry about competing. You don’t have to worry about standing out, because you’ll be the only option. You’ll be what people see all the time. They’re going to continually see your ads. They’re going to continually see your stuff. At Healthpreneur Live, one of our speakers, David Bayer, who’s very, very well-known in his own regards with respect to mind and mindset and moving through all that kind off stuff. He’s like, “Dude, I don’t know what you’re doing but I see your frigging YouTube ads all the time. Every time I play a video on YouTube, there you are, talking about your glacier helicopter ride or whatever other stuff.”

I’m like, “Great! That’s exactly what I want. I want to be in your face all the time.” And you should want to be in your prospective clients’ faces all the time. Obscurity will kill your business, but what is familiar to us gives us more certainty. You have to stick around. You have to play the long game. You have to continually put yourself in front of your ideal people, and that will make you into something absolutely great. I mean, you’re already, but it’ll take your business to the next level.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and it’s got you thinking, it’s got the wheels turning. And again, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve talked about the importance of building out a very predictable sales process and if you don’t have this in your business, that’s okay. Almost everyone we speak to doesn’t.

No matter if you’re just starting or further along in business, if you want a very predictable way where you know exactly if you spent X number of dollars, you will have X number of clients and this amount of profit, if that’s of interest to you and you want to automate more of your marketing and you want a very simple business, then I invite you to attend our free online training. It’s called the seven-figure health business blueprint, and you can attend it for free over at

Go through the presentation. If you jive, if you resonate with what I talk about, then book a call to speak with us, because we can walk you through exactly how you can go from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll figure out where you are, where you want to go, what’s standing in your way, and then we’ll really walk you through a plan that can work for you in your business. Okay, does that sound good? If it does, again, Go there now.

Watch it today, and I look forward to seeing you in our next episode.


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