The 3 Best Investments That Have Freed Up My Life!

The truth is, smart investments should always give you more freedom. Here are 3 of the best investments I’ve made in my personal life that have become extremely helpful in freeing up time for me, so I can focus more energy and time on the things that matter.

The first investment that has been SO worth it for me is hiring a personal chef. I enjoy cooking when I want to, not when I HAVE to. So, having someone come once a week to prepare our healthy meals has allowed me to focus more on the things that I really have to spend my time doing.

All of the team members that come onto our team are also smart investments. That’s because, like the personal chef, they help a ton when it comes to freeing up time. But I’m talking about A-players. Everyone I have on my team currently is giving me time back because I don’t have to micromanage them. Instead, they make work a lot easier by being on top of the things I used to have to do myself.

Then there’s my two McLarens. How have these helped me? For one thing, they bring me a great sense of peace and joy. For another, buying something expensive raises your standards.

Ultimately, raising your standards can lead to more productivity and success in your life because it changes your trajectory. It allows you to see opportunities that you might not otherwise see.

So, think about what smart investments you can make to start freeing up time. Soon, you’ll be surprised to see them free up your life! And you might just find them in the things that you least expected.

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👉 Watch our FREE TRAINING: The Perfect Client Pipeline here: ➡️