The Fit Chicks, Laura Jackson and Amanda Quinn, are powerhouse health, fitness, nutrition and business experts who are on a mission to transform as many female lives as possible.

They are known for helping thousands of women with their fitness programs, DVDs, challenges and boot camps, retreats, television series, podcast and business coaching services.

Under Laura and Amanda’s leadership, The Fit Chicks brand grew from having just seven chicks on the team to becoming the largest women’s only fitness company in North America. 

Laura and Amanda’s Fit Chicks Academy was born out of a need to serve women who want to work in fitness, nutrition, and wellness. Their programs prepare female professionals to transition into the health space successfully, find purpose and create the life of their dreams. 

Laura and Amanda have never strayed from their “Fierce Fitness Made Fun” business model, and their authenticity, grit, and dedication to fulfill their mission have resulted in their incredible impact.

Connect With The Fit Chicks, Laura and Amanda

Instagram: @fitchicks


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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 01:05 — Introducing The Fit Chicks, Laura and Amanda 

01:06 – 02:40 —  How they connected and why they’re a team  

02:41 – 04:36 —  When they realized the traditional jobs weren’t for them

04:37 – 05:35 — Juggling corporate jobs and their true fitness passion  

05:36 – 06:53 —  What made you different/drove your motivation to act on your dreams

06:54 – 08:49 —  Testing out business plans and appearing on Dragon’s Den

08:50 -10:24  —  What they learned about investors and brand building 

10:25 – 11:04 —  The value in bootstrapping it and finding your own way 

11:05 – 13:42 —  How they grew when they figured stuff out on their own. 

13:43 – 18:13 —  Discussing how there are opportunity costs in everything we do

18:14 – 21:23 — How they deal with haters and criticism 

21:24 – 22:14 — Not seeking value in other opinions 

22:15 – 24:16 — Staying true to their mission and voice




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Connect With Phil Graham

Instagram: @philgraham01

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