Healthpreneurs, what’s up? Yuri here. I want to talk with you about haters.

We all love haters, especially on social media. You put yourself out there, you get all sorts of backlash, some nasty comments, people telling you, “You can’t do this. You’re crazy. How dare you say that kind of stuff?”

Haters Hate Because They Can’t Create

Well, F that. Because here’s the thing. Haters hate because they can’t create.

They’re smack-talking you because they themselves or you are a reflection to themselves about how little they’ve accomplished in their life, and how you going after their dreams and goals is a mirror to them about what they’re not doing, and it frustrates them.

So when I was playing soccer back in the day and even to this day, I get annoyed when critics, for example, all the TV shows, the analysts or just passersby talking smack about players.  You go to the stadium. You sit in the stands, and you hear “Oh my god that guy sucks. He’s not a good player.” Really? Really? Are you even on the fields?

So the haters hate because they can’t create. The people in the stands that are smack talking the players, they’re not the ones playing the game. They’re not even on the field. They’re in the stands and they have safety in numbers while a handful of people are putting themselves out on the line every single day on the fields because they have the courage to pursue their dreams.

So I want you to remember that anytime you are getting any type of backlash, negative comments, any kind of hate, that is a sign that you are progressing, you’re moving forward, you’re doing things in a bigger way than you might have otherwise.

The Number One Thing Holding You Back

The number one thing holding you back, the number one thing holding anyone back from their dreams is the fear of being disliked.

It’s not the fear of success. It’s not the fear of failure. I’m telling you, it’s the fear of being disliked. It’s embedded in our brain. It’s embedded in our brain because if we’re not liked back in the day we would have been kicked out of the tribe. And if we we’re no longer in the tribe, we would have had to fend for ourselves in the cold winter months and maybe we’d perish.

So you have to get over the fear of being disliked. Who cares if people like you or not. Who cares. It doesn’t matter how many likes you get in your social post. It doesn’t matter if you get negative comments. In fact, the haters, the more nonsense they conjure up, the more it promotes you and your business.

We’ve got Facebook ads running right now that are legitimately good ads. For instance, one of them talks about how health experts should be paid more,  how to attract clients who are willing to pay you top dollar for your magic, the magic you have to transform someone’s life. Why should you become a martyr to serve other people? why should you suffer? I mean you can’t help other people if you can’t help yourself. Why should you suffer just because you’re helping people with their health and fitness? That doesn’t make sense to me.

But again, some people have major issues with that idea. So we get so much hate on that Facebook ad. But it’s brilliant because now that Facebook ad is getting seen by more and more and more and more people. And here’s the best thing. You want to know the truth about that ad? Is that that ad is our highest converting, highest ROI ad within our Facebook ad suite.

Let The Haters Hate

So yeah, let the haters talk because they’re promoting it. They’re giving me free exposure. They’re putting our message in front of the right people who are going to resonate with the message. And for all those people who are getting into debates in the comment thread and the hate, just ignore it. Ignore it. Or, hey, I love you too. Thank you so much for joining the conversation and spreading the message. Okay?

So haters are going to hate guys. Do not worry about them. Pursue, dream bigger, take bolder action, get yourself out there. Who cares if people dislike you. Because for every one person who dislikes you, there are millions of others who need your help. Don’t let that one idiot stop you, all right?

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