If you are a health or fitness expert, coach, or practitioner and you’re wondering to yourself, “Man, I wish I could just make more money,” well I’m going to tell you right here in this video the true problem behind that statement.

My name is Yuri Elkaim, founder of Healthpreneur. I help health experts like yourself start and scale very successful high-end coaching programs that create amazing results for your clients.

The Biggest Challenge Most Health Coaches Has

We speak with a lot of people every week who are health coaches, health experts, practitioners, you name it. I can tell you one of the biggest challenges we find is that health coaches and experts just don’t make enough money. It’s plain and simple. It’s sad, but it’s the reality. I think out of all the professions you can think of, internet marketers, business, accountants, lawyers, whatever the professionals might be, health experts for the most part undervalue themselves, and I don’t understand why because you’ve got amazing wisdom and magic that can really transform someone’s health, right? Never discount that.

It’s NOT A Money Problem… It’s an Income Problem

So, I want you to remember this. If you have a money problem, you actually don’t have a money problem. You have an income problem. And if you have an income problem, then what you really have is an incoming problem, which means you have no predictable way of generating leads and clients into your business like clockwork.

That’s the biggest problem that we see in all of the businesses that we help. The very reason we exist as a company is because of this problem.

We know there’s amazing schools out there certifying coaches and professional schools where practitioners are coming out of, but none of these schools are teaching their students how to build a business.

The Health Industry Certification Merry Go Round

The health industry is plagued by this certification badge of honor system, where it’s like you have to get one certification and another and another and another and another and another where eventually people will take you seriously enough to work with you. Listen, you don’t need 10 certifications. You know more than most people. You’re fine. As long as you can help someone achieve an outcome, that’s all that matters. I’m all for personal development and growth and all that good stuff, but never let that stop you from building a business that actually helps people. Right? Everything else other than helping your clients is just getting ready to get ready.

How To Generate More Leads And Clients Into Your Business

So how do we generate more leads and clients into our business? Well let’s look at the different options you have in today’s day and age. So you have a website, right? You have a beautiful website, you spent thousands of dollars on the website, and you put it up online and then what? Nothing. Exactly. Or, you could write a lot of blog content,  posting one blog per wee 0r, blog post per day, you put it up on your website and then … exactly. Nothing. Or you have a YouTube channel. You put up some videos, you put some content here and there, you share your opinions, you get all this beautiful studio setup or you shoot from your iPhone, you put up the video and then a few people see it. Or maybe you do some Facebook Lives or post some cool quotes on Facebook and nobody sees it. Or maybe you decide, you know what, I’m going to do what everyone else is doing on Instagram, I’m going to take photos of every single thing I eat, and I’m going to take photos of you know what, and then eventually they’ll do business with me, right? Because that’s the way to do it. I want to become an influencer.

All of these scenarios are just … they don’t make sense. I’ve been online since 2006 and I’ve done everything from product launches, summits, three physical published book launches, including a number two New York Times bestseller, high-end coaching programs, supplements, e-books, lead magnets, our blog gets a million visitors per month, my YouTube channel has 250,000 subscribers, that’s actually my health and fitness channel, not the Healthpreneur channel.  I tell you all this stuff because I’ve done everything you’re probably thinking of doing or the stuff all those internet marketers are telling you have to do.

And listen, all that stuff can work, right? There are many different ways you can scale the mountain. But you have to ask yourself, what is the opportunity cost of pursuing this business model? And I can tell you, the opportunity cost is a lot of time, frustration, and money. Now over the years, I’ve discovered something that we’ve actually used to build our Healthpreneur business from the ground up to more than a million dollars in one year very quickly, and it’s exactly what we help our clients do who are also health and fitness experts who would rather not waste their time doing all that nonsense I just mentioned.

What You Need: The Perfect Client Pipeline

And what we’ve developed is a really very simple four-step process called the Perfect Client Pipeline. It’s a four-step process and it’s super simple to deploy in your business. Now I say it’s simple, but not easy. I don’t ever want you to think that building a business is easy, because it’s not, and if you think it is then you probably shouldn’t be in business. This is about building something really substantial, not a hobby. If you’re looking to build a side hustle or a hobby, there’s no space for you. There really isn’t, because it’s too competitive to be mediocre. You have to be better.

The good news is that because there’s so much mediocrity, it’s actually fairly easy to stand out and be better than most what everyone else is doing. But you have to make the decision. Is this a hobby that, oh if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just go back to massage school. Or is this like all your eggs are in this basket, you’re going to make this happen no matter what? If you’re the latter, then that’s awesome, because more people need you. And if you like this type of stuff and you want to discover how we help our clients with that four step process, there’s two things I want you to do right now.

Next Steps

Step number one is subscribe to the Healthpreneur channel. We’ve got lots of amazing videos to help you with your mindset, your marketing, your monetization, and your self-managing systems to help you start and scale your business.

Once you’ve done that, I want you to return to our homepage, and on the introduction trailer video, there is a description. In that description there is a link. I want you to click on it. It’s going to take you to download a free copy of my bestselling book called Health Profit Secrets. Inside that book, I’m going to lay out our whole plan. The four-step Perfect Client Pipeline, and you can deploy it, you can run with it, you can do whatever you want with it. It’s all inside that book and you can get your free copy today, just for subscribing to the channel, it’s my free gift to you. Does that sound good?

Do WHAT?!!!

So let’s go back to your money problem. The money problem again is an incoming problem. The more leads and clients you have coming in, the more income you can generate, and once you’ve got more income, you don’t he any money problems anymore. Because the only way to solve your money problems is to generate more revenue. And the only way to generate more revenue ironically, is to increase your expenses.

Now hold on, Yuri, how does that make any sense? Well let me ask you this. If you want to make more money, what are you going to do? Please, just tell me verbally, speak into the camera, speak into the phone or the TV or the computer that you’re watching this on. What are you going to do? You have two options, okay, you have two options to increase your revenue. So I’ll give you three seconds.

Alright, so option number one is you’re saying okay, I don’t need to increase my expenses to make more money because I’m going to knock on people’s doors, I’m going to write blog posts, I’m going to shoot videos, I’m going to do all this stuff on social media, and all of that’s free. And you are completely 100 percent right. It is free. And that’s totally fine. But you know what you’re never going to get back? Your time.

So all that stuff can work, yeah you can increase your income maybe, it’s not going to be predictable, it’s not going to be scalable, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of time.

The second way, the smarter way to build your income is to increase your expenses. So how do we increase our expenses? Well, we increase the right ones. Specifically things like advertising. How do we put a message in front of the right people, put some money behind it to amplify the message, and now instead of your manually typing into Facebook or manually typing into Instagram, you’ve got one message or one ad that is doing all the heavy lifting for you. You spend more money on ads, you have more leads and clients coming in, your income goes up.

And if you do it properly, you’ve got really good margin. For instance in our business, for every dollar we spend on Facebook, we make about eight dollars in return. Do you think I’m going to keep doing that? Yes. Here you go Facebook, here’s a dollar, I’ll take eight in return. Now would you like that? Hopefully the answer is yes. If so, I’m going to share exactly how we do that inside the Health Profit Secrets book. Again, subscribe to the channel to get that.

The second thing in terms of increasing your expenses you want to consider is bringing on people in your team. People propel you forward. You can build a business by yourself but you’re only going to get so far. Maybe to high six figures if you’re lucky. But if you want to really accelerate your growth, it’s going to come through people. Never go the cheap route when you’re trying to hire. And you might be a bit too early on for this discussion, so I’m just going to stop here and just let you know that people and advertising are two of the best and fastest ways to grow your business in terms of generating more leads and clients. And as you do that, you generate more income and when you generate more income, you have fewer money problems. Now I’m not saying problems go away because they don’t. But you become better at solving them. You’re a better version of yourself to be able to handle bigger problems.

Now final thing I’m going to mention is look at this, okay? So, I want you to think about this. You can make $100,000 a year in your business, and let’s say your business is 50 percent profit. $100,000 … if I can speak, $100,000 a year revenue, 50 percent profit, how much money do you take home? $50,000, right? Now let’s say your business grows to a million dollars but it’s only 20 percent profit. How much do you take out of that? $200,000. Big difference. What if your business hits 10 million dollars, but it’s only 10 percent profitable? Well now you take home one million dollars. Do you see the difference here? It’s that we’ve grown in size, we’ve grown our expenses so our profit margins are smaller but you actually make more profit because you’re taking a smaller piece of a larger pie.

Now I’m not saying that everyone has to build a 10 million dollar business, but I don’t want you to think small because when you think small, you don’t serve people in the way that you can.

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