Do you ever feel frustrated by speaking to potential clients on the phone but, for whatever reason, none of them enroll?

I want to share with you the number one reason why potential prospects don’t enroll with you as paying coaching clients.

My name is Yuri Elkaim Founder of Healthpreneur, just in case you don’t know who I am.

I’m taking a walk in the beautiful woods here in Toronto. The cool thing about running a business online is, you get to do all these cool things and shoot videos like this in the forest. But most importantly, I’m here to serve you. And I want to give you an important insight today, about how to be more effective when you’re speaking to people on the phone.

I’m not going to get into tactics and strategies and frameworks and scripts and stuff like that. I want to give you something that’s above and beyond that, that’s important to master.

The Number One Reason Why People Don’t Enroll With You

The number one reason why people don’t enroll with you is the same reason dogs attack certain people. Let me give you some context here. You ever know those people who are afraid of dogs and dogs seem to gravitate aggressively towards those people? Hopefully, not biting them but just a little bit more aggressive towards them?

Dogs can pick up on this energy, they can sense that something is not right with that person in terms of the fear that person might have.

So, the number one thing we can do around those types of situations is we can help that person become more comfortable, confident, certain, and less fearful in and around dogs so they have a more commanding energy.

What does that have to do with you and enrollment calls which is what we’re talking about, right?


When it comes to consulting calls, appointment calls, whatever you want to call them, the number one reason people don’t enroll when they’re on the phone or even, face-to-face with you is because, they’re not 100% certain you can help them. That’s what it comes down too.

Either they’re uncertain about your ability to help them, or they’re uncertain about their ability to do it for themselves. But again, this is kind of above and beyond that. What people pick up on is an undertone.

Non-Verbal Communication

It’s kind of like this … You know how we talk about verbal and nonverbal communication, right? You can see what I’m speaking about, you can see my lips.

But, if there’s something unsaid that is often picked up, that’s the nonverbal communication, we know that it’s about 93% of communication is nonverbal. Which means that, even if you’re on the phone, there are things that you’re doing and feeling that people can pick up on.

There’s a study about this, and I can’t remember the source. They showed that when you come on a phone conversation without even being face-to-face with someone, the prospect, their physiology can pick up your physiology.

So if you’re coming in stressed and fearful, that perspective client picks that up and their cortisol levels can match yours. That’s insane, right?

Are You Lacking Self-Confidence?

So, the number one thing we need to think about is, if people are not enrolling with us it’s because, we are not 100% certain in our skin. We’re not certain with what we’re selling, we’re not fully confident in ourselves, we’re not fully confident in commanding the certain price, whatever it might be.

There is a split energy.

There is, “Oh, I think this is good for you but I’m not quite sure.” And that’s a very different position to come from versus, “I know, with every telemeter in my DNA that this is exactly what you need to do. And if you do this and we work together, you will get results.”

People Buy Certainty

There’s a very different energy that comes with that level of certainty. And at the end of the day, that’s what people are buying. Is they’re buying certainty. That’s what a coach is going to do. A coach, a good coach, will give you certainty in the sense of, more predictable results. More money, more health, whatever it is, with less frustration.

But if you as the coach, you as the person on the phone do not fully believe in what you’re offering, you have to go back to the drawing board and you need to do the work. You need to make your program better, you need to make you better. You need to work on your limiting beliefs. You have to work on your mindset because that’s where everything starts.

Just like with a dog, the person whose fearful of dogs, has to work on themselves.

It’s not that people don’t have the money to spend, it’s not that they don’t want the change what they say they want. It’s because there’s something, just a little bit off, with that discussion with you in most cases. I’m not trying to blame you or anything like that. But again, we do these calls every single week. Dozens upon dozens of them and we talk to a lot of Healthpreneurs, and we see this come up in their businesses.

I’m talking from experience when I share this with you is that, you have to become certain in yourself. You have to be rooted in your beliefs. You have to make those prospects understand that, what you can help them achieve is phenomenal. And you have to believe that. So, you have to go to work. Go to work on yourself, first and foremost. Second, you work on your program or your offer. And then, you have to be able to deliver that in a way that is just so powerful.

Wrap Up With Yuri

So that’s the number one reason why clients don’t enroll with you.

If you want help with this, if you want help attracting more clients, help enrolling them with a little bit more ease and less frustration. Then I’d invite you to check out our free training. It’s called, “The 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint”.

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In the training, you’re also going to discover how this four step process feeds into enrolling clients, especially if you’re doing phone calls with perspective clients or even, if you’re doing face-to-face stuff.

So if you like this kind of stuff, and if you want to be able to enroll more clients with more ease, without feeling salesy, without doing that kind of nonsense, then click on the link below or on the video itself and check that out today.

So, thanks so much for joining me. Yuri Elkaim here, signing off from the woods. I’ll see you soon.

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