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You're a health and fitness expert, coach, entrepreneur, or practitioner and you want to build an online business that allows you to impact more people, make more money, and enjoy more freedom in your life.

But things haven't quite turned out as you had hoped.

You're probably feeling overwhelmed, unclear, and/or stuck. Cash flow isn't what you thought it was going to be. And you're working way too hard with little to show for all your efforts.

But it's not your fault because you've likely been told to follow an "old model" that no longer works in today's quickly evolving landscape.

The "internet marketing" gurus have told you...

To build your funnels...learn how to write sales copy that converts...sell low-priced info products to "acquire the customer"...start a supplement 100 times a day on social media...or spend the next 3-5 years building your authority "platform".

The only problem with all that stuff is that not only does it a take a LONG TIME and cost a lot of money...

...if you're like me and most other healthpreneurs...

You can't stand doing most of it!

We would rather spend most of our time teaching, coaching, and serving our clients and helping them transform their health...

And be rewarded handsomely for doing so.

The Methods of Old Don't Work Anymore

Imagine running an online business where you can pick and choose only the best clients to work with and have them flock to you - predictably, like clockwork...

Clients who have a problem you can solve and do the work you prescribe...

Clients who happily pay you top dollar for your solution and actually transform their health by working with you.

A business where you spend most of your "working" time serving your clients, not setting up marketing funnels or fussing over technical minutiae that drains your energy.

And a business that generates 10x MORE profit so you have the freedom of time and money to be with your family, travel (in style), buy that house or car of your dreams, give back to a meaningful cause, employ others and grow a great team, or anything else that's meaningful to you.

Well, that's all possible and it all starts by attending the Health Business Accelerator™ workshop.

No matter whether you've got an existing online business or are starting from scratch and no one knows who you are, this workshop gives you a simple and clear roadmap to attract more of the right clients, at the right price, and whenever you like.

My name is Yuri Elkaim...

I'm a sought-after business coach, keynote speaker, and the founder of Healthpreneur® where I help health and fitness entrepreneurs, coaches, and practitioners turn their expertise into high 6- and 7-figure online businesses with less stress.

But I need to be honest with you...

When I first started my online health business back in 2006, I was a mess. I was overwhelmed, scattered, and barely saw any results (ie. little to no revenue) for more than 3 years!

I thought I could figure this "online" thing out all by myself but boy was I ever WRONG!

Eventually, I realized that what I was doing simply wasn't working and I needed to get proper coaching and guidance. When I did, everything changed.

Over the past 12 years, I turned that failing online health and fitness business into one that has generated multiple 7-figures every year, while helping 500,000 people to better health and publishing 3 best-selling nutrition books, including a #2 New York Times bestseller.

But, a few years ago, I realized that the "old model" of growing your platform, building your influence and celebrity, writing the bestselling books, and selling low-priced products is DYING.

Don't get me wrong - it's great to have "celebrity status"...but for most people, that's a 5-10 year game plan - minimum - without much to show for it in the process.

And it's harder than ever to do so in this rapidly evolving online landscape...if you actually care about making money in the process.

Thankfully, I discovered a simpler business model that we started using in our own health and fitness business and used it to build Healthpreneur® from $0 to close to $1M in just over ONE year...

The best part is that you too can deploy this - no matter if you're starting from scratch or looking to grow your existing business - in a few short weeks!

...And without having to post 1,000 times a day to Instagram...without needing a popular blog or Youtube channel...and even if no one knows who you are.

When you attend the Health Business Accelerator™ workshop you'll get the exact step-by-step blueprint for building an online business that you love, while enjoying way more income, impact, and freedom than most of the so-called "celebrities" who look successful on the surface.

You'll become even more successful, rather than just look it.

Is This Workshop Right For You?

If you meet any of the following criteria, then this workshop can help you in a big way:

  • You are a health and fitness leader, expert, coach, or entrepreneur with expertise that can transform someone's life.
  • You offer a service (ie. coaching) or high end product (ie. supplement, course) OR you're super clear on one you wish to bring to market.
  • You are a coach (in the health/fitness space) who wants to move away from 1-on-1 coaching to a more leveraged model that better serves your clients, makes you a lot more money, and frees up your time.
  • You're tired of selling low-priced information products and being an "info marketer" and want to shift to a premium-priced model that better serves you and your clients.
  • You are a committed, long-term thinker who takes 100% responsibility for your results.
  • You are willing and able to do the work and have a never give up attitude.
  • You want to build a great brand (or grow your existing one).

But, This is NOT For You If...

  • You're not in the health or fitness space.
  • You're looking for a "get rich quick" or "biz opp" that delivers overnight success.
  • You're not willing to do the work.
  • You're only interested in selling low end info products (ie. ebooks).

A Simple Framework For Breakthrough Results

This workshop gives you a crystal clear, proven, and simple roadmap to attract your ideal clients and have more of them happily pay for your premium priced solution.

First, we help you get more clarity on your big vision and hand you a proven business model that simplifies your life and business. This is the complete opposite of overwhelming you a 1000 little things like funnels, sales copy, and all that other marketing crap we don't like doing.

Second, we show you exactly how to attract and convert more of your ideal clients/customers at premium price - predictably every single month - so that...

Third, you enjoy 10x more profit in your business within a few short weeks or months...assuming you do the work (which obviously won't be an issue for you).

No more taking years to build your platform, relying on haphazard marketing models, or struggling to grow your revenue in the process. We give you a roadmap that predictably attracts your best clients immediately - without feeling salesy - so you can enjoy greater profits as quickly as possible.

And all while allowing you to spend more of your time doing what you love to do most - teach, coach, and serve your clients to achieve life-transforming results.

Your 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint

Here's a rough outline of how we help you generate more income, more impact, and more freedom in your business in this workshop...

The Apple Effect™

We'll show you how to create a compelling vision, add massive value to your audience, and position yourself to stand out so that qualified prospects are lined up (as if a new iPhone was just released) and ready to do business with you.

Vivid Vision

Power Positioning

Value Vehicle

The Perfect Client Pipeline™

You'll discover our simple 4-step process for predictably attracting and enrolling your ideal clients to fill your programs in a matter of days or few short weeks.




The Dream Come True System™

We'll turn your expertise into intellectual property and package it into higher-end products and programs to replace your 1:1 coaching or low-priced product income.

Painful Problem

Powerful Promise

Proprietary Process™

Here's How it Works

The Health Business Accelerator™ workshop gives you a simple 3-phase framework - ATTRACT, CONVERT, AND DELIVER - each containing 3 "business accelerators" - to help you simplify your business and get faster results.

In ATTRACT, we help you create a compelling vision, add massive value to you audience, and position yourself to stand out so that qualified prospects are lined up (as if a new iPhone was just released) and ready to engage your services. We call this The Apple Effect™.

Once we've laid that foundation for attracting your best prospects, we shift to the 2nd phase - CONVERT - where we show you how to convert them into paying clients. This is where, together, we will build out your Perfect Client Pipeline™ - our simple and powerful 4-step marketing machine.

Here, we'll sit down together and create the exact messaging and communication that attracts the right prospects...

We'll build out your #1 marketing asset - a high converting webinar - and give you the framework for how to have conversations that lead to greater conversions.

Done With You...

It's important to remember that we DO all of this with you so you leave the workshop with this DONE - not an endless to-do list. Once you have this in place, that's ALL the marketing you need to do.

There's no learning how to write sales copy, how to create funnels, no having to run exhausting product launches, or any of that other stuff.

You get to spend more of your "working time" doing what you probably love doing most - teaching, coaching, and serving your clients.

The Perfect Client Pipeline™ gives you the ultimate predictable machine for bringing new clients into your business each month, like clockwork. No more chasing pain-in-the-butt clients. No more hope and pray. This simple 4-step conversion process can start bringing you better clients and more profits within days of finishing the workshop.

Our Perfect Client Pipeline™ helps you attract and convert your ideal clients, injecting way more profit into your business...quickly - even if you have zero following and no one knows who you are.

The 3rd and final phase is DELIVER.

Here, we work closely with you to create or refine your Dream Come True System™ - the leveraged program you run or product you offer to create amazing transformational results for your clients.

We help you clarify exactly:

  • How you want to deliver it
  • How much you should charge
  • How to create an amazing experience that will knock your clients' socks off

In just 2 days, we'll bang out these 3 phases so you have a WINNING game plan that gives you more clarity, better clients, and more profit within days or a few short weeks of completing the workshop!

Testimonials From Past Attendees

"Yuri's at another level. I don't know if there's a better person to learn from."

- Dr. Isaac Jones

"Yuri's always been my go-to guy for marketing just because he's that good"

- Dave Ruel

"In the first couple of hours, I've learned things that will dramatically increase revenue..."

- Jeff Salzenstein

"This type of coaching can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with having an online business."

- Dr. BJ Hardick

"I finally have more direction and purpose and know where my business is going."

- Dan Go

"I feel so much more directed and purposeful now that I have a proven strategy."

- Jennifer Powter

"Ok, I Want In!"

"How Much is It?...When/Where is The Workshop?…
And What's The Next Step?"

If you'd like to take part in an upcoming Health Business Accelerator™ workshop, choose your date/location (or online option) below and click the "Apply Now" button.

You'll then be directed to fill out a short application that will give us a much better sense of where you're at with your business and what you're looking to achieve.

We'll then review your application and reach out to you to complete your registration. If, for whatever reason, we don't feel you're a good fit for the workshop we'll also let you know upon receiving your application.

The investment to take part in the workshop is 4 monthly payments of $2,400.

Remember, you get ongoing access to Yuri and the entire Healthpreneur coaching team (to help with your webinar, Facebook ads, tech build out, and more) to help you deploy everything successfully and quickly.

In fact, our sole objective is the following:

To help 90% (or more) of our clients achieve a 2x ROI (minimum) within 4 months or less of starting the workshop.

We Run The Health Business Accelerator™ Workshop in 2 Ways…

First, 3 times per year, we host a maximum of 20 participants (per event) at our 2-day LIVE intensive. This is for eager healthpreneurs who want accelerated results!

In just 2 days, we work with you to crank out everything you need to hit the ground running and start seeing results in your business within days of leaving the workshop. Plus, you get to hang out with our team and other amazing and like-minded health and fitness entrepreneurs.

2-Day Intensive Dates and Locations (2018):

Second, for those who can't makes those dates, we offer a 6 module ONLINE version of the workshop. It’s exactly the same program and you’ll get the same outcomes - more clarity, better clients, and more profit - just delivered online and you can work at your own pace to go through it and you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you do the online or live intensive version of this workshop, you get the same LIFETIME access to everything you need to finally succeed in building a rock-solid coaching business, including:

  • The proven strategy and step-by-step training to help you deploy it successfully...
  • Weekly group calls where we give you real-time support, review your funnel/work, and get you clear on your next steps.
  • 4 monthly 1-on-1 check-in calls to stay on-track and accountable
  • Our private Facebook group to post your wins and get support when you need it most...

And you also get the following:

  • The tech build out for your Perfect Client Pipeline

Our very own tech builders will handle all the tech details and set up everything you need to get up and running so you don’t have to get caught in the weeds. This allows you to just focus on creating your content and your messaging. This is $3,000 value (if you were to have it done elsewhere) but we take care of that for you.

  • ONE FREE ticket to our annual Healthpreneur LIVE event

This is a 3-day event that we host each September where we bring together 150 of our clients, other leading health influencers, and amazing speakers to connect, share, and collectively help each other grow. It’s an amazing experience.

Attendees normally pay $2997 to attend but you get to come for free!

Our Online Workshops

Each online workshop begins the first Monday of every month.

Whichever workshop you choose, the result is the same - more clarity, better clients, and more profit.

Plus, whether you attend live or virtually, you'll be plugged into our private Facebook group so you can stay connected with other attendees and get on going support.

Got a Question?

These Answers Should Help

You have 2 options. First, you can reschedule your calendar and commitments to attend one of the workshops. Second, you can wait an entire year for the next one.

No. The content is exactly the same and will deliver the same results. The main difference is that the 2-day intensive gives you accelerated results and gives you the opportunity to get more in-person attention and connect with other great healthpreneurs.

Nope. Whether you're starting out or more established, this workshop gives you a clear blueprint to reach your business, contribution, and income goals. And you can achieve these results VERY quickly instead of waiting years to build your platform and following the "old model" of building a business online.

This workshop is for both people who want to coach AND those who don't but have a higher-priced course or supplement they want to sell. The process is the same with a few small adjustments that we'll walk you through in the workshop.

100% YES! We'll help you structure a leveraged coaching program in a way that frees up your time, makes you way more money, and helps your clients achieve even better results.