3 Traits ALL Successful Business Owners Have

If you want to be a successful business owner, pay attention!

All successful business owners that I’ve met have 3 TRAITS in common – and this definitely doesn’t include subscribing to the idea of overnight success. It’s important to have business clarity or a clear business vision, persistence, and focus.

Clarity of vision is paramount to your success in business. If you don’t know where you’re headed, it’s easy to get derailed and be all over the place. Therefore, to be a successful business owner, the number one thing you need to do is think and communicate your business vision.

Now, when you’re starting off, you’re going to have to do this plus everything else. You definitely can’t build business clarity without knowing how each and every part of your business works. But as you grow in scale, you’ll need to start handing off some parts to your team.

At the end of the day, your main role is to tell your team where you’re headed. What’s your business vision? Where is the company moving towards? As the owner, you need to establish business clarity within yourself before you’re able to share it to others.

Watch until the end of this video to learn more about this trait in detail, PLUS the 2 other traits of persistence and focus, which go hand-in-hand in molding successful business owners.

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What You Missed

In this video, I simply want to offer you a reminder: don’t be dumb. And don’t go hiring people who are. So, how not to be dumb? By this I mean you need to be attentive to details, know how to follow instructions, and always put effort in what you do so it’s clear that you actually care about it. By just doing the little things that most people aren’t willing to do, you can be great.

When was the last time you were blown away by the service you received? Personally, I feel that I’m rarely wowed nowadays. The level of mediocrity in the world is a huge problem. And I was reminded of this as I went through our latest hiring process.

So here’s the situation. We posted a job description with a secret code embedded in it. And along with following the guidelines in the description, the applicants have to share the code with us. This was a way of ensuring that each applicant had read the description and was attentive to details. Pretty basic…yet I still had people asking me on messenger for the secret code.

Follow basic instructions and put effort in what you do. That’s essentially how not to be dumb. I think that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything.  So always do the basics well, and try to even go beyond! What happened yesterday entitles you to nothing tomorrow. If you feel differently, you’re likely to get complacent.

Here’s the thing. People don’t like to take extra time to do the things that make a difference because that’s not scalable. But I encourage you to do those things anyway. Why? Because they make people (customers or potential employers) feel special. And all people want to feel special. They want to feel like they’re the only person you’re talking to.

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👉 Watch our FREE TRAINING: The Perfect Client Pipeline here: ➡️ https://healthpreneurgroup.com/yt-pcp