2 SELLING SECRETS That'll Get You More Clients

Want to hear about the secret selling skills that are sure to get you more clients for your health coaching or online healthcare practice?

More or less, selling skills are all about communication. And today I share 2 ways you can look at selling, that’ll surely help your health coaching or healthcare business thrive.

The first and (I dare say) the BEST way of looking at this is to make a really compelling offer, so much so that people would be crazy to say no to it. Like one of my friends says, when it comes to selling skills, it’s a lot easier to make a compelling offer than it is to make a convincing argument.

And it’s important to understand that different different people are driven by different things. Knowing your client and being able to connect your HOW to their WHY will help you make the most compelling offer that’ll be hard for them to resist.

The second of the secret selling skills I share with you today is all about conviction. What is delusional optimism? And what kind of conviction do you need to make sure you get more people to buy from you?

Watch until the end of this video to find out more about creating compelling offers for your business, and having the conviction to really seal those deals!

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There’s no finish line for health entrepreneurs in business, so how do you keep yourself motivated to work?

More often than I’d like to, I hear the question, “How do you stay motivated to work?” If you’re finding it difficult to stay on the course and you find that maintaining motivation is hard, I’m sharing some perspectives on how to stay motivated at work or how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur. I warn you, you may not like what I have to say, but it’s important for you to hear.

A lot of health entrepreneurs build businesses that end up becoming golden handcuffs. In other words, they grow their practice to a point where they create slavery for themselves in the long run. Having a fully booked healthcare practice is NOTHING to be proud of. On the contrary, a full practice is an indication that you don’t know how to deliver great care to more people without trading time for money.

The worst part about it is that you’ll lose drive and motivation.

If you don’t have drive, you hamper your ability to stay in the game long enough. When that happens, your ability to succeed will decrease. In the healthcare business, success is determined by how long you stay in the game, but how do you stay in the game if you lose motivation, don’t want to get up every morning, and don’t show up for your business?

What I want to do is to help health entrepreneurs build businesses while maintaining motivation that keeps them from being enslaved by their own practice.

Watch the whole video to know more about how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur, or how to stay motivated at work. Be inspired to work in your healthcare business without wearing yourself out!

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