30 Days of Creative Social Post Ideas in Just 1 Hour!

One of the ways you can leverage the internet and get your message out is with Social Media.  When thinking about what to post, do you find yourself staring at a blank screen wondering what to post that people will see?

There’s a way for you to post to make your content more engaging because after all, isn’t that what social media is all about.

On all social platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, the name of the game and the most important metric in order for your content to be seen is engagement.

So you need to put out content that will engage people and that’s what our Socialthority Amplifier Tool will help you do.

In this video I walk you through exactly how to use this and how it will help you generate ideas for social you can map out and plan ahead of time.  This will give you 25 ideas for 25 posts you can map out for the month.  This will save you a lot of time, headaches and frustration.


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What You Missed

Are your Facebook Ads not working? Not to worry.  I’m going to walk you through 9 ways to help your Facebook Ads perform better with this handy checklist.


  1. Tech

Is the page you’re sending people to broken?  In other words, are they being taken to a 404 not found page.


You want to make sure your “tech” is working properly and the best way to do that is to go through your funnel as if you were a prospect to make sure everything is working properly.


  1. Campaign Structure

The purpose of your campaign should be a conversion.  You need to make sure that the campaign objective is set up correctly. 


  1. CTR

Your CTR is your click through rate.  You want to know the percentage of people who clicked your link from Facebook to your landing page. This should be more than 1.5%.  This will give you an idea of how effective the message in your is.


  1. Audience Selection

This is an area where you determine your target selection and this is an area that a lot of people get wrong. You want to go broad with this and allow your message to do it’s magic.


  1. The Ad Copy

We have a video that covers the 3 M’s that go into detail on this that tells you how to write Facebook Ads that convert..  You can watch that video here: https://youtu.be/Nnn1BHRhlJk


  1. Image

The purpose of the ad is to stop people from scrolling in their newsfeed.  You want to use an image that will get people’s attention. You want to use an image that pops, that adds contrast to the feed.  An image of a happy, smiling face up close will generally work best.


  1. Opt-In Page

You should be sending people to a page that captures their name and email.


  1. Post Opt-In

What happens after someone opts in.  What is the next step?

Your thank you page is one of the most overlooked and under utilized pieces of real estate in your funnel.


  1. Email Follow Up

Does someone receive an email from you after they opted in on your list?  You want to add value to them and be top of mind and be present in their inbox with valuable content. 

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