Getting Coaching Clients On Instagram For FREE?! Here's How

If Instagram is part of the channels you’d like to use for your healthcare marketing strategy, the great news is that getting coaching clients through Instagram for FREE is actually possible. But it takes a lot of time and effort. In this video, I explain how to attract clients on Instagram for your health coaching business, without having to pay for advertising.

These tips can be very helpful if you have a team who can put in the work that this requires. If you’re the only one doing your marketing, then this is probably going to be tedious and a huge commitment.

So, how do you get clients on Instagram? The first step is to look into which hashtags other people – most especially your ideal clients – are using on their posts or are likely searching for that are related to your business. And then, choose hashtags based on the popularity of those terms. From here, there are 2 ways you can go about getting coaching clients.

The first way is to draw inbound traffic. Doing this would mean creating great, engaging content for your healthcare marketing, and then matching those with related hashtags that people are more likely to use or search for. However, boosting traffic with this inbound strategy would take a lot of time, especially if your following isn’t where you want it to be just yet.

And so a more proactive way of getting clients for your health coaching business is the outbound strategy. Once you have your hashtags, find people who use or are likely to search for those terms, and reach out to them with a DM. Doing this is also a great way to learn how to attract clients on Instagram because you get to experiment as to which niche is likely to respond to your message and content.

I also share a third tip that will help you with getting coaching clients and narrowing in on your market. Watch until the end of this video to learn more about using Instagram as a platform for your healthcare marketing!

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