Create a Signature Coaching Program That People Actually Buy

Whether you’re a doctor, dietician, chiropractor, naturopath – it really doesn’t matter – what you are essentially is a coach. 

Helping and guiding people to better health is what coaching is. Your patient has a problem and what you’re doing is guiding them to the other side, which is a promise: of better health, removal of pain, a better quality of life.

A Signature Coaching Program is the bridge between your patient’s problem and your promise. Whatever you do is based on knowledge and expertise. This expertise is your product.

It’s your intellectual property.

But no matter how great your program is, the key is how to sell it. You have expertise but that’s not enough. You need to extract it, clarify it so that it becomes simple and easy to understand, and you need to articulate it well.

You have to package what you know in a way that makes you stand out.

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What You Missed

If you’re a health coach or a health practitioner, I’m going to share with you how to price your health coaching.

My general perspective on pricing is this:  If people want Ferrari performance, they cannot expect to pay Honda Civic prices.

No one gets better by doing it on the cheap or for free.  The reason for this is that when you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.  It’s that simple.

With that being said, I believe it’s in your best interest from a business perspective and also in the best interest of the people you’re serving to charge more. Please understand that I’m not saying you should price gouge or make health inaccessible.

Don’t worry about what your competition is charging.  You need to create your own economy and you need to focus on your clients and not the competition. You need to create the best experience and outcome for your clients.

Here’s the thing to remember.  When you are not sold on your pricing, no one else will be either.

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