Healthpreneurs, what’s up? Yuri here.  Today we’re going to be talking about how to get more done by actually doing less.

I’m going to share four ways, four tips to help you do that because as you know, I’m not a huge believer in working 20 hours a day and the whole grind and hustle mentality. I think it’s way overplayed. I think there’s a time and place for it to some degree, but at some point you just have to reconsider what’s important in your life.

If we look at successful CEOs, the typical corporate executives, why do CEOs get paid so much, even though stereotypically they spend most of their time on the golf course? People get pissed off about that, “Hey, this person does nothing and they get paid all this money.”

I don’t agree with that. I agree that they should totally get all the money that they want because in a lot of cases, they’re the ones taking the most risk. Right? The buck falls on the CEO for anything or it should for anything that goes wrong in the company.


The Less You Work, The More You Make

You have to remember that the higher up you get in business, something I learned from Dan Sullivan was the less you work, the more you make. How does that make sense? The less you work, the more you make.

Well, it doesn’t make sense if you follow the philosophy that you have to work all the time and that hard work equals success. But when you think about it differently and you asked yourself, “Okay. Does that make a lot of sense? Maybe it does for some people, but is that the life I want to live?” Personally, not For me. So if I think to myself, “Okay. The less I work, the more I make. How does that happen?” Well, the reason that happens is because it forces you to think smarter. It forces you to think smarter because if you know that you’re not going to be working 24 hours a day and you set some boundaries on your time, it really forces you to prioritize what you’re doing.


4 Ways To Get More Done

So the four things I’m going to share with you here I think will really give you some insight on how to do that.

1. Focus On Your Genius

So the first thing is number one, you have to focus on your genius, your unique genius.

So what are the activities that only you can do that no one else can do or that you can do better than anyone else? For instance, one of my unique genius activities are these videos and nobody else can do this because it’s me. It’s my thoughts, it’s the way I communicate them and it’s a really good use of my time. Sharing your ideas mostly through your mouth and not necessarily writing because writing (you can obviously you transcribe the words and so forth), is probably one of the best uses of your time sharing your message. Right? That’s a big one. So first one is figuring out your unique genius.

2. Get Your Most Important Work Done First Thing In The Morning

The second thing is to get your most important work done first thing in the morning.    I usually get up at 5:30 and the first two hours of my day are spent on the most important work. So that’s again, going to be in some form of communication, whether it’s writing or putting together a strategy or something along those lines, where if I get that done the rest of the day is a success.

So you only focus on your best activities and you delegate the rest if possible.

3. Create Strong Boundaries In Your Life

Third is you need to create strong boundaries in your life. You need to say I’m only working from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM. That’s kind of my life because I wake up at 5:30,  I meditate first, then I work from about six to eight. Then I’m with the kids, take them to school. I work out from nine till 10 or I take my dogs for a walk or I shoot some videos in some cases. And then from 10 till 12 I work, take a little break and work from 12:30 until three. That’s my day.

Okay. So I got about five to six hours of work per day and if I can’t get it done, I’m doing too much stuff and it’s very tough, and I’m guilty of this sometimes of not doing anything afterwards. Like that’s why sometimes it’s nice to have an external office where you leave everything there. You come home, you don’t have anything. But it requires a little bit of discipline here to really stick to those boundaries because if you don’t have those boundaries, you will take as long as you need to do the work. Right?

Work expands to fill the time allotted to it. If you give yourself two hours to finish something, you’ll finish it in two hours. If you give yourself two days, it’ll take you two days. So give yourself those boundaries and stick to it as best as possible.


4. The Minimum Effective Dose

And the fourth way to get more done is again, to think about what is the minimum effective dose.  In other words, what are the simple few activities, and this kind of ties back into number one.

The simple few activities that if these got done would make the most impact. What are the fewest activities that are going to create the biggest impact?

This is tough for some people to figure out, like how do you know what’s going to make the most impact. Well, first of all, a lot of people don’t. That’s why they need the right coaching to share what that is because listen, it’s not posting on social media thousand times a day. It’s not doing Instagram stories all the time.

Maybe it’s setting up a Facebook ad campaign and letting that run automatically for you until the end of time. That might be a much better use of your time. So you need to figure out what those core activities are, those few activities that are going to move the needle in the biggest way and focus most of your efforts on those.

So those are four ways to get a lot more done in less time and if you like this kind of stuff, give it a share with someone who needs to hear this.

If you want our help to just get shit in order and help you streamline your business a lot more effectively, just send me a DM, send me a message. Let’s have a chat. Let’s figure out where you are, where you want to go, where you’re stuck, and let’s get you on track. Right? This is stuff we do every single day with clients on a daily basis and we’d love to help you if you’re a good fit.

So I hope you enjoy this one. Looking forward to talking with you soon.


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