4 Reasons Why Your Health Business Needs A Webinar

As a health professional running an online health business, do you really need to use a health webinar for marketing?

My take on this? A health webinar for your business is CRUCIAL for health marketing. In today’s video, I discuss exactly why by sharing 4 reasons webinars are relevant in your business.

When I say webinar, I’m referring to a permanent pre-recorded health webinar that visitors of your website can view. This works better than a live webinar which needs extra health marketing efforts and resources to attract attendance. A good webinar is like a documentary telling prospective customers about your business and its offerings.

Having an effective webinar is key to growing your health business to more than 7 figures through online content. I know this because I’ve seen it in my business and in my clientele’s businesses as well. Having a health webinar for marketing is an excellent way to attract more clients because it provides excellent value for your audiences.

Yes, there are plenty of other ways to build and market a successful business. Still, many of them are laborious and complicated, while having a health webinar for marketing offers you the freedom and flexibility you need to do other things.

If you don’t like hard-selling, you have to have a good health marketing strategy, and using a health webinar for marketing is an excellent addition to your overall success.

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What You Missed

If you’re thinking about getting into book publishing, then you better have done your book marketing first.

You see, without marketing your book, you wouldn’t have an audience. And without a large audience, your book on health is never going to sell. Then, the whole process is going to turn into a giant headache.

Publishing companies are essentially glorified printers. They’re going to expect you to push your own book. That means that if you don’t have a massive following, don’t expect a large advance…and don’t expect to sell many copies.

Unless you’re willing to do the book marketing that it takes to guarantee that you sell your book on health, then don’t publish it. Book publishing only makes sense if you know you’re going to get a return on all that time and energy you put into the book.

That’s also why I say build your income, then your influence. Turn your $30 book into a $3,000 coaching program. That way you’ll impact more lives AND make more money.

If you want to write a book on health, do it down the road. First, work with clients who are willing to step up and pay you. The more money you make, the more you can invest on building your following and marketing your book.

Later on, when people know and trust you, then you can launch a book.

Without book marketing, book publishing really doesn’t do you much good. Start by building a program that people love, and then you’ll be ready to write a book on health that’ll sell.

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