Hey, Healthpreneurs! We’ve got a serious question for you: Are you committed – or just curious? Those are two very different things, right? Building a successful business is NOT easy so, first off, you MUST be committed.

If you’re committed and resourceful, you’ll overcome any obstacle, think creatively, and get shit done. Put simply, you’ve got to figure out a way – your way – and you’ve got to use the best people, tools, and resources to get where you want to go.

Our results coaches are on the ground tackling issues and pushing clients forward on their journey to personal, business, and financial success. So, who better than them to discuss the value of true commitment to the journey? This episode is for those ready to commit to success. Just curious? Step aside or finally take the first step towards action and LAUNCH.

In this episode, Jackie, Amy, and Stephanie discuss:

  • Commitment and resourcefulness.
  • Constant learning and utilizing the tools you have.
  • Tapping into your successes and strengths.
  • Mindset and the fear of the unknown.
  • Moving forward and learning from your mistakes.


1:00 – 3:00 – How commitment will change the game and how to find the answer

3:00 – 7:00 – How to be resourceful and learn what you need to know

7:00 – 10:00 – Tapping into the mindset that’ll propel you forward

10:00 – 12:00 – Going live and looking at the numbers

12:00 – 16:00 – Making your mark on the world, adapting to change, and having fun

16:00 – 18:30 – The routine for success


Amy:                     Welcome to Between Two Ears, everybody. We are super stoked to have you here today, and we are back for more commitment talk. So the last several weeks we have been talking to you about how important it is to commit to your dreams, to commit to your goals, because that commitment, the courage to commit is going to allow you to leap into that unknown, right?


How commitment will change the game and how to find the answer

So as we’ve been chatting with you folks over the last couple weeks, this commitment keeps coming up, and one of the things that we really wanted to chat with you today about is being resourceful. Getting shit done and being resourceful so that you do not … We don’t ever want you to feel like your hands are tied, and like, “Oh my God. I need an answer right now. I can’t move forward.” We are here to support you every single step of the way, and at the same time, we want you to learn how to go out and fish for yourself, right? And I know Jackie uses that analogy, and I’m not gonna step on your toes.

So today we just want to talk about, how can you find the answer, right? When we first spoke with you guys on the phone and you enrolled into the HBA, one of the questions we asked you was, “Are you willing to do whatever it takes?” Because building a successful business is not easy. We can make it easier, simpler, faster, but you’ve got to be committed. And then that resourcefulness is going to allow you to go over, under, around, through the obstacles.

And sure, just like in a Spartan race, we can give you a boost up and help you out, but you’ve got to know where to look and you’ve got to train, right? You don’t go to a Spartan race without training, even if you need help. So I would love to invite you guys to jump in on this topic, because this is something we’ve been chatting about as results and mindset coaches for a while now. So jump right in there, ladies.

Stephanie:          Jackie, would you like to start first?


How to be resourceful and learn what you need to know

Jackie:                   Oh, sure. Yeah. So I’ve been doing some of our check-in calls recently, and a lot of it is really kind of second guessing yourself, and you guys are all uber smart people, right? Or you wouldn’t be in the situation. You wouldn’t be gurus coaching other people to get a transformation  in their life.

So some of these check-in calls are great, because we’re very efficient. We’re dotting our Is, we’re crossing our Ts, we’re understanding you, we’re going into an area of unknown. I’ll use an example of the Facebook ad. And it’s like, okay. The ads launched. We’ve spent a couple hundred dollars. I’m not seeing anything from it. What do we do? It’s like, well, maybe we have to spend a couple more hundred. Remember, we said that 500 to 1000, to really test it.

And again, I am not the Facebook guru. I’m the mindset coach. So when it comes to asking questions there, I know enough but I’m not gonna be able to tweak your ad or see, is it the ad or is it the webinar? Is it the sequence? Is it something that needs to be altered with a copywriting coach?

So it’s cool when you can jump on these calls and use them for mindset, but I don’t want you to waste your check-in call on something that could be handled during our Webinar Wednesdays or our Facebook Fridays. That’s being resourceful. Don’t wait for just a check-in call for those things, that you go and use the other experts for their expertise.

But it’s also learning about it. You need to know enough, right? You need to know enough about the Facebook ads. What are we looking for? And Rudy does an amazing job of keeping it very simple and looking at the metrics of the things that you need to look out for, the things that are a green flag, let’s turn this faucet on. The things that are a red flag, let’s hold up and tweak this before we move forward.

So utilize that but learn it, guys. We’re forever learners, and like I said before, same thing  where Amy said, you don’t go joining a Spartan race and competing in one or starting at the starting line without putting in the work first, understanding the obstacles, training for it. Same thing for marathon runners. Tim, you did Mt. Everest.

Amy:                     Yes.

Jackie:                   We’ve all done great feats in our life. Same thing. I mean, keeping it simple. If you haven’t done something that extreme, you’ve gotten to the point to where you are where you are now, and there’s a lot of things you’ve had to overcome to even get here.

So we got to turn on that muscle again and we’ve got to start using it. It’s all in our mind, and sometimes when you have a team of coaches that have been there and done that, you want to lean on them and have them do the work, but that’s not gonna serve you and that’s not gonna get you to where you need to be. So hopefully, that little nugget isn’t like, a rant. But it’s more of, I want to empower you guys again, to utilize that.

Amy:                     And I love what you said, Jackie, about you guys have … All of us, us included. And we have big goals too that we’re striving for, right? And you guys have done amazing, amazing things in your life. So when you’re feeling frustrated, when you’re feeling like, “I don’t know the next step,” tap into that success you’ve already had, whether it’s climbing Mt. Everest, building another successful business, birthing a child. Whatever it is. Traveling the world. Whatever you’ve done in the past, you’ve still got that.

That’s in you, so when that Facebook ad trips you up, what did you do to get to the top of Mt. Everest? You didn’t wait a week, right? And I’m not trying to be mean, but you didn’t wait to say, “Who can help me to get over this last little obstacle to get to the top?” You figured it out on the way. So that’s what we’re urging you to do. Reach out to us. Do lean in. Lean on us. Don’t sit alone having no idea. You’ve done everything. We’re gonna ask you. You’re gonna see a new format with your check-in calls. The three Cs is going to be an application, just like you applied for the RACs, and we’re gonna ask you, “What have you done to solve this problem?”

And that is to help you, so that you can go, “Oh, I can’t get a check-in call for another day or two? What can I do in the meantime?” Nicole and Melanie are super copy coaches. I feel like they should have capes on. Rudy, too. So use us, but utilize the experts and that will make your time go faster. So really just tap in to your successes and your strengths.


Tapping into the mindset that’ll propel you forward

Stephanie:          And also, just what you guys  are understanding that a lot of times, it’s fear of the unknown that really comes from the subconscious mind. So I’m always gonna bring it back to mindset. And when we get into that fear-based emotion, that’s when we start to think, “I need this person. I need that person. I need this person.” When really, all you need is yourself.

And we’ve provided you with all of the bells and whistles, and it’s kind of funny because I’ve been in many, many, many different training systems, and with this system in particular, I’ve never seen a system that has more coaches and more help, and more resources.

But it’s kind of funny because it almost paralyzes people because they don’t feel like they can move forward unless they get the green check on each and every … Let’s just say the slide deck, right? So let’s just say your webinar is on the slide deck. It’s like, you feel like you need the copy coaches or myself or Amy or Jackie to go, “This one’s good. This point’s good.  This word’s good. This color’s good. This photo’s good.”

And here’s the thing, is that it’s not necessary. What’s necessary is to move forward, knowing that nothing’s set in stone. Knowing that even if you were to get every single thing checked by myself or Amy or Jackie or the copy coaches or whatever, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna convert.

Amy:                     Right.

Stephanie:          That’s the thing that’s really important, is that you won’t know what works until you launch. So all of the pre-work is great. All of the coaching sessions are great. All of this stuff is great, but until you actually just set it out into the world, that’s when you’re really gonna find out if it works.

And I was just talking to one of you guys yesterday, and just to give you an example, somebody was like, “You know what? It’s like I’m scared to record because what if I say ‘um’ too much, or I’m gonna record every single slide singly because I want to make sure that I’m reading the script perfectly.”

And here’s the thing, too. When you are presenting to people, the more real and the more you you can be … It might be those “ums”. It might be those little idiosyncrasies that are showing your personality that actually sell you to the point. You know what? I’m not saying every other word should be “um” and all that stuff, but I’m just saying that that might be what says like, “Oh my gosh, this person’s real. I like this person.” Right?

But, again, you’re not gonna know that until you do it, until you just set it out into the world and you don’t necessarily need someone to check every single little thing before you start. And if we weren’t here and if you just had the system without the coaches, so without the mindset coaches … Yuri is just awesome and provided all of this. But if you didn’t have it, which is what most systems have, there are plenty of people who succeed without the extra help, and you guys are no exception. You guys can do it.


Going live and looking at the numbers

Amy:                     Yeah, that’s a great point. That’s awesome, because initially, we didn’t have copy coaches. When I went through the program, there weren’t copy coaches. There wasn’t a Facebook ads coach. I, because [00:09:30] I wanted accountability, started an accountability call as a client. So we jumped in together. The group was like, “We want a Facebook group,” and we jumped in together and supported one another.

And so, as Healthpreneur, one of the things we proud ourselves in is seeing where the holes are, and how can we help you achieve success faster? But as Stephanie just said, the fastest way is gonna be to launch, because we’re not your perfect client. We might be one of your perfect client, but for most of you guys, we’re not your perfect client.

So if we’re like, “Oh, that sounds good,” and then you launch and go, “Well, how come it didn’t convert?” Well, that’s because I’m not 25 and overweight, so if that’s your avatar … or I’m not a male entrepreneur. I can get into that head, but you got to go live. So I love that point. Just get it out there, and then the exciting part is all of the groundwork that you’ve felt really, really busy with, now you can breathe and this is the fun part.

Now you look at the numbers. Now you go, “Oh, this isn’t working? I’ve fixed that.” So it can really remove that emotion and help you to understand so that if one day, you do want to hire Rudy to run your ads, you know how to do it, right? You want to Cody to do all your tech forever? You already know how to do it. So it’s really just a great point. So keep moving forward, folks. You got to do it. Got to move forward.

Jackie:                   Yeah, and on top of that, this isn’t a sprint, guys. This is a business. This isn’t like, one and done, one-hit wonder, you’re gonna do one workshop or one course or one group …

Stephanie:          One webinar.


Making your mark on the world, adapting to change, and having fun

Jackie:                   Yeah. This is the long-term game. Yuri is on a cruise right now, and I don’t know if any of you watched the video about this church that was being built, and it’s still not finished and it’s 100+ years later. You want to build something that’s gonna outlive you. This is a legacy. This is a transformational component. That’s your mark on this world, and if you don’t have that big thinking, then we need to think bigger.

This is really what it’s about, and this is really where we can help you in the mindset calls. Let’s go bigger with it. This is where we can really help expand and take those blinders off of what’s truly possible, guys.

So until your launch, that game doesn’t start. You’re building and birthing a baby. This workshop, this course that you’re creating for your clients … I’m sorry, I’m really congested today, so I’m barely getting through this. But  you really just have to remember that we’re nurturing it. It’s forever a growing organism.

It’s going to adapt, evolve, and change as your perfect client has different challenges and changes. It’s 2018. Ten years from now, I guarantee some of those challenges will be the same, but there’s gonna be 20 different others.

Stephanie:          And you’re not gonna have the same webinar running, right? So again, sometimes people get overwhelmed in that webinar, building the webinar, and it’s like that thing is gonna be ever-expanding, ever-changing, ever-growing.  I don’t even know how many that Yuri’s recorded for this particular course. He’s recorded many, many, many for all of his different systems, but just know that it’s not set in stone and that you can change it and tweak it and make it better.

And one thing that Amy said that’s so important … If you can do this, it is a superpower, is to look at it as fun. This doesn’t have to be hard, and this sucks, and eh … You can actually just choose. “Let me just see. Oh, tweaking with this is kind of fun. Playing with the numbers is fun. Recording this webinar is fun. Learning about my avatar is fun.”

And if you try to kinda change your mindset to that, all of a sudden, looking up on Google how to figure out something on Facebook while you’re waiting for somebody to get back to you or something, all of a sudden, it becomes fun and not a chore.

Jackie:                   That’s a really good point, Stephanie.

Amy:                     That is a good point.


The routine for success

Jackie:                   What you believe is what’s reality, so if you believe that it’s hard and it sucks and nobody’s there even though I made a post on Facebook an hour ago and nobody’s answering me … Guess what? You’re gonna sit in this negativity realm and you’re gonna just stir in it, and you’re gonna attract more of that.

And when you decide, until you make that decision to think differently, making it fun, making it easy, like what can I do? Again, it’s 2018, guys. It’s not like we have to go build an Eiffel Tower by hand, right? We just got to be resourceful, and it’s all there. You have us. You have the internet. You have each other in the group.

I’ve had people last week who just joined. Abigail and Morgan are like, “Can we be accountability buddies?” I’m like, “Sure. Utilize the group. Utilize each other. You’re joining at the same time.” This is what it’s all about, guys, and if you want to play bigger, be bigger, make a bigger impact, make more income so that you can serve those you want to serve, you can donate to those charities, you can start those nonprofits, you can have that freedom. Time freedom is priceless. The new wealthy is that time freedom, right? So all of that. All of that feeds into this, but none of it happens  until you launch, right?

Amy:                     Exactly. So recommit, folks, because you joined the HBA. Your commitment was high. And so what happens, it’s just like if … Those of you that do fitness programs. Somebody joins, their commitment is high. They might come six days a week or work out six days a week and then what happens, right?

So it’s keeping that eye on the prize when that emotion has waned. When that emotion has passed, you got to still remember. It’s kind of like a relationship, right? A marriage. You have to remember why you fell in love. You have to recommit every day. You have to fall in love all over again. Like, my husband and I high-fived. We had hit 20 years this summer. It’s not easy, but you have to be committed.

So it’s the same thing with your relationship with your business, or if you look at it as birthing an organism, stay committed. Recommit every morning. Fall in love with your business again. Redefine your “why.” Remember why this was a must, and why you invested in yourself, your business, and your dream. Because you all had conversations with us on the phone before you enrolled, and we do not allow people into this program who are not committed, who won’t do whatever it takes. You’ve got to have those qualities. We’re very serious.

So you guys rock. We love you all. Be resourceful. Find your greatness. Be great, do great. Just like Healthpreneur’s motto. So go out there, do it. We know you can do it. We’ll hold this space for you,  so lean on us energetically knowing like, “Okay, they believe in me,” and just go get it out there. You guys rock.

Jackie:                   Yeah, you guys are doing great. So there’s a lot of rock stars, you didn’t need to hear this message today, but it’s always good to just have that check-in. And there’s a few of you that may listen to this or may not, we might tag you later, that have been reaching out and like, just lost and a little confused. This is your go power. This is something just to remind that you can do this and you have everything you need. It’s just utilizing all the resources,  and even the ones that are between our ears.

Amy:                     Exactly.

Jackie:                   And if you’re hearing this on the podcast or maybe on a different social media page, and you want more information about our perfect client pipeline, you can head over to healthpreneurgroup.com/training, and you’ll actually get access to our seven-figure health business blueprint.

Again, that’s healthpreneurgroup/training.

We look forward to talking to you all very soon, and stay tuned to the podcast because we’re actually doing a lot of interviews with our graduates that have been through our Health Business Accelerator workshop.

So you’re gonna hear firsthand from them, their success stories, which is super exciting to me because my mission, my passion, just as Amy and Stephanie, is not what we are doing as a business but we are helping you achieve with your businesses. And that’s ultimately, nothing else matters unless that, at the end of the day. So, thanks again, everyone.

Amy:                     Thank you.

Stephanie:          Bye, guys.

Amy:                     Have a great day, guys.


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