Are You Holding Yourself Back From Greatness? Here's How To STOP

Are you limiting yourself from greatness, and holding yourself back from success as a health professional and entrepreneur?

For the longest time in my first business, I struggled quite substantially because I had a debilitating fear of the unknown. I eventually realized that I was limited in my thinking because I had a paralyzing fear of growing my business. And that was flawed. I was willing to stunt my business growth out of the irrational fear of having more admin fees and more taxes.

Often, FEAR is the one thing that’s holding yourself back from achieving greatness. Fear is a story about a future event that hasn’t happened yet which we tell ourselves based on a previous experience. And by telling yourself this story over and over again, you’re limiting yourself from reaching success.

In my case, something in my past or subconscious told me that making more money meant paying more taxes, and that it was bad. It was a previous experience that informed a false future based on my limited information about the subject at the time. And if I had continued to listen to my debilitating fear, then I would’ve never gotten to where I am now.

While it’s ok to have fear — and honestly, fear will always be there for each and every one of us — it’s your ability to move through these potentially paralyzing fears and to stop them from holding yourself back that’ll define the level of greatness you accomplish in life.

Watch this video until the end to learn more about building courage to face your debilitating fears, so you can stop limiting yourself and reach the success you want in life.

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