It’s another great day on the Healthpreneur podcast! Yuri here, bringing you another episode of Between the Ears with my awesome team of Results Coaches. Today we’re talking about the importance of mastering the fundamentals.

Recently we’ve had some feedback from our followers. And a lot of that feedback had to do with the basics, the fundamentals that they still don’t have in place. Many entrepreneurs are anxious to get to the fun stuff without setting up the foundation that’ll lead them to lasting success – and that’s a big mistake.

You’ve got to follow a step-by-step process for your predictable, profitable, Perfect Client Pipeline to work. And you’ve got to lay this – the groundwork – first. Plain and simple. Listen in to find out exactly what those fundamentals are, why they’re so important, and how you can lay that foundation in your business no matter how long you’ve neglected it.

In This Episode Jackie, Amy, Stephanie, and I discuss:

  • Trusting a proven process.
  • The step-by-step blueprint that works and being resourceful.
  • Setting up a solid foundation.
  • Avoiding money waste.
  • Narrowing down your niche.
  • Speaking your audience’s language.


1:00 – 5:30 – Following first, leading second, and seeing rapid results

5:30 – 7:30 – Understanding where you fall short and pushing through until you reach success

7:30 – 11:30 – Laying a solid foundation to leave a legacy

11:30 – 20:00 – Finding your specialty and the benefits of a group-based program

20:00 – 24:00 – Our framework and the three things you need to know about your audience

24:00 – 28:00 – What’s important about your slide-deck and what’s not


What’s up Healthpreneurs, Yuri here, and welcome to another session of Between the Ears with Jackie, Amy, and Steph. Good morning to you all. If you’re watching this in the group, good morning. If you’re listening to this in the podcast well, good for you, that’s awesome.

So, today we’re talking about the importance of mastering the fundamentals like a pro, so you can eventually break them like an artist. I believe Picasso once said that, so I can’t take the credit for that quote, but, it’s an important concept.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I want to spend a few minutes today talking about this because the reason we have these episodes is we see stuff happen with our clients and we’re like, “You know what, we should talk about this.” Whether it’s mindset stuff, specifically in this session or in these sessions. This one kind of applies to that as well. So, recently, I had a couple people submit their feedback in the group like, “Hey, can I get some help with my funnel or  I’m spending this much money on ads, I’m not seeing the return I want to see.” I’m like, “Okay, cool. Send me all your stuff. Let me have a look at what’s going on.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         Right away, it’s glaring, it’s boom. Alarm bells right away. It’s like, “Wow.” Number one, the landing page doesn’t look at all like the way it should. I mean, there’s some … I mean, template wise, layout wise, it’s okay. But, there’s some really basic concepts that are missing from that landing page. If you don’t understand that, if you don’t have it on there, naturally people landing on your page are not going to register for you webinar. So, I want to talk about this guys because this is so important. I think it’s important that we’re breathing …

Yuri Elkaim:                         Not breathing, that’s a terrible word. We’re developing and harnessing leaders, but I think it’s really important to learn how to follow first. Because if you can’t follow, I don’t think you can lead properly either. So, I just want to get your thoughts on this, guys. Whoever wants to jump in first.


Following first, leading second, and seeing rapid results

Amy:                                     I’ll jump in because I’ve been in a lot of coaching programs, high-end programs and I will admit that I did it my way. It didn’t work, right? Because I hired a coach, so they could give me the step-by-step blueprint and support me, which is exactly what we do for you. That’s exactly what we talked about in our results accelerator calls, you call us and you’re looking for show me the path, show me the steps, and then we get in and that thinking brain, because it’s unfamiliar and we don’t know what it’s going to look like and we don’t really know how to do it yet. Our brain is trying to make sense of it. We think we’re going to do what we know, right?

Amy:                                     So, we go back to all those things that weren’t working and we go back to doing the things because they’re familiar. So, what we’re asking you to do is step out, right? When you joined the HBA or if you’re a future client, when you step off that precipices, the health business accelerator workshop is the parachute that’s going to open, so we’re asking you to trust yourself and trust us because Yuri, you are amazing at simplifying and providing step-by-step instructions. When we see clients that follow the blueprint exactly, they’re successful.

Amy:                                     The people who deploy quickly and who have results with their ads are following every single step. So, do that first. Once you’ve got that down, then you can let your creativity shine. We want you to be you, don’t get us wrong. We want you to have your authentic voice. We talk about that a lot, but there is a framework to put your voice in, so you can reach your tribe. Join this program, don’t make the mistakes that I’ve made in the past before I joined you, Yuri.

Amy:                                     I came to Yuri as a client and before that, I’ve joined coaching programs, but same thing, I kind of did it my way, right? It all crashed and burned. When I joined the HBA, I was like, “I’m not doing that anymore. I deployed … everything rolled. Right? I totally followed the step-by-step blueprint, got my ads running and boom, everything was rocking. If it’s not rocking and you’re following step-by-step, fall back on to us. We are the safety net, we’re going to help you, but when we see you say, “I need help with this and it’s nothing like the blueprint,” we’re kind of like, “Aah.”

Amy:                                     So, just go back to the portal, that’s what I see a lot of people are not taking the time to be resourceful and we talked about that in another episode. So, be resourceful. Don’t just go in the Facebook group, go in the online portal because that’s your flight plan, that’s your blueprint. Use that and then jump in that group and we’ll absolutely support you, but follow the blueprint so we don’t have to tell you to go back and follow the blueprint.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Also, the parachute can’t open if you’re pulling the wrong string or it won’t work.

Amy:                                     Right. Exactly.


Understanding where you fall short and pushing through until you reach success

Yuri Elkaim:                         If you’re expecting certain results, you have to just look in the mirror, “Am I following this?” As you said, Amy, every single little detail, the how-to is laid out inside the online portal. You don’t know how to set up your audiences in Facebook, watch the video, it’s going to show you how. If you’re targeting entrepreneurs, I’m not going to mention the name here, if you’re targeting entrepreneurs but your audience is Weight Watchers, there’s a massive disconnect there. Okay. You have to understand where these leaks are because if you can’t identify this stuff, you’re going to be in trouble, right?

Yuri Elkaim:                         The reason we put this training together the way it is, is so that you are empowered to understand what’s going on beneath the surface, so you can see where things, again, down the road, five years down the road, 10 years down the road are not working in your business and you can make decisions yourself. But, if you’re trying to get stuff done so quickly that it’s almost like setting up a computer without looking at the owner’s manual. I don’t know if any of us read the owner’s manual anymore because it’s just so simple. But, it’s tough to deploy something if you’re not following instructions at least initially.

Yuri Elkaim:                         If you’re not already the master of doing this stuff, you have to follow this step-by-step.

Amy:                                     One last thing is that I don’t know … I’m terrible with exact quotes but Albert Einstein said that he wasn’t the smartest, he just stayed with the problem long enough. So, if it’s not working or you don’t get it or your brain hurts, celebrate because we’re in this world where we expect everything to be immediate and easy, you guys have taken on the challenge of living and being … Expanding and being more than most people. You’re not just on your phones and instant gratification, that’s why you joined. So, let your brain hurt. Sit with problem. Get up and go outside, but stay with it long enough, so that you are successful, because you got everything you need for it.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Awesome.


Laying a solid foundation to leave a legacy

Steph:                                   So, if I can chime in here too. This framework is the fundamentals of your foundation. So, why would you try to build a house just by winging it, is my whole concept, it’s what I tell people all the time. They’re like, “What about this?” Or, “I just saw that.” “But, this is kind of a cool different idea that I can make it work.” It’s like, “Okay, let’s play with that once we have a solid foundation because now you’ll have also the resources to play with that, right?” Why bleed yourself thin on spending money, time, and energy, and other people’s wisdom and knowledge, when you don’t even have the fundamentals down, right?

Steph:                                   So, it’s kind of like saying, “Hey, I’m going to put this bike together, but I’m going to put the wheels on top and see how fast I can go.” It doesn’t make any sense. It just doesn’t.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Exactly.

Steph:                                   It might look a little different, it might be a cool concept, but until we have the fundamentals, I just drive it right back to that because it really is a foundation and we’re building a legacy, we’re building an empire. If you are not building it and setting it up right from the beginning and you have the step-by-step process, it’s not like we’re giving you a little bit and you have to figure out the rest. No, we’re giving you it all. Every piece of the pie, just put the pieces together and then launch, right?

Steph:                                   I always say, “Before you even think about your website.” “Well, what about this?” I had one person even say, “Well, now that I’m taking all these phone calls, people are going to research me and they’re going back to my website. I got to get my website looking good again.” No, we don’t bring that word up in our community.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Nobody cares about your website.

Steph:                                   Nobody cares.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Nobody cares. Nobody cares.

Steph:                                   Yeah. The website is fine the way it is, that’s another whole strategy, right? That you want to follow a specific framework as well. But, it’s not your PCP, it’s not your perfect client pipeline. Just focus on that.

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s kind of like … So, you mentioned building a house. What we’re doing is we’re building a house on a cliff off Malibu, okay? That’s what we’re doing with this business model because it’s not like we’re building the website and then hoping people eventually come. So, there’s no … Less risk if you have that type of … “All right, I’m just going to set this up and if no one comes, no big deal.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         What we’re doing is we’re setting up a pipeline that is then driving paid traffic to it, which means you’re spending money to attract leads and clients. If you don’t have this setup properly, you’re going to waste money. That’s the last thing you want to do. So, you don’t want to spend a $1,000 and then go, “Nothing’s working.” No shit, right? You didn’t have the fundamentals down first. So, it goes … We’re not saying delay and get everything perfect and become a perfectionist because that’s not what this is.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Because we’ve had a few clients who have deployed so quickly and then we look at their stuff and it’s like, you have to do this all over again because the landing page is not on. I don’t know what the bullets are saying. I don’t know what the headline’s saying. The ads are completely different from what we’d recommend. It’s so important to do this because it’s your business, we don’t want you wasting money. Yes, we want you spending a lot of money with Facebook, because you should see ROI, but if you’re doing stuff along your own path and not really following our guide, you’re going to be wasting money, we don’t want that to happen.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So, great analogy. I just thought I’d put that into the Malibu cliff because if you don’t build this properly, it’s going to fall off the cliff very quickly.

Steph:                                   Yeah. It’s kind of learning … Let’s say salsa lessons or anything else. You’re going to learn the basic steps first and then once you have those down, then you can add your own flare, right? So, don’t add the flare before you even know or else it’s not salsa dancing and it’s some other dance.

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s just salsa for nachos.

Steph:                                   Exactly. Yeah. You know what else I was just thinking, I was sitting here thinking, Yuri probably doesn’t even remember this. Probably like five or six years ago, I was like, “Yuri, will you talk to me about this idea that I have about a weight loss thing, right? Jackie actually worked with me on this. You asked me, “What’s different about it, why do you want to do this? Is this something you’re really passionate about?” The truth was that the reason why I wanted to do it is because I knew there was a lot of overweight people in the world and that was a big market.

Steph:                                   This is kind of circling back to niching down or niching down. I’ve had a lot of clients come in from HBA that they don’t quite understand that part and the fact is that, that’s part of the PCP, that’s why it works, right? So, it’s like people are wanting to create all of these other things, doing a million webinars about 10 different things and all kinds of stuff, but it’s like you have to get down and again, it’s just following that system because it’s proven, it’s just a proven strategy, right?


Finding your specialty and the benefits of a group-based program

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s important, let’s talk about that quickly because that is part of getting the fundamentals down. So, for everyone listening and are watching, who are not aware of this, we highly recommend a group based program, right? We’re not saying you cannot do this with one-on-one because you absolutely can run this exact same model with one-on-coaching. The challenge though is because we have so many amazing experts in our group, naturopaths, functional medicine doctors, health coaches who are like, “Well, I can help people do this and I can help them with this and I can help them with that.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         What that’s doing for your business, it’s just going to create a massive amount of complexity and you might not realize that now and that’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re here to give you that wisdom because we’re like, “Hey, we’ve already done this.” Just to give you … I just walked the path and I’m going to tell you what I just saw and here’s the reality. Let’s say you wanted to help people lose weight, prevent cancer, get over birth control, solve menopause … Solve five different issues, okay. You’ve created yourself five different programs right now because we’ve got five different protocols.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So, let’s say you had five different protocols, you cannot speak to those people in the same way, which now means you need five different webinars. In order for those webinars to convert, you now need five different sets of Facebook messages, each within those, a number of different variations for each angle of menopause, weight loss, because now you’re speaking completely different to the perfect client you want to attract. So, the level of complexity that you just add to your business is just exponential.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Now, when you bring those people in, if they enroll, now you’ve got to run five different programs at the same time, which is essentially a one-on-one coaching model or if you have five people in each group, it just becomes a nightmare. So, guys, we’re saying you have to focus on one single target market at a time. It’s not to say that you’re going to be boxed into this forever, but even if you were, who would be the best clients for you to work with? Who do you enjoy working with the most? Who can you create the best results for? Right? Just ask yourselves those questions.

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s like, “I can help people with menopause and this.” Well, choose one. Choose one. There’s no shortage of anyone with anything, just choose the one thing where you can create the biggest impact, where there’s the most pain, that you can solve that, and you’ll have a thriving business. But, if you start trying to think about all sorts of different stuff, you’re just going to … You’re going to overwhelm yourself.

Steph:                                   Well, I’ve also run into people who picked a niche that they thought was just … There was a lot of people, right? There was just a lot of people out there that they can target. Then, once they get on the backend, and they start the actual sales call or doing the actual program, they’re like, “I hate doing this. I hate working with these people, I don’t like it.” So, that is why it’s so important to just follow the system because we are guiding you to actually pick your perfect client. Not like an, “Okay, client. There’s a lot of them.” No, the perfect one that you want to work with, right?

Steph:                                   So, that’s again, yet another way of reiterating it. It’s just so important to follow the system. So, in the backend you’re not miserable. “Yay, my ads worked. Yay, I closed a lot of stuff, but now I’m miserable because I have to work with these people every day, right?

Yuri Elkaim:                         But, it’s also true though, because it’s okay to experience that, like Dan, one of our best clients, he started off with female weight loss and then he ran that program once or twice and he’s like, “Honestly, I don’t want to work with them anymore. I want to be the body transformation coach for male entrepreneurs.” That’s what he’s doing, but he built everything out for the female side and then after running that for a few months he was like, “You know what? This is not my audience.” He pivoted and he’s only focused on male entrepreneurs now and he’s crushing it. So, guys allow yourself that it’s okay. I had a conversation with another one of our clients, he’s been having the toughest time trying to figure out who he wants to serve. I’m like, “Dude, I know who you want to serve, we talked about it in LA, do that and allow yourself to just work with those people. Down the road, if you don’t like it, you can always change.

Jackie:                                   Well, the key with Dan too because I’ve been working with him as well is when he pivoted, he just went back to the fundamentals and followed it step-by-step. That’s why he did it so quickly. He didn’t say, “Oh, I did this with the females and that didn’t really work. So, I’m going to change some of this up.” It didn’t really work because he just didn’t want to work with them. He was very successful with the females, right? He just realized, “My perfect client …” Where he gets excited is the men.

Jackie:                                   The second thing is when we talk about the fundamentals too, when we go add our flare, we go to change the dynamics and try something new and different, we always have the fundamentals to fall back on. So, if that doesn’t work, it’s not like, “Oh, shit. Now, I’m stuck where I’m at, right? Or, now I’ve just wasted all that and I have to start completely over.” No, your fundamentals are still running in the background, right? So, it’s not like you have to never be able to go off and build your own trail or pave a new way. We want you to do that. We’re Healthpreneurs, right? This is why we’re thought leaders.

Jackie:                                   But, we say do the fundamentals first because when things happen, because things will happen, challenges, issues, things will break down, your fundamentals will hold you steady and solid and you’ll never be hungry, right? You’ll always have that foundation to pull you through with any moment.

Amy:                                     That’s a great point Jackie, and you know, it never takes as long, I always … When I talk with clients and they’re like, “Oh my gosh, but I’m not passionate about this and I have to switch.” Once you go through the perfect client pipeline developing at once, it will never take you that long again. When I started, I was just targeting high … I wasn’t targeting high achieving women, excuse me, I was targeting women over 40. I developed my entire pipeline and I was running my ads and I realized it wasn’t just women over 40 who wanted to ditch the diet and get permanent weight loss without feeling deprived or overwhelmed, I didn’t want to work with busy people, but it took me launching and working with people and realizing that was who’d I’d been working with and I didn’t like it.

Amy:                                     All the tweak that I made was high performing women over 40. Once I did that and that seems like a small tweak, but it furthered niche down and it allowed me to really target my perfect client and it really allowed me to work with people in a way that felt good to me because when you’re not working with the right client, it feels kind of icky, right? There’s a push and pull on it and then you get annoyed with their things because you don’t feel like doing that. So, then you feel that energy. So, really sit with yourself when you’re starting with your perfect client. Like Stephanie said, don’t just choose weight loss because everybody needs to lose weight or diabetes because there’s a million people with diabetes.

Amy:                                     If that doesn’t turn you on, you know what turns you on, you’re going to feel what turns you on. My perfect client’s changed again. That’s okay. Right? So, I’m developing a new perfect client pipeline because I’m being true to me because I’ve got to, because I want to transform lives and I have a system. So now, since it’s brand new, it’s going to take me a little longer. The last one was like literally tweaks. It’s still not going to take me as long, right? Just review the fundamentals.

Jackie:                                   Yeah, Amy, that’s the best part. But, do it in order. Follow the fundamentals. Don’t rush through the very beginning, most people are like, “I’ve never done a webinar before, let me just jump through the webinar and I’m going to get through my avatar, my dream come true system because I need to get to the webinar. I need to get the webinar.” No, get that part done first, because if not, you’re going to launch and you’re going to feel icky. If you really do your best, not perfection, right? There’s a difference, right? So, do your best with each step, but make sure you check yourself and it feels good, it should feel like a little uncomfortable because it’s new and different.

Jackie:                                   When you’re working with your dream come true system and you’re working with your perfect client avatar, that should feel amazing. That should light you up. If it just feels okay, then you haven’t finished that step, don’t move to the next, right? It should really, like you said, turn you on.


Our framework and the three things you need to know about your audience

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s like guys you can’t write if you don’t understand the alphabet, it just then becomes gibberish. I’m going to make it even simpler for everyone listening or watching. So, we have the framework on how to build out your perfect client pipeline and all of that is really predicated on understanding three things, the fears, frustration, and desires of your perfect client, that’s it. So, everything hinges upon identifying who that person is you want to serve. Because if you know who that person is, your webinar’s a whole lot easier, your Facebook messages are a whole lot easier. The way you speak to them on the phone is all taken care of because you understand you’re speaking their language.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So, when I’m looking at landing pages and I’m seeing bullets like you’ll learn how to optimize your health, don’t stay stuff like that. That’s honestly, that’s part of our bad because we can do a better job perhaps on helping you guys with those specific bullet points. That’s why we hired a new copy coach, whose only job is to look at your landing pages.

Amy:                                     It’s exciting.

Yuri Elkaim:                         To give you that knowhow of, “Okay, this bullet makes no sense, it’s not compelling. I would not want to register based on what I see. Here’s what we can do instead. Because if you go back into the emotion inventory, which I think is the single most important worksheet in the entire program, if you focus there and you’re able to bring out not … These people have low energy, that’s their frustration. That is a frustration, it’s a surface level, but how do you make it even more compelling? How do you bring that low energy into that person’s world? Do you have a tough time getting out of bed? Do you find yourself hitting the snooze button several times first thing in the morning?

Yuri Elkaim:                         Do you find yourself nodding off or dozing off at work after lunch? Using word images that are very visceral, where someone’s like, “Holy shit, that’s exactly what I went through today, or this morning, or yesterday.” Is much more powerful than have low energy. So, again, all this stuff is, again, in the online portal, the walkthrough of how to do all this stuff, but it’s just a process of understanding this. I understand that most people, copyrighting is not their forte and that’s totally fine. That’s why we’re happy that this is not a copy intense process.

Yuri Elkaim:                         You’ve got your landing page, you’ve got your webinar, and you’ve got your Facebook ads. Those are the only places where you’re going to have written text, in some way, shape, or from. We help you to the best of our ability with our copy coaches, with our training, to help you understand what to put in that stuff. With our Facebook ad templates, just follow the template and put your words in brackets where needed. We tried to make it as easy as possible for you guys because words do matter. Words really do matter. Again, it goes back to the fundamentals.


What’s important about your slide-deck and what’s not

Jackie:                                   Same thing, yeah, Yuri, you said the templates are so, so, important. We’re not just saying, “This is how you do a webinar, here’s some copy that should … This is where you put stuff.” The slide deck tells you, “This is where your big idea goes, this is where this goes. Don’t talk about yourself till here.” Right? There’s a true framework that really is ingenious, don’t try to make up your own stuff, right? Because we know what converts.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah. The other example is so our current webinar that’s running right now is me on camera with the slide deck. We had one of our clients ask me if he could watch that and I said, “Yes.” Big disclaimer, you do not have to do a webinar and I strongly recommend you don’t do a webinar with you on camera. I’ve been doing webinars for 10 plus years. I’ve created probably more than 50 different webinars that are slides alone. So, I’m at a point now where I feel confident and comfortable, where I can probably do some pretty good stuff on camera as well as the slide deck interchanging back and forth and get a little bit creative.

Yuri Elkaim:                         But, again, I don’t know if that works better. So, again, we’re testing that, we’re looking, “Does this make sense to keep doing this.” So, sometime … This is why you have to be careful of what you model, that’s why I made that disclaimer. I’m like, “Listen, watch this as just for viewing pleasure only. But, do not copy this because we don’t know if this works better yet.” Even if it does, don’t do it, until you’ve mastered the slide deck only with the voiceover because also we … But, we’ve done pretty well, just with the keynote by itself. So, you don’t have to make it professional and all this nonsense.

Yuri Elkaim:                         You don’t have to have a beautiful slide deck, you don’t have to have a designer create this … There’s so much wasted money and time on stuff like, “People are going to judge me based on how my slide deck looks.” No they don’t. What they’re going to judge you on is this person has no clue what … They don’t understand what I’m going through. That’s all they care about. Or, this person knows exactly what I’m going through. You can have the worst slides in terms of the way they look. Our slides are white with black text. It’s like Apple simple. That’s pretty much all you need.

Amy:                                     It goes back to-

Yuri Elkaim:                         … finish off here.

Amy:                                     One quick last thing, it goes back to … We talked about a couple a weeks ago, you’re not allowed to do your blog, your website, YouTube, Instagram, even Facebook Live, you’re not allowed until you complete your perfect client pipeline. All that stuff is just going to distract you and like Yuri just said, he’s testing things because he’s got the foundation and has the success. Knows what works. Now, let’s see if we can optimize and see if this is going to work. Oh, it doesn’t work, that’s cool because this is still running over here.

Amy:                                     So, just stay with the system, build the solid foundation, don’t build a Leaning Tower of Pisa. When you are complete and you are … You need something to do because now you’re just waiting for your numbers to come in, then you can go into the consistent content generator and that’s at the end. So, don’t even worry about what that is, but just … You’re not allowed to do anything else, until you get this done.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, totally. It’s so true because guys, I didn’t … I’ve talked about this before in a podcast, right? I wasn’t on Instagram for the longest time for a reason because I knew that … Okay, let’s say I was on Instagram, where am I driving people to? To an Ebook, to a free opt-in? No, you have to have that predictable sale’s process and it has to be converting. When it is, again, 95% of our revenue come through this very model, right? Facebook ad to perfect client pipeline, that’s 95% of our revenue.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Everything else that we’re doing, the podcast, Instagram, YouTube, it’s a long-term play. For me, it’s the legacy play. We’re building that out so that in the next five, 10 years, we are a major force. Everyone knows who Healthpreneur is. It’s not about, “I’m going to put this post up on Instagram and hopefully people are going to enroll with me tomorrow.” You’re not going to build a business like that and in fact, if you are, you should definitely talk to us because we can save you from a lot of frustration and lack of results.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So, with that said, we’ve got to jump off, but again, if you’re listening to this on the podcast, hopefully this episode has found you well. If you’re interested in working with us or interested in exploring how we can help you, watch the seven figure health business blueprint training. It’s totally free. You’ll get a better sense of what we’re talking about with respect to the webinar. You’ll get some really big ah-has out of that 75 minutes or so.

So, it’s over at If you like what you see and it resonates with you, then you can book a call with us and you’ll be speaking with one of these lovely ladies who are amazing on the phone and better than I am. That’s why they do … That’s why I’m not on the phone anymore because they’re awesome, way better than me.

Yuri Elkaim:                         If you’re in the group, if you’re in the HB group, then hopefully this message has resonated with you. If you’re one of those people, who’s the high quick start and just want to get stuff done, listen, I’m not … I’m the same way, okay. But, I’m just telling you, just follow the process until you have it working and then you can start tweaking stuff with your own flare. Cool. All right, guys. So, that’ll do it for us today, thank you so much for joining us. We’ll see you in the next Between the Ear session next Wednesday. Until then, have an awesome week. Keep up the good work.


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We made the decision to be the world’s leading training and coaching company for health entrepreneurs who want to start and scale high-end coaching business. And that’s what we’ve done.

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