It’s a beautiful day, Healthpreneurs, and welcome to episode 94 of the Healthpreneur Podcast with Debora Wayne! Debora is the founder and director of The Biofield Healing Institute, and is an internationally known energy healer and pain-release specialist. Debora’s clients reported complete healing from severe pain and chronic conditions after she discovered the hidden causes of their suffering.

Debora’s life hasn’t always been pain-free. She recovered from her own “health hell” after recognizing pains in her life that persisted despite her “perfect” outward appearance. She knew she had to go deeper. She received various degrees and certifications, discovered her ability to heal others, and is on a mission to empower others in their own journey towards a pain-free life.

We’ll chat about energy clearing and everyone’s ability to tune-in to their own inner universe. We’ll also get into how pain can present itself, and how it can affect our businesses, our growth and our lives. Listen in for some insight into the energy blocks that may be stopping you from achieving your business goals.

In this episode Debora and I discuss:

  • How pain takes form in our lives personally and professionally.
  • Activating dormant DNA.
  • Inner technology awareness through a virtual business.
  • Recognizing obstacles and pain points.
  • Biofield healing success stories.


4:00 – 10:00 – Debora’s beginnings and the 3 areas that need to be cleared to live pain free

10:00 – 16:00 – Her journey, discovering her inner universe, teaching, and activating others

16:00 – 19:30 – Building and growing a successful virtual business around inner technology

19:30 – 28:00 – Tapping into what you want and the obstacles that hider you from doing so

28:00 – 35:00 – The healing journeys that Debora has seen with the Biofield Healing

35:00 – The Rapid Five


Welcome to the show! This is episode 94 and today we are speaking with an amazing woman. This interview is special. I don’t even know how to do it justice by describing it in words. You just must experience it.

Debora is the founder of the Pain Free Living Program. She is an internationally known energy healer and pain release specialist, whose expertise is helping people rapidly remove the hidden root cause for chronic pain, depression, anxiety, trauma, struggles with weight, addictions, and more.

Clients go to her when nothing else has worked. As you’re going to see, she works with people on three different levels. It’s ethereal and esoteric. We can’t see what she does because she’s working in a field that is beyond what our eyes can see and sense.

But the transformations that she’s produced over the past 30 years has been phenomenal.

She’s going to describe part of what she does in this episode. And if you want to learn more about her work, I would suggest grabbing a copy of her book, “Why Do I Still Hurt? Rapid Relief for Chronic Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and More.”

This is not an episode about an alternative to Advil. Pain can also take the form of being stuck in your business. If you’re not getting the results that you want and you’ve set goals for years that haven’t come to fruition, this is going to be interesting information. We’re not always aware of what’s holding us back. We may not even know it exists in our subconscious, in our energy, and is preventing us from moving forward.

Debora’s going to show us how we can overcome that. So, without any further ado, let’s welcome Debora Wayne onto the Healthpreneur podcast.



Debora Wayne, welcome to the Healthpreneur podcast. How are you?

Debora:                                Hi! Thank you. I am fantastic and very excited to be here with you today. Thanks for inviting me.

Yuri:                      You’re very welcome. I’m grateful to have you with us because you’re doing some amazing work in the health field, in a very important segment. I don’t even know if you want to call it a segment. You specialize in helping people be pain free, which from a marketing perspective, a lot of people understand that where there’s pain and urgency, you’re going to be a lot better off.

People who deal with pain want it resolved right away. You do this in a unique way. It’s not, “Here, take a pill and you’ll get better.” It’s not like you’re a representative for Advil.

Debora:                                No. The opposite.

Yuri:                      Talk to us about how you work with people that need your service and expertise, and how you got into it in the first place.


Debora’s beginnings and the 3 areas that need to be cleared to live pain free

Debora:                                Well, I work with people in a unique way. Over the years, I discovered that there are three distinct, exact areas that must be cleared. We must look at and resolve the pain in three exact areas if people want to live pain free.

So, I help people go through, find, and remove pain in the belief system, the ideas, and the thinking. That’s number one. I help people find and remove the pain in the emotions, which many people aren’t even aware is a huge factor that’s causing trouble in their lives; whether in their physical health, wallet, or waistline.

Third, which is probably the most unique factor that you’re referring to, is working in the energy field. This is the most exciting, 21st century tool. I believe it is the future of our healthcare. I help people clear the energy field, which rapidly releases pain of all types, trauma, unconscious belief systems, and emotion.

It brings it all up to the surface and helps people rapidly release it and learn how to experience being pain free.

I got into this 30 years ago.

I woke up one morning, and found myself at the bottom of my beautiful walk-in closet, in my beautiful four-bedroom home in Scottsdale, Arizona, with the beautiful mountains in the backyard, the beautiful BMW in the garage, the beautiful husband, all the money in the bank, and I couldn’t get off the closet floor. And I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t get dressed. I couldn’t go on one more day feeling the pain that I was feeling. And it made no sense.

Yuri, if you would have seen my life from the outside looking in, it looked perfect. And I faked it really well, so people didn’t know that I was dying inside. And I was in so much physical, mental, and emotional pain.

My hair was falling out. I had ulcers. My thyroid didn’t work and I had digestive issues. I had total insomnia. I had to drink until I passed out every night, just to get sleep. And you know that’s not quality sleep. I could barely eat. I had two emotions, anxiety or depression. That was it. And I was a mess.

The voices in my head never shut up. It was a critical committee day and night. I opened my eyes in the morning, and was filled with tension, stress, pain, and suffering. And none of it made sense.

So I just kept trying to fake it till I made it; getting on the horse and powering through like I was taught to do. But that day, I was done. I was really done. I just sat in my closet crying. I said, “If there’s a God, I need help.” Somehow, this odd, unusual sense of peace came over me.

It was not normal for me. I got up from the floor of that closet and walked over to the telephone. We had real telephones in those days. I called a professional and asked for help.

I was out of ideas, and out of being able to fake it. It looked and felt like the worst day of my life. But I was at a crossroads that was a complete turning point.

From that day forward, it’s been an amazing journey. I got help. I ended up reinventing my entire life, getting to know who I was, and getting back in alignment with my ideal blueprint. I went back to school and started hobbies like art classes, ceramics, and dancing. I learned to salsa.

I went back and got professional education. I discovered that I absolutely adored the whole world of counseling, psychology, and paranormal psychology. I started meditating again, and I had spiritual experiences that truly blew my mind. That’s what got me on the trail of what I called spiritual healing.

It led me all the way to today. And it just continues to unfold. It’s been an amazing journey that’s not over yet by any means, but it’s just been an amazing unfolding.

Yuri:                      It sounds like it. It’s amazing, because I’m very much in line with what you do. I’m a huge believer in energetic healing and cutting cords and all that stuff. Obviously, I’m just scratching the surface. I’m obviously talking to someone who knows this way more than I do.

Is this something you discovered? Or did you go further down the rabbit hole education-wise and allow these natural skills to flourish within you?

Is working energetically something that anyone can do, or is there an innate ability whose layers must be peeled to allow to come to the surface?


Her journey, discovering her inner universe, teaching, and activating others

Debora:                                It’s both. That’s a brilliant question.

For me, it unfolded organically. I did go way down that rabbit hole and prepared the soil, so to speak. My life became an inward journey. I did not live a normal life. I have not owned a television set in 33 years. I didn’t sit at home at night eating pizza and watching TV.

I meditated every day. I started practicing yoga. I became an artist, a visual artist. Sometimes I would spend all week alone in my art studio without speaking to another human being. Now, I’m not saying people should do this.

I’m just sharing how my journey unfolded. I became aware of this rich inner universe.

I prayed, I meditated, I asked the universe to please show me what the hell to do with my life. I was a mess. It was partly education, but I would say the deepest education came from learning to listen to, trust, and follow my intuition, my inner guidance. I didn’t take any courses in that.

As you and some of your listeners may know, if you do things like practice yoga, tai chi, meditation, and prayer, you become aware of subtle energy. It’s obvious. I was fascinated by that and became aware, inwardly, that this could be used for healing.

I had several profound experiences that showed me this. Then I just kept asking the universe to reveal more to me. I discovered Reiki. Years ago, Reiki was not a household word like it is today. People taught it, talked about it, and practiced it in little secret societies.

I got trained in Reiki, but there was something about it that never felt 100% for me. Or just right for me. I’m not saying it’s wrong or it didn’t work. People have relaxing and good experiences, but there was something about it that didn’t click for me 100%.

In 2006, I was teaching a yoga workshop with a friend of mine on Kona, in Hawaii. I said to the group, “Hey, if anyone wants a Reiki session, I’m happy to do it while we’re here.” I set up my table in a little garden area, went to do my first session, raised my hands to start, and literally heard an inner voice say, “You’re done with Reiki. Just stand there.”

It felt like someone turned on a fire hose of vibration that was pouring out of the palms of my hands. It was undeniable. It was an undeniable force that, for the first time, 100% of me knew it was not me. I was not manipulating this. This was not a technique. This was a higher power coming through me.

Every person I worked on over that 10-day workshop had profound healing. I had never seen that before with Reiki or other things. I had studied a lot of other techniques like tuning forks and holographic patterning, and kinesiology. I had never seen what I was witnessing.

Once again, I said, “Okay, universe. I’m in. I’m not going to hide this. This is profound.” I began a two-year process of working on as many people as I could. I testing it and watched, like a scientist, recording and writing notes. I did all this crazy geeky stuff.

But then, after a few years, I discovered that I’m able to activate other people. That everyone has this ability. I believe it’s dormant DNA. And this is the divine human that we are becoming. And everyone has this potential.

Debora is not special. Debora’s not God. Debora doesn’t have a gift. It’s an inner technology. And it’s our future.

Now, I’ve been training people for years. I have yet to have anyone not able to, although some people don’t want to. And some people aren’t confident right away. Everyone can do this and get results. It’s so exciting.

Yuri:                      That’s amazing. My wife is like what you described, especially in the past year, in terms of her un-earthing the capability to do this. She was on a cruise recently, and she felt that she was literally channeling someone else’s energy, someone who had passed away.

She was with the surviving spouse, and became overcome with emotion. It was crazy. She had no idea what happened, but knew her spouse had passed away. She’s opened herself up to be able to do that.

Debora:                                Wow, that’s beautiful.

Yuri:                      It’s profound.


Building and growing a successful virtual business around inner technology

I appreciate how you work with people in person to create those changes. How do you take that to build a virtual business and impart that same technology online?

Debora:                                That too has been a progression. I had a one-on-one, brick and mortar practice. Over the years, I started hearing myself, every day, all day, saying the same thing over and over.

Every person I worked with would say, “I can’t talk to anyone about this. They’ll all think I’m crazy.” I’d say, “Well, I’ve just heard that 20 times today, and all week long. So no, that is not true.” I began to realize that I needed to reach more people at once, and there had to be another way.

Now, I am not a tech wizard at all. I was the last person to get a smartphone. So, the whole online thing was super intimidating to me. I didn’t even know where to begin. I found an amazing woman who was a technology person, and I shared with her what I wanted to do.

She helped build the whole back end that’s necessary, and I went down another rabbit hole – that I’m still down – learning all these moving parts that are involved. I don’t think everyone must go as far down the rabbit hole as I’ve gone, but you need to get very clear on what you want and what your mission is.

I’m one of these people. It’s not a choice for me. When I have to do something, I have to do it, and nothing will get in my way.

My parents learned that growing up. They’d say, “Well, you better not say no, because she’s going to do it anyway.” And that’s how I am. If I have a mission, it’s a calling for me. This is not, “I have a little goal.” This is a calling.

I’m obsessed with it, really. I was excited to learn everything I could about how to make this thing reach a lot of people. I started testing it. I started out small.

It’s been the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. Now I’m able to reach hundreds of thousands of people in over 150 countries. It’s happened rather quickly, but I’ve been very focused and very clear.

The number one thing that people must do is work on their mindset and clear their own fear. You can have all the greatest strategy and tactics in the world, but if you haven’t cleared internally, none of this will happen. None of it will manifest.

I continue to do work on myself in that way too, and expand my comfort zone.

Yuri:                      That’s awesome. I completely agree with you in that this is the future of medicine, the future of everything.

Vibration and all this stuff is huge.


Tapping into what you want and the obstacles that hider you from doing so

Let’s say a business owner, an entrepreneur, has a pain in the sense that they’re not seeing the results that they want. Or, they have fear. They don’t have enough. They don’t have enough money, enough followers, enough whatever.

What are some of the signs or symptoms that someone should tap into to understand that they’re not in alignment with what it is they say they want?

Debora:                                That’s a great question. You’re right. A lot of people want goals that are really other people’s goals. Or they’ve been taught they should want.

I would say to first get quiet. Spend some time asking yourself and feeling into the essence of this desire. There’s nothing wrong with having a goal. But it must be deeper. It must be heart, soul, and mind.

If you get quiet and ask yourself, “Why do I want this? What’s deeper down? What’s the essence of this? What do I think this will bring me?” You’ll keep whittling away at that ball of string. Ask yourself, “What’s my motivation here?”

A lot of times, the same goal can be motivated by love or by fear. And they’ll have completely different outcomes and a completely different energy. You will feel completely different on that journey. They can both look like, “Wow, look at that person. They’re just doing this amazing stuff.”

But if it’s motivated by fear, it’s a completely different experience. I’m not saying you can’t make a pile of money and do good in the world. But it’s not going to be the same for you. I personally feel the highest calling is motivated by love.

Love will propel you forward during the tough times, no matter how lofty your goal. Yuri, you know better than most that there are going to be tough times, ups and downs. If it’s just motivated by something superficial, you’ll just say, “Well, to hell with this. I’m done. I’m out.”

You have to know yourself, know what’s motivating you, and know your bigger why.

Yuri:                      This is so fascinating to me because you see people who have been on the same journey for years. They have cycles. I’m an example of this. I set goals 10 years ago that I look back at and think, “Why didn’t I achieve that?” Or I look back at my journals from a year or two ago, and think, “Well, I set this goal, and I was nowhere near it. What was going on there?”

How does someone like myself, for instance, get to the root of why that is? Let’s say that I wasn’t consistent with the action that needed to happen. Or was there something else at play?

You talk about getting quiet and feeling into it. How does someone who doesn’t have the experience to even know what that feels like even get started?


The healing journeys that Debora has seen with the Biofield Healing

Debora:                                First of all, it’s very difficult for people to do this by themselves. Part of the problem is our own mind, and we play hide and seek from ourselves, whether we admit it or not. We all do this. We have blind spots.

It’s very easy for me to see everybody else’s stuff, but not always my own. Getting a guide that knows what they’re doing can help you through. That’s my number one suggestion.

There are multi-faceted reasons why we can’t achieve what we want. And most of these will be hidden from view. Let’s face it, if you could figure it out on your own, you would. If you’re stuck in a pattern and looping around, you’ll hear yourself saying the same thing: “I wanted that, but I didn’t get that.”

There’s multi-layered reasoning, and it always ends up back to some fear. And most people are not that in touch with their fear. They don’t want to go into it, feel it, and muck around in there by themselves because it’s uncomfortable. And they’re afraid of what will happen.

That’s where, again, having someone by your side that isn’t afraid and will help you get to the other side is so valuable. You have to look at the three-fold path.

You must look at the mental; the beliefs that are in the way. Why you didn’t hit that goal is because you have ideas and emotions about it. You have energy about it that’s either flowing or not flowing.

I’m back to my three exact things. Look at the person’s belief systems, their thinking patterns about the goal. Find out what emotions they’ve stuffed, denied, suppressed, or repressed. Energetically, at least with the work I do, it’s very easy to find where the disturbances are in the energy field so I can help that person move forward more rapidly.

Some of this stuff comes way back from childhood, before the age of eight or nine, when we aren’t even conscious of what’s harming us or creating an imprint in our thinking. I work with people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s, and its mind boggling, but true, in almost every case. I work with younger people too, and see the same thing.

My point is that people will carry a pattern from childhood through their entire life and into their 60s, 70s, and 80s. They won’t realize that they’ve got somebody else’s belief system – from before they were eight years old – and they’ve adapted it truth when it wasn’t true. They’re still participating in that same belief system, and that’s what causing the problem.

I have to help people understand, see this, and wake up to the fact that they can change it. That’s why pain is a good thing, which sounds crazy. But if the pain is there, whether it’s a monetary pain, an issue with weight, or any kind of physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease, it will keep nagging at you because some part of you knows it shouldn’t be like this. And it will get worse, not better, until you listen and learn what message is in the pain.

There’s always a reason for it. And that Advil trick, it doesn’t work. All it does is bury it down deeper, and it doesn’t get to the root. It never heals anything. And that’s why people try everything and nothing changes. Because they’re just scratching the surface.

Yuri:                      There’s a lot of that in this world nowadays. It’s superficial, surface nonsense.

How long does it typically take to start seeing progression or healing?

Debora:                                It’s different with each person. I have literally seen many people transform in an hour or less. I have seen people with 30 years of fibromyalgia, for example, walk away completely pain free and never return in less than an hour.

Someone comes to mind. He had a rare eye disease. He had spent nine years going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, trying all these different protocols. They wanted to do surgery.

One of his eyes was almost closed completely. He couldn’t hold his head up. This was a young guy with his own financial business. He was a brilliant guy. And he had to stop driving. Imagine that.

His wife had to drive him to work every day. He had to stop running, which was his favorite exercise.

In the very first week of my Pain Free Living program, he had such an inner shift that that very night, his eye opened and he went running the next day. He started driving the next day. He has never looked back, no pun intended.

This kind of thing happens all the time. I found over the years that the average person will experience something right away, even if it’s sleeping better and through the night for the first time in years. That’s huge, because we know we need that deep rest for the body’s self-healing mechanism to kick in.

It can be subtle, like, “Wow, I just feel more peaceful, lighter, and I slept. Finally, I slept.” Or it could be in the range of stage four cancer, where now they’re reporting to me that it’s 82% and all the tumors are reduced.

Yuri:                      It’s amazing.

Debora:                                It’s very heavy duty. And everyone’s case is different. I won’t work with anyone who won’t commit to at least a month. It just sets them up for failure to say, “Well, I just want to test it out.” You have to recognize that you have a tricky mind.

I’ve seen people become completely pain free, or change their patterns, and call me in six months and say, “The pain is back. Why is it back?” One woman comes to mind. She had neuropathy. She had total numbness and tingling. She couldn’t feel a thing in her hands and feet.

I worked with her for a month. She started having results right away. She became completely pain free. After six months to a year, she called me and said, “The pain is back. What is going on? Why is it back?”

That’s when I went deeper with her. I started looking at the beliefs and the emotions, and discovered she was super angry. An employee of hers was stealing, and she never confronted the situation. She stuffed that anger inside hoping it would just go away, and it showed up as fiery burning and tingling in her hands and feet.

I see this all the time. The body is telling the story of the consciousness. The body tells the story of your life.

If you have somebody who’s skilled and can help you go deeper and figure this puzzle out, then do the energy work on top of it, it releases. Some people need to take action, do something, say something, and learn to speak up.

What I find with the bio-field healing immersion method that I practice is that it puts people in their power very rapidly. All this other stuff was learned. We learn to shut ourselves down. We learn to be silent. We learn not to confront things. We learn to hide out and be invisible, and that’s why we feel so bad.

But when all that learned and conditioned programming comes off your field, you’re right back in your power. I work with a ton of women who tell me they feel like a doormat; they’re being abused by their boss, husband, or whatever it is.

And after one session with me, they say, “I couldn’t believe what came out of my mouth. I went home and I stood up for myself in a loving way. I said no, that’s not okay. No, I’m not willing to do that.” They’re back in their power. Because that’s our natural state.

Yuri:                      Awesome. Debora, this has been interesting and super valuable. For our listeners, it’s a different type of interview, which is great. Before we get to the five rapid fire questions, I want to make sure that we provide a way for our listeners to go deeper with you or someone who has gone through your methodologies to work with.

What is the best way for people to learn more about this and about you, and maybe take the next steps?

Debora:                                Thank you. Go to You can find me and all that we’re doing there. It’s fabulous. You can reach out to us. We have real human beings that will speak with or email you to answer your questions. There are lots of no-cost resources there, too.

YouTube videos, blogs, you name it, we’ve got it all there. I’d love to help in any way that I can.

Yuri:                      I project that a lot of people can resonate with what you’re talking about. At some level, everyone is stuck and dealing with some type of pain point in their life. What you guys are offering is tremendous in terms of this approach to healing, which is very needed and not very common practice in today’s life.

So, thank you, Debora, for taking the time to share this with us. It’s been awesome. I know we could talk about this for hours. But for the sake of time, are you ready for the rapid five questions?


The Rapid-Five

Debora:                                I’m nervous, but I’m ready.

Yuri:                      All right. Nothing to worry about here. It’s all good.

Number one, what is your biggest weakness?

Debora:                                Impatience. I want what I want when I want it. And I want it now.

Yuri:                      I know! Why can’t that tomato plant grow yesterday? I just planted the seeds. That’s the human experience, right?

Number two, what’s your biggest strength?

Debora:                                My openness, my open mindedness, my willingness to learn and grow.

Yuri:                      Nice. And the fact that you’ve had no TV, which is always a good strength to have. You haven’t missed much in 30 some odd years, so you’ll be okay.

Number three, what’s one thing you’ve become dangerously good at in order to grow your business?

Debora:                                I’m dangerously good at really deep listening.

Yuri:                      Number four, what do you do first thing in the morning?

Debora:                                I drink hot water and do yoga or meditation.

Yuri:                      Nice. Finally, complete this sentence. I know I’m being successful when…

Debora:                                I know I’m being successful when I am filled with gratitude and saying, “Thank you, God, for my life. Thank you. I’m just so happy to be me.”

Yuri:                      That’s awesome. Well, that sounds great, Debora. Thank you so much for being with us on the Healthpreneur Podcast. Debora, I just want to acknowledge and thank you for all the amazing work that you’re doing. I have no doubt that it’s touching countless people’s lives.

Debora:                                Thank you so much, I’m honored to be here. And you’re amazing, too! I’m just so grateful. Thank you.



Yuri’s take

I know that was a different interview than a lot of the others we’ve had on the show. I want to bring you a holistic approach to living a great life and having a great business. For us entrepreneurs, let’s be honest, business and life are one in the same.

You can’t distinguish between the two of them, and that’s the beautiful thing. When you are an artist, when you are an entrepreneur like we are, there doesn’t have to be a delineation. When you love what you do, and your life and business are all part of the same puzzle, it’s tough to say, “Well, I only work 9:00 to 5:00 in this business and then it’s off time.”

It’s just not the reality. Be okay with that and understand that stuff in your personal life affects your business. And stuff in your business affects your personal life.

I don’t have a challenge for you today. I want to leave you with something to ponder and ask yourself. If you look at the goals that you set for yourself over the last year, two years, or five years – whatever timeline is pertinent to you – have you achieved them?

If you haven’t, be realistic about why.

A lot of times we set goals and intentions, and our actions are not congruent with that. We want to go north, but our actions are taking us east. We’re compromising our ability to move in the direction we want to go.

Think about the things that you’ve set goals or intentions for in your life or business that haven’t materialized. Think about one, brutally honest, surface reason for why it hasn’t been realized.

Ask yourself if you’re really committed to achieving this goal.

If the answer is yes, what is it going to take for you to no longer use that excuse or story to keep you from that goal? So I want to leave you with that today, and I hope it finds you well.

As always, before we finish off, I’ve got two calls to action. First and foremost, subscribe to the podcast. It means a lot to me. It obviously helps you as well, because we bring tons of amazing guests on the show.

For instance, on Friday, I’ve got my good buddy Dr. Josh Axe on the show. He’s going to be talking about how he grew one of the largest health brands in the world in just four years. If you don’t want to miss that episode, subscribe to the podcast. It’s awesome, as you can probably tell.

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If you care about building a business that impacts more people’s lives and brings you more income and freedom to allow you to live the life you deserve, then there are four key things you have to have dialed in. And that’s exactly what I walk you through in this book. The best part is that it takes about an hour to read. It’s about 63 pages.

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Grab the book over at

That’s all for today, my friends. I want to thank you so much for taking the time and being with me. I appreciate your attention. It means a lot to me. Your work means a lot to other people. Continue to go out there and be great and do great. I will see you on Friday with Dr. Josh Axe.


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Our last episode was a solo round where I shared the story of a terrible sales experience I had while visiting Morocco with my family.

If you’ve ever read the book Influence by Robert Cialdini, then you are familiar with the term, “reciprocity” as a selling technique.

While reciprocity can be a good thing, the problem arises when reciprocity is used to guilt or pressure someone into buying because they are made to feel like they “owe” you. Not nice.

In this episode, I’m going to use my experience in Morocco to illustrate just how bad the sales tactic of reciprocity can be – so you can make sure you never do it in your own business.

Tune in to find out the genuine ways to provide value to your audience so they are happy to become clients…and won’t want a refund later.