Hey friends, how’s it going? Today I’d like to talk about not letting what is stand the way of what you want.

Thinking about everything that we take for granted in life, these houses, this little Osmo Pocket that I’m shooting this video on, your phone, your computer, your cars, airplanes. You see, every single one of these things didn’t exist until someone had an idea, a thought of something that could be awesome.

Why You Should Believe In Your Idea Despite The Naysayers

Now normally, because it didn’t exist, most people didn’t believe in that person’s idea. They probably ridiculed him or her, and thought they were crazy. And low and behold, eventually that thing was brought to creation and fruition.

Just imagine all of the amazing ideas and thoughts that haven’t come to fruition because of self-doubt, of a lack of courage, of fear and anxiety, et cetera. Think about it in your life, in your business. There are times where you want to do big things. You want to see more income, more clients, more transformations, business growth, travel, whatever it is that you want in life. But sometimes that doesn’t happen, or it doesn’t happen instantaneously. So we get bogged down by focusing on our current situation. We look at our bank accounts. We don’t necessarily like what we see. Or we look at where we’re living and it’s like, eh.

What You Think About You Bring About

So I want you to really think about spending more time in the clouds and becoming more of a daydreamer, getting back to that kid like state where everyone will tell you hey, get your head out of the clouds. Come back down to earth. Well, I want to encourage you to go back into the clouds because that’s really where all the magic happens.

If you can focus on what it is you want, what that does is it makes you feel good, and the better you feel, the better your chances of bringing that into reality. Because naturally you feel better. You vibration, if you will, increases when you are vibrating at a higher frequency. You feel better and good things come into your life. Not only from a manifestation standpoint, but you also take better action. You can’t really take good action when you feel depressed, anxious and fearful.

Focus On What You Want, Not What You Don’t Want

So what’s the trick to this? How do you shift your focus from I don’t have what I want right now to here’s what I want? And all it is, it’s self-awareness. A lot of people talk about feeling bad and anxious and worrisome and doubt and so forth. And all that is poor focus. If you can catch yourself focusing on the wrong things, you just ask yourself am I feeling good as I’m focusing on this? And if the answer’s no, change your focus. Think of something better. Think of something that you want.

I think a lot of times we don’t do this, especially as we get older because, and I don’t know if you can relate to this. This is something that I can relate to. You set these goals. You set these dreams. And most of them don’t happen. So you think to yourself, well, what’s the point of setting a goal if I’m never going to achieve it? I’m going to make me feel bad. I’m going to let myself down.

Listen, I’ve been there thousands of times. I want you to know that it’s okay. It’s part of the process. But if you just keep getting up, keep getting back in the ring, keep doing what you’ve got to do, eventually you will crack the code.

So I want to really encourage you and I want to challenge you with all the love and support possible to really, really, really focus on what it is you want. Because it doesn’t matter what now looks like. The future can be different. But the future can only be different if you focus on that ideal future. You can’t focus on what you have now and expect things to be different down the road. You have to change the internal game. You have to change your point of focus. If you can do that consistently, anything is possible, no matter where you are starting today.

All right, so that’s my little message of encouragement for you today. Hope you have an amazing one. I’ll see you soon.


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