What Tylenol Teaches You About Your TARGET MARKET

Not knowing your target market is the biggest mistake you can make in your business, and it will cost you A LOT!

A lot of the problems with medical marketing in healthcare businesses are related to messaging. And in today’s video, I discuss how to find your target market using relevant messaging, and what medical marketing strategies your business can draw from Tylenol.

Tylenol is a brand that’s synonymous with painkillers, with some product variations that speak to different pain points and areas of pain. What that brand is great at is aligning itself with pain in its different forms, meaning, if a customer has fever, they seek out Tylenol for fever, or if they experience migraine, there’s a Tylenol specifically for that.

This is a smart way for a company to market itself and its products, so they can stay relevant and top of mind when it comes to their target market. What customers don’t know is that the different product offerings don’t vary significantly from each other outside of how they’re packaged. And it’s not only Tylenol that does this.

A lot of other healthcare businesses and establishments do this to widen the product lines, extending its uses in the mind of the customer which creates more demand for their brand within certain target markets and niches.

There are plenty of lessons that your business can learn from Tylenol when it comes to medical marketing strategies, how to find your target market, and how to communicate with them. Stay tuned to hear what they are.

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