Do you want to get more coaching clients?

Well if you do, I want to share a really interesting idea here with you.

I’m walking through Houston Airport right now, we’re on our way to Mexico, and one of the ideas that I think is important for us to understand is that if you want to be a good coach, you have to be a good client. And what that means is that a lot of times we’ll speak with people on a weekly basis, and they’re having a tough time attracting leads and clients into their coaching business.

And then we ask them well who are you working with as your coach? And a lot of the times the answer is no one, because I don’t have the funds to do so, or I don’t have … whatever the excuse is. And there’s a bit of a disconnect there, can you see that?

Like if we’re hoping for people to enroll with us, then how are we supposed to do that if we’re not willing to make the investment in ourselves to hire our own coach?

Are you congruent?

So, the idea here is to be congruent in all aspects of your life. And if you’re not getting the results you want with attracting the clients you want, I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself am I the client I want to attract? And if you’re not, then it’s a really simple fix.

Look at the areas of incongruency in your life and try to fix them.  Now, think about your clients.   Are your clients flaking out, are they committing to the process?  With that in mind, think about what areas in your life are you not fully committing to?

Remember, like attracts like, so everything we put out comes back. So if you want people that are more committed, be more committed yourself. If you want people to happily invest in your coaching, then you too must happily invest in your coaching. Does that make sense?

Here’s something that will help you

So, a really short message for you today, just really something  to think about. And hope this finds you well.

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