How To Get New Patients Into Your Dental Office

Dentists cannot just expect patients to flock into their clinic without doing anything. Especially not these days when COVID has drastically reduced foot traffic and walk-ins.

Marketing is the fundamental lifeblood of any dental business and you have to be proactive about it. It’s not something you can just do passively or hand off to someone else.

You need to take full ownership and responsibility over the growth of your business.

One of the most impactful marketing strategies you can use is posting ads on Facebook, which allows you to put your message in front of the exact people you want in your dental practice. If you do it right, people who have never heard of you or don’t even know you have a dental practice will come see you in the space of a few days.

But here’s the thing: Facebook – like Google, Instagram, and everything else – is a paid to play platform. You have to be willing to spend money if you want to draw people into your practice.

Think about all the money you have already spent on your education and office equipment…why wouldn’t you invest money on marketing?

One of the best ways to leverage Facebook is by using a method I call “Shoot Video, Book Patients™”. It’s as simple as it sounds: you shoot a video that shows helpful and valuable content and then you instruct Facebook to show it to your target patients in your target area.

You’d be surprised how fast it can turn you into an instant celebrity in your local community.

In this video, I discuss in further detail the kinds of video content you can create to make you stand out from your competition.

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What You Missed

The internet offers a lot of opportunities to grow your chiropractic business. Practically everyone’s on it, everyone’s using it, so most of your target audience is there.

The key is filtering through the noise. There’s a ton of things that you could possibly do: blogging, YouTube videos, podcasting, Instagram stories, Google ads, Pinterest, affiliate marketing, e-books, etc.

There’s so much stuff out there that it’s actually become a curse. But after a decade-plus of internet marketing, I can now sift through the clutter and focus on the things that really work.

In my experience, things get a lot less complicated and a lot more effective when you forget everything else and just focus on 3 “One’s”:

One traffic source.

One funnel.

One million dollars.

So the secret is sticking to ONE source of prospective patients or clients, that go through ONE funnel or pipeline, and sticking to that simple process until you reach ONE million in revenue.

It sounds simple, right? But many chiropractors overlook this process because it’s “boring” and there are frankly a lot of shiny distractions out there.

In this video I discuss what each step entails and why it’s the fastest and most effective way to grow your business.

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