Is Your Relationship W/ Money Killing Your Dreams?

If you want to start really growing your health business, you’ll need to take a hard look at your relationship with money.

In this video, I talk about how to change your money mindset so that you can finally gain financial freedom, and stop limiting your earning potential.

We’re each like a bird in a cage. When the door to the cage opens, a lot of us won’t fly. We just stand there looking out but never taking flight because we’re afraid of the uncertainty of what’s outside of what we’ve been used to.

The only difference is some cages are bigger than others, which means each of us has a different financial setpoint – but a setpoint that stops us from reaching financial freedom all the same.

There may be a lot of opportunities out there that we never even consider pursuing because either we don’t believe we’re good enough, or we think we don’t deserve it. Becoming aware of the financial ceiling you set for yourself is the first step in learning how to change your money mindset, and fixing your relationship with money.

In some ways, we think our health business is never about the money. Money is simply the scorecard. Health professionals go into a health business because they want to help others. But your relationship with money may just be the thing that’s holding you back from helping more people in ways you don’t even realize.

If money is something that you detest, then how are you ever going to make enough to keep your health business running? How can you sustain your practice to help more people?

Learn how to change your money mindset. By accepting what it means to have money, then you’ll be much more successful and have a much greater impact through your health business.

Your relationship with money matters. Step out of your comfort zone, shed your old biases, and gain financial freedom. You’ll be glad you did.

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