How can you make sure that every single one of your coaching sales calls turns out successful?

I have a 9-STEP COACHING SALES FRAMEWORK you can use to become a lot better on the phone when trying to sell your health coaching services. Through this proven set of phone selling tips, you can have successful coaching conversations with prospective clients.

If you’re a healthcare expert who has an aversion to sales, your business will be much harder than you think. Sales is the lifeline of your business. To get the outcomes you want, you need to learn how to successfully do coaching sales calls that’ll allow you to grow your health coaching business.

The Coach To Close Enrollment Call Framework is a coaching conversation that will help you get your customers to articulate what they’re going through. Versus a high pressure sales tactic, this is about getting to the truth of a potential client’s situation and helping them understand that it needs to change, and then allow them to see your solution as the best option for them.

With this 9-step coaching sales framework and phone selling tips, you can help your health coaching clients figure out their issue by doing a “diagnosis” first, and then “prescribing” and leading the conversation towards your proven solution. It’s all about making genuine coaching conversations with potential clients that can give them a preview of what you can offer, versus just pressuring them to get your services.

Watch until the end of this video to know all about the 9 CRUCIAL STEPS you’ll need to follow, so you can get more clients availing of your health coaching services in no time!

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