Should you run a test group or a beta group before you actually get paying clients, so you have testimonials and social proof for your coaching?

Here’s my perspective on this. I think it’s a complete waste of time, and here’s why.

When People Pay, They Pay Attention

When you run a beta group, people don’t pay you full price, and if they don’t pay you full price, they don’t pay full attention. A number of years ago, when I released my second book The All-Day Fat-Burning Diet, we did a beta group. We did a beta group with 500 people. 500 people, for free I gave them access to the book in exchange for a testimonial. Do you want to know how many testimonials we got? Five. Five testimonials out of 500 people. Do you know what those other 495 people did? Not a lot.

Why Beta Groups Are A Bad Idea

If you are thinking of running a beta group because you don’t have confidence in yourself, you need to work on that, okay? You need to be better at what you do. You have to be really good at helping people. If you don’t know how to do that, then you can’t help people. It doesn’t matter if it’s for free or paid, okay? You have no business helping people if you can’t help them, right? But if you know that you’re great at what you do and you can help them, then by no means should you be offering freebies. Listen, if you had a clinic, if you had a physical practice, and people came in, would you say listen, I’m going to charge you nothing, just for the next 12 weeks, just for a testimonial? No, you’d be insane. You’d lose your lease.

But when we run an online business, we think things are different. It’s not different. It’s the same. You’re going to have overhead. If you can’t make money, you don’t have a business. So don’t do stuff for free like that. I mean, it’s fine to provide free content and whatever, but when you’re going to work with clients,you should give enough stuff away for free that you earn the rights to charge a premium price to work with people.

Never Discount Your Awesomeness

So when people want to work with you, never, ever, ever discount your awesomeness, because it’s not just shortchanging you, but it’s shortchanging them, because they’re not going to show up fully. And if you’re looking for testimonials and social proof, then you want committed clients who are going to do the work. So the best way to do this is if you have client zero, the best way to get client number one is have confidence and certainty that you can help them.

Help them, and then get the testimonial. Make sense? Let me know if that makes sense to you, and if you want more help to get clients and grow your health business, join our free Healthpreneur Facebook group.

There are thousands of other health entrepreneurs in there who are growing their businesses, and we’d love to support you, as well.  I’ll see you there. == >>


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