My Controversial Approach To CUSTOMER GUARANTEES

There’s a different way to approach customer guarantees!

When you begin a health coaching relationship with your customer, you enter into a coaching agreement that requires both you and your client to show up in order to get results. For this reason, offering customer guarantees isn’t a simple thing.

I’ve spoken about giving customer guarantees before but let’s revisit it. Recently on a podcast, an interviewer asked me what I think about customer guarantees. My view on guarantees are contrary to popular belief and approaches, and I explain them here.

When you get into a coaching agreement with a customer, the product you’re selling isn’t a physical one. It’s not as easy as selling a gadget wherein, should it become detective, you can just replace or repair it. Health coaching products are different.

There are a few scenarios that can occur. If you have 100% control over the possible results that a client could get, then you’re in a better position to guarantee the outcome, but what happens if you don’t?

A coaching relationship is bilateral in that your client has to show up and put in some work in order to achieve the intended results. Without client participation, you, as a health practitioner, have NO CONTROL over the results. In that case, you can’t confidently offer a full guarantee.

Keep watching to know about the 3 possible scenarios when entering a health coaching agreement with your client, and what to consider before giving your customer guarantees.

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Because when you subscribe to the “Ready, Fire, Aim” mentality, you probably will find yourself failing A LOT MORE times than necessary. You’ll probably launch an idea, see how it does, and then be forced to reevaluate and make changes over and over again.

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