Create 30 Days Of Health Content In Just 1 HOUR! Here's How

How do you create 30 days’ worth of social media health content in just 1 HOUR?

In today’s video, I’m excited to share with you this groundbreaking healthcare social media strategy that’ll allow you to create month-long health or coaching content for your online business, using a special kind of content marketing calendar I show you.

When running your online health business, one of the key things to realize is that social media marketing is an important part of your business strategy. And central to that is content. For this reason, you need to create and release content frequently to stay top of mind among your audiences.

Once you start creating health content, don’t be led to believe that the results of it are instant. I’ve been creating health coaching content since 2005 and over the years, our following has only GRADUALLY grown to the huge number that it’s currently at.

All things considered, content creation is not an easy process. And there’s nothing worse than spending time and resources to create health content that no one ends up seeing. For this reason, I share a tool to help amplify social media presence for your online health business.

Watch until the end to see how much you can do with an hour of your time to plan and create healthcare social media or coaching content. Learn all about this special content marketing calendar I share with you in this video!

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It’s time to bust some of the myths surrounding virtual care.

If you want to break out of the old cycle of the medical profession, you’re going to need new healthcare business ideas. Let’s look at what people are getting wrong about online health practices.

First of all, there’s a belief that the best way to help people is with one-on-one care. But in my experience, that’s just not the case. Get paid for what you know, not for what you do. Could it be possible that there are other ways of creating better transformations for your clients?

When you work one-on-one, your capacity is limited by your time, which means your revenue and impact are capped. With virtual care, you can deliver transformative results while exponentially increasing the number of people you help.

Another myth is that spending an hour or more with someone produces better outcomes. But really, delivery issues are innovation issues. If you want to deliver to more people, it requires new healthcare business ideas. Think outside of the box.

Third, people think online health and going virtual is a fad that won’t last. This too is wrong, because speed and convenience are powerful drivers of human behavior. Already, about two-thirds of patients say they’d prefer virtual care going forward.

The last myth I want to debunk is that marketing is unethical and isn’t needed if you’re great at what you do. WRONG. Obscurity is the biggest danger to your business. And marketing is simply sharing what you believe in.

It’s time to throw out the old medical model and implement new healthcare business ideas. Don’t let these 4 common myths hold you back from building a thriving online health business.

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