I was just checking my Instagram this morning and some of this just drives me crazy that I want to share with you and, hopefully, you’re not making this mistake.

If You’re Doing Social, Do Social

There’s these ridiculous Instagram services out there, where they’ll post fake comments on your behalf. Like, “Hey, awesome. Fire. Keep up the great work.”

Here’s what I’m trying to get across is don’t use that stuff. It’s ridiculous, and I need to be very honest with you. I actually used one of those services for one week when I decided to come back on Instagram about a year ago, and I very quickly canceled my account because I’m like, this is just ridiculous. I’m posting fake comments on generic pages I have no clue about. Just this algorithm is doing its thing. Here’s why I think this is a really bad idea to be using this stuff is because, let’s say that you leave a comment on one of my posts.

I look at your accounts, your profile, and immediately two things happen. Number one is I’m like, “Wow, this person just posted a fake comment. They don’t even know about it.” And number two, I’m most likely going to go block your accounts, because I don’t want any of those shenanigans on my page.

Be Real, Be YOU

Listen, if you’re going to do social, do social. Don’t do automation. If you’re not going to do social, then don’t do social. You’re better off not posting comments at all than having one of those auto services post on your behalf. Please, if you’re making this mistake with your Instagram, or Facebook, or any other platforms, do not continue doing so. It’s not making you look good. Again, it’s just a reflection of your business. I’m not going to take anyone seriously who leaves auto comments on my posts that have no relevance to my posts, especially if it’s like, “Hey, check out my page. I’ve got awesome stuff.” It’s not going to happen. Okay?

Please don’t make this mistake. If you’re using these services, I want you to go right now and cancel them. I don’t even care if your Instagram growth has gone up. It’s not worth it in the long run.

Anytime you’re looking for a shortcut, it’s going to come and bite you in the butt in the long-term.


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