Create The Best Signature Coaching Program (The 3C Model)

Want to know the best thing about designing your own health coaching program?

You get to live life in your own terms.

Just think about it: Would you rather build your business to match your lifestyle, or make your lifestyle fit in with your business?

With one-on-one coaching, it’s simply not possible to create the flexibility that gives you a life of freedom. Nor is it scalable.

This is where the 3C model comes in.

With our method for creating a signature coaching program, you can deliver amazing results to a whole lot more people at once, without sacrificing your health or happiness. That’s the way it should be, isn’t it?

There are three distinct parts to building your health coaching program. There’s the curriculum, then community, and there’s coaching.

All three elements are vital and will help you step away from the office, so that you can live life in your own terms.

Curriculum makes your job simpler. Community multiplies the amount of value your program can offer. And coaching allows you to empower your clients.

With all three of these elements in place, you will have a very formidable signature coaching program.

Just follow the steps I lay out in this health coaching program model, and watch this video until the end to start learning how to build your own self-sustaining coaching business!

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