What do you do when a potential client says your premium pricing is “too expensive”?

Handling price objections in your healthcare sales process is critical, so in today’s video, I address this topic in your online healthcare business.

Customers are different, and come in all shapes and sizes. This is the very reason why we set our target market. We’re just not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. And when some people think our products or services are too expensive, it’s just that they’re not for us and they don’t realize that the most expensive option is actually the one that doesn’t work.

You want to get more clients and make as much healthcare sales as you can, so you can live the life you want while creating massive impact in your patients’ lives, right? Of course, you do. But the desire to get more clients shouldn’t lead you down the path of lowering your premium pricing, just to chase the most penny-pinching of customers.

The truth to handling price objections is this: if you’re able to effectively communicate your business value to prospective clients who say they can’t afford it, the problem is NOT your pricing. If they want the best in class in the market that’s sure to give them the results they want and need, and you can give that? Then your service should be priced at the highest possible level for your marketplace that you feel confident in charging.

Again, the most expensive option for any purchasing decision is the option that doesn’t work. And if your product and/or service DOES work in transforming clients’ health, then honestly, the price you set is the least amount of money they’re ever going to spend on anything.

So forget about the penny-pinchers! Handling price objections in healthcare sales can be easy: just focus on customers who see your product value, and are willing to pay your premium pricing which will surely be worth their money.

Watch until the end to know more about how you can handle these kinds of situations in your healthcare sales process.

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