How To CHARGE THE RIGHT PRICE For Your Health Coaching Program

Are you charging the right price for your online health coaching program?

In today’s video, I discuss health coach pricing that helps you both attract better clients AND improve your bottom line.

For a long time, I used to undercharge for my services. A lot of us do it. But think about it, if you have an excellent and sustainable solution for your client’s pain point, do you think it’s just worth $1,000? Or a million dollars? It’s probably worth A LOT MORE, especially to your client who’s suffered for years with the same problem until they came across your online health coaching services. So why are you undervaluing it?

Undervaluing your online health coaching program only achieves one thing, it drops your value in your clients’ eyes. You need to bring conviction that your expertise is worth every penny when you go into health coach pricing discussions with your clients.

You have to be sold on the fact that the results you’re helping your clients achieve is infinitely more valuable than whatever price you’re charging. And you have to sell yourself on that before you can sell it to other people.

When it comes to health coach pricing, make sure that you’re charging a price that’s at par with the value of the outcome you deliver to your clients. Online health coaching doesn’t have to be about short-form dancing reels to attract clients. It’s about creating and promoting a health coaching program that’s worth every single penny for your potential clients.

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