How To Build The Best Entrepreneurial Team For Your Business

How can you build the best entrepreneurial team you want to have?

In today’s video, I want to walk you through the perfect talent pipeline, a 6-step process that helps you get the best potential hires on your team.

When you create a team for your business, you want to have A-players so you can deal with less churn, achieve better results, and operate in your zone of genius as a business owner. When running a business, you get to a point where you simply cannot do everything yourself. At first, it might not be easy to let go because you’re so used to doing things yourself. Still, it’s an exciting opportunity to build a remarkable business while also enabling others to grow and step into their genius.

Creating an entrepreneurial team will allow you to grow your business beyond what you imagined when you started it while focusing on doing the things that help you make magic as the business owner. In other words, when you create a team, you’re able to free up time to do more thinking and strategizing rather than doing.

So how can you find the right talent for your team? It takes about 6 STEPS.

Do you have clarity about who you need to hire? Take time to think carefully about who the right person would be for the list of things you need to get done.

Once you know what you’re looking for in your potential hires and have outlined the roles, responsibilities, requirements, and results, you can create a job description. Then post it on the platforms available to you, with the hopes of finding the best talent possible for the position.

Watch until the end of this video as I walk you through these and more steps to finding the rockstar talent you need for your entrepreneurial team. Create a team following The Perfect Talent Pipeline as your guide, so you can spend more time in your zone of genius.

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The first one is to ask better questions. For example, one of the good questions you can ask yourself is, “Who has got your ideal clients?” There are plenty of possible answers, but here’s a simple one that may not immediately come to mind: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube – it doesn’t matter how specialized you are, these platforms HAVE your audience.

When it comes to new client acquisition, it also matters that you frame your mind to come up with better answers – because the reality is that your thinking determines your answers.

Second, you have to become the person you want to attract. A Honda Civic won’t attract someone looking for a Ferrari. The same goes for attracting clients. Bringing a certain type of energy and mindset into what you do will attract certain types of clients. To get where you want to go, you have to already be there.

Lastly, make sure you build a better “mousetrap.” That is, build a better system that will pull more clients to you, without forcing you to work harder. With an effective system, you’ll never have to chase after anyone.

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