Yuri Elkaim here from Healthpreneur. I’m just out here in Mallorca, a small island off of Spain. Behind me if you can see this, there are hundreds of yachts that are worth multiple millions of dollars.

Look For Signs of Abundance

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, there’s no way people would pay me premium prices for me to help them with their health or fitness, to get in shape, to improve their eating habits, believe me, there is money all around you at all times. You just have to look for those signs of abundance.

I want to challenge you. In your city where you live right now, if you don’t  there is a lot of money around, go for a walk down the street. Take a drive in some ritzier, more abundant neighborhoods. You will find that there is more than enough money out there. There’s not enough people going after it.

Positioning Yourself As A Premium Coach

What I want to encourage you today in this video is to really think about how you can position yourself in the marketplace to start attracting clients who see the value in paying you a lot more for what you do. Transforming someone’s health is not something you should be charging $100 for. How do you put a price tag on transforming somebody’s health? It’s priceless. It’s the intangibles, the things that we can’t measure ROI wise that are the most important and impactful for us humans.

I want to really help you understand that if you are a health coach, a practitioner, trainer, it doesn’t really matter; anybody in the health or fitness space who can really impact people’s lives at a deep level, you should be charging premium prices.

Just because everyone else is charging $100 a month for their coaching program or $50 an hour for a one-on-one call doesn’t mean you have to, and it doesn’t mean you should.

Yes, there are a lot of people with canoes and boats, but there are also a lot of people who have multi-million dollar yachts. There will always be people who stay at the Four Seasons hotels. There are always going to be people who are flying first class in any market. There’s always a segment, maybe large, maybe small, that is willing to pay premium prices for better service, faster and more certain results, and more access.

You Are Worth More Than You Think You Are

I want to encourage you to think about that because what you do is more valuable than what you’re charging.

If you want help with this, I’d love to help you. We’ve got a great free training called the 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint.

Register for the training. Watch it today. I am going to show you some classic examples of standard businesses in the health and fitness space versus what I’m talking about.

Charging low prices, working one-on-one versus charging premium prices, working in a more leverage fashion that can help not only more people, but really help you build a much more profitable and impactful business, and having a lot more fun in the process.

I’m going to sign off from beautiful sunny Mallorca. Click the link on this video or somewhere around it. Register for the training today. I look forward to seeing you inside, and let’s get you building that predictable profitable business where you can start attracting clients into your business like clockwork, helping them at a deep level and really making the impact that you deserve to be making. –

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