How to Get More Patients to Your Clinic

Getting more patients to your clinic is all about marketing. And to be good at marketing, you have to realize that you’re more than a practitioner.

You have to think like the business owner that you are.

When it comes to marketing your health or coaching practice, there really are 2 main choices you have to make. Do you go with paid marketing or free marketing?

Each choice has its own advantages, depending on how fast or slow the results are.

There are “free and slow” strategies like handing out flyers, giving free talks, posting on social media organically, blogging, and posting videos on YouTube. No one becomes an influencer overnight, so I do not recommend these strategies.

There are “fast and free” routes, however, that are proven to work. An example is an orchestrated referral system, where you turn your patients or clients into partners with you in bringing other people into your practice. You can also leverage your email list or contacts and use email or text campaigns to increase your bookings instantly.

There are also a handful of “paid and slow” strategies, like direct mail and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s ranking on Google. But these generally take a lot of time to develop and produce results.

Then there’s “paid and fast”, which is the holy grail of health practice marketing. It involves using Facebook ads, which are designed to get your message in front of the exact people you want to speak to. And all it takes is literally a push of a button. It’s almost like 24/7 digital salespeople working for you!

Let’s look at a few ways to get more patients to your clinic.

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What You Missed

Wondering if advertisement through social media can help your practice? Let’s take a deep dive on whether or not it’s worth your time and money.

If you’re a health coach or practitioner, chances are you have plenty on your plate. But you have to put the word out. You have to carve out some time for marketing so you can attract patients or clients to your practice.

It’s important to find out which kinds of marketing are, not only worth your precious time, but also worth your hard-earned money.

Many practitioners believe that advertisement through social media is a waste of time and money. But there’s a couple of reasons why they think this:

  1. They haven’t tried it yet or at least really sunk their teeth into it
  1. Or they have tried it but have some bad experience with it

The key with making sure social media advertising works for you, like with many business decisions, is doing it properly. And the first step is by looking at it through a completely new lens: both from an investment and a strategic perspective.

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